3 Cool Bike Techs for 2015

Every year, companies in the cycling industry hold a convention in Utah in order to showcase new products for cyclists. If you like keeping yourself in the loop with some of the newest bike parts and technology, here are three notable products that the convention showcased last year.

The Fabric ALM Saddle

UK-based Charged bikes have created a new line of saddles in the form of Fabric. This new product uses a flexible carbon technology that dampens vibration and allows optimum flex across the whole saddle. It’s ultra-lightweight, only weighing around 120 grams, and promises maximum comfort for users. The ALM Saddle will come out in autumn for $330.

Minimalistic bike saddle

BKool Connect Sport Trainer

The BKool Connect Sport Trainer is an indoor bike that can be used to simulate actual tracks. Its mainframe connects to the internet and downloads tracks, allowing people to experience the real thing in the comfort of their own home. This new bike tech is perfect for rainy and winter seasons, times when you can’t ride outdoors.

The great thing about this sports trainer is that it doesn’t merely simulate the actual terrain and distance of the tracks in 3D. Instead, its technology is designed to actually adjust the resistance depending on the terrain so users can get the exact same experience when riding bikes outside. With BKool, users can also watch videos of Pro Tour events and experience workouts from some of Europe’s famous climbs.

In the future, it’s possible that an update in the system’s software will incorporate games for riders while working out. Games, especially those under the casino genre, can encourage people to bike for long hours. A simple poker or slot game could work since modern casino games today, as Spin Genie puts it, can be played almost anywhere now: on trains, on a desktop, laptop, smartphones, and even on television sets. So why not on BKool’s screen? The Connect Sport Pro Trainer costs $721, while the Classic Trainer costs $521. People who can’t afford the one-time payment can opt for the installment.


CamelBak Podium Ice Bottle

The CamelBak Podium Ice Bottle is the perfect companion for hot weather. The bottle has an Aerogel insulation technology that allows the beverage inside it to be cool for about four times longer than the regular sports bottle. It’s lightweight, easy to squeeze, and free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and BPS. The product is available for $25.Ice-Water-Bottle

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