Top Tips for Cycling in Style in Any Season

There is no thing quite like cycling – you get to feel the wind in your hair, the freedom within your reach and work on your fitness, at the same time. Still, when that wind is cold and harsh or the freedom comes in a form of heavy rain, somehow the Read more >

Bicycle Illustration

How to choose the right size bike for you?

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of choosing the right road bike size. If you choose an ill-fitting bike, it can not only negatively affect your comfort during a ride but also reduce efficiency and put you at risk of developing an injury. But with a little help, it is Read more >

Resolute Bay Cordura NX1 Cycling Jeans

Resolute Bay NX1 Cordura Cycling Jeans – Review

For the most part of 2016, I have been wearing pretty much one pair of jeans: the Resolute Bay Cordura jeans that I reviewed back in March. It’s not that I don’t own other jeans. I probably own four or five pairs (I know, what a show-off). But the simple Read more >

LUMO LED Bomber Jacket - Front

LUMO Clissold Bomber Jacket – Review

Last year I reviewed LUMO’s Herne Hill Harrington, a jacket that was particularly eye-catching due to its unique LED integration that ensures maximum visibility in low light. Now LUMO are back with an all-new, yet ever-so-familiar, jacket. LUMO caught people’s attention with their cycling-friendly products that offer LED lights embedded Read more >

LUMO Brixton Messenger Bag Lights Cycling

LUMO reveal 3 new innovations on Kickstarter

Having launched via Kickstarter on 2015, and enjoyed great success with their innovative range of stylish cycling attire (including the a dashing Harrington Jacket which we reviewed), LUMO are back on the lookout for investment for their next range of products. Next in line for the West Sussex-based start-up are Read more >

John Smedley Hugh Pullover Review

John Smedley Hugh in Silver Pullover – Review

One of my favourite things to discover is an outfit that is functional for cycling without necessarily having been intended to be so. Any clothing that is comfortable, flexible, and ideally breathable, is off to a winning start. John Smedley’s ‘Hugh in Silver’ pullover is one such example of every Read more >

Cyclist in Pink

The dos and don’ts of cycling fashion

Whether you are using your bike to commute to and from work, or you’re just hoping to look great when on a relaxing bike ride, these are the dos and don’ts you should follow when it comes to looking stylish in your cycling gear. Take a look at these tips Read more >

Resolute Bay Cycling Jeans

Resolute Bay Cordura Jeans Review

Regular jeans can be some of most unforgiving pieces of clothing when it comes to cycling, they can get warm and sweaty, rarely offer much give (especially if you opt for a slim or straight fit) and can also leave your rearside exposed. That’s not to say you can’t cycling Read more >

Ministry of Supply Apollo Dress Shirt

Ministry of Supply Dress Shirts – Review

I received a couple of new shirts before Christmas that feature, ahem, NASA technology. How many shirts do you own with NASA technology? Didn’t think so… peasants. Alas, though, I’m not about to join Tim Peake on the International Space Station anytime soon. But my bike rides over the past Read more >