Muc-Off Dry Shower Foam

How to Shower without a Shower

Not having a shower at their workplace is one of the biggest gripes cyclists tend to have with their employers. Well, things have changed. And it’s nothing to do with your employer. A wet shower is so last year. Now, you can have a dry shower from a can – Read more >

Helly Hansen Kos Polo Review

Helly Hansen Kos Polo – Review

After reviewing the excellent Helly Hansen Universal Moto Jacket not long ago, I decided I tried out some more of Helly Hansen’s gear. In particular, their summer wear – the Kos Polo coupled with the HD Classic Shorts. Kos Polo The Kos Polo isn’t specifically built for cycling – like Read more >

Bicycle Wrap Skirt from Forest and Fine

Forest and Fin’s Bicycle Wrap Skirt – Review

Biking in the summer can sometimes lead to challenges when the weather is hot and/or humid. The breezes while pedaling feel fabulous, but once you stop, the sweating starts (or maybe it’s just me). Summer biking always makes me fantasize about the cool linens of the South – they seem Read more >

Hiplok Lite Blue Cyan

Hiplok Lite – Review

When it comes to bike locks, the big problem I’ve always encountered is how to carry about my lock when I’m riding. For the past couple of years, my primary lock has been a relatively chunky D-Lock. It was great for securing the bike, but carrying it about was a Read more >

Bike Sign Share The Road

Should Bikes, Cars & Pedestrians Be Separated?

I’m convinced that separating bikes from cars and pedestrians is the key to reversing an alarming rise in road casualties. New annual figures from the Department of Transport show that casualties rose to 194,477 in 2014, an increase of six per cent from 2013, halting a steady downward trend since Read more >

Port Hardy Rider Saddle Bag

Kickstarter Cycling Stars: Port Hardy

One of the latest Kickstarter projects to really catch my eye is Port Hardy, who have created some of the most discerning and elegant vintage bicycle bags I’ve seen in a long time. The Port Hardy range consists of various saddle, handlebar and frame bags, some of which also double Read more >

BUY HERE: Ste Illustrates Cycle Types -

Get Your Own Ste Illustrates Prints

If you’re a fan of the awesome cycling illustrations that you’ll see from time-to-time on Discerning Cyclist, then you have come across the work of the super talented Ste Johnson! Ste and I started Discerning Cyclist back in 2012, and he was absolutely integral in helping to get it off Read more >

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Summer Guide to Cycling in Style

Summer’s here. But just because it’s heating up, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style during your ride. Instead, you just need to find the right clothes that fit well and are made from the best lightweight, breathable materials. Below we run through some of the best cycling tops Read more >


How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amsterdam is a cycling inspiration for every city. But not only can city planners and governments learn from the Dutch capital, cyclists can also learn how to ride better thanks to this cracking infographic on ‘how to cycle like a local in Amsterdam’, put together by the team at Cheapflights. You don’t Read more >

Rapha Softshell Trousers

Everything You Need to Know to (Re)Start Cycling

In 2012, I rode a bike for the first time since I was 16. I didn’t have anything against cycling – I loved it when I was younger – but as you enter your latter teens (in the UK at least), it’s just not deemed ‘cool’ to have a bicycle Read more >