Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus – Review

Just over a year ago I reviewed two of the Bellroy wallets range, the Elements Pocket and Elements Sleeve. And, since that time, I have been using only these two wallets. At first I was using the Elements Sleeve as my day-to-day wallet, and while I love the slenderness and Read more >

Svelte Burgundy Heritage Cycling Jersey

Svelte Heritage Jersey – A Rapha Alternative?

In the past, whenever I’ve try to explain to somebody the concept of Discerning Cyclist, I say it is a website devoted to either: 1) “stylish cycling clothes” or 2) “stylish clothes that you can cycle in”. While these might semantically seem to be the same thing, I have discovered Read more >

Cycle to Work Scheme 2

Cycling Lifestyle Survey: Win £100 Amazon Voucher

In order to help get a better feel of what the Discerning Cyclist audience wants and feels, we’re running an exclusive survey until 30th November 2015 – creatively named the ‘Cycling Lifestyle Survey’. And, to show our gratitude to those who complete the survey, we’re giving away a £100 Amazon voucher Read more >


Why Your Bike Lock Is about to Look Very Outdated

From navigation, to helmets and bike lights, there’s no part of the cycling gear industry that’s immune to innovation – much of it crowdfunded. However, perhaps the greatest opportunity for innovation is with bike locks. Theft continues to blight the experience of cycling for many. From theft of individual components Read more >

Cycling Rain Picture Illustration F

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Cycling in the Cold and Wet

As another page on the calendar is turned, there’s no more kidding: summer is over. The days draw shorter, the air a little chillier, the ground damper and the sun no longer an occasional visitor, but a hazy memory. Alas, we’ve been through all this before. The seasons are nothing Read more >

Helmet Bag

Closca Fuga: The Foldable Bike Helmet Revisited

16 months ago I reviewed Closca’s first attempt at a folding bicycle helmet, following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Despite being hopeful of the product bridging a style gap in the helmet market, I was left disappointing with the bulkiness and design of the helmet. It felt like it Read more >

Reflective Backpack

The Ultra-Reflective Cycling Backpack Catching Attention on Kickstarter

Blending cycling functionality, style and safety in cycling clothes and accessories has become increasingly popular amongst cyclists recently, and one of the most eye-catching projects currently on Kickstarter certainly ticks all three boxes. RA Reflective have come up with two backpack designs (the ‘Reflect | Pack’), along with a beanie Read more >