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sixthreezero Review: Are sixthreezero’s Bikes Actually Any Good?

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The Short Answer

sixthreezero bikes are well-regarded, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. They offer affordable and varied options, including electric bikes, but do not have gravel or folding e-bikes and only ship within mainland US. Overall, sixthreezero is a good brand worth considering for those seeking specific types of bikes.

While searching online for your next bike purchase to get your new bike day fix, you may have come across the US bike brand, sixthreezero.

But, unless you’ve already been a customer of theirs, I’m sure you’re wondering if they are worth buying and all the other little details surrounding the company that can sometimes be a little time consuming to source: so we’ve saved you the hassle, and done it for you.

Are sixthreezero Bikes Good?

The bikes sold by sixthreezero are highly praised by customers on trust pilot and across the internet, averaging 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. This is thanks to their excellent customer service and the smooth ride offered by their bicycles.

In particularly, their electric bike range is well regarded among customers due to their affordability as well as variation: sixthreezero even have an electric tricycle on offer.

Is sixthreezero a Good Brand?

If you are looking for a well priced cruiser, hybrid, fat bike or tricycle either as a conventional pushbike, or e-bike and want exceptional service, then yes, sixthreezero are a good brand and well worth considering.

They also offer an online fitting service to help to ensure that you order to correct size bike for you which is of course, very useful.

But, if you were looking for a gravel or folding e-bike then unfortunately they won’t have what you are looking for. Additionally, they don’t deliver to outside of mainland US therefore, they won’t be an option for a lot of people sadly.

Where Are sixthreezero Bikes Made?

Bikes from sixthreezero are made overseas, mainly in China, which is very common with most bike brands. This helps to keep the costs down and allow for affordability.

But the bikes themselves are designed in the US, with the brand being based in Torrance, California and inspired by beach cruisers in the early 2000’s: which is evident to see just from a quick glance at their range.

sixthreezero bikes are mostly made in china

Does sixthreezero Make E-Bikes?

Yes, sixthreezero does make a whole range of electric bikes. As previously mentioned, their selection of e-bikes includes: cruisers, hybrids, tricycles, fat tire, a folding tricycle and even an electric rickshaw tricycle.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that as a brand they’ve really thought of it all when it comes to accessibility with the tricycles, folding little tricycle and rickshaw both being available and electric.

Their electric bike range is also very affordable, with the RRP prices being between $1,649 to just shy of 5K for the rickshaw.

sixthreezero Bikes Review

As aforementioned, their bikes are well reviewed from customers on trustpilot: the bikes are well priced and well made. Their range and accessibility really being the selling point that sets them apart from other brands.

But next up we shall run through some of the most popular sixthreezero bikes that are currently available.

sixxthreezero bikes

Best sixthreezero Bikes

Arguably two of of the best sixthreezero pushbikes bikes include the EVERYjourney and the AroundtheBlock. Two very popular options among customers.

  1. sixthreezero evryjourney bike

    sixthreezero EVRYjourney

    A perfect step-through cruiser style option for anyone wanting a reliable and pretty straight forward bike that is both easy to maintain and easy to ride. Not to mention, coming in at only $599.99 RRP it’s an absolute bargain of a bike.

    It would surely make a perfect leisure bike for cruising to the beach on or a fun shopping bike to go and grab your shopping on. Either way, you’ll undoubtedly be doing so in comfort.

    Adding to the great value, this bike also comes with pannier racks and mudguards fitted, 7 speeds and in a range of 5 different colours to suit your needs and personal style. You can also buy this bike in steel.

  2. sixthreezero aroundtheblock bike

    sixthreezero AroundtheBlock

    Another great pushbike option, this is also a brilliant price at only $349.99 RRP. Therefore it’s an absolutely brilliant option for anyone on a tight budget who would like cruiser or someone just wanting a bike to get from A-B.

    Due to it’s affordability this bike would be a really great option for anyone wanting to purchase a new bike to ride to the shops or along the beach.

    It comes in two colours and is also fitted with pannier racks so it’s a great option for anyone wanting to carry possessions while riding. Interestingly there is also an option when it comes to gearing, as it’s available with: 1, 3 or 7 speeds.

  3. sixthreezero evryjourney electric

    sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric

    First pick in their electric range, at only $1,999.99 and heavily discounted during sales, this is a really brilliant all round 500 watt motor step through e-bike at an equally great price.

    Benefiting from a top speed of 20 mph while using full electric, 28mph during pedal assist mode and range of 20 miles using full electric then 20 to 40 miles while using pedal assist mode, it’s definitely worth considering for the price. It’s also fitted with 26-inch wheels with 1.95-inch semi-slick tyres suitable for pavements and bike paths.

    All in all, this is a great option for anyone wanting a step-through (non step-through version is also available) with the added kick of a motor, taking you further, faster.

  4. sixthreezero simple step-thru 500w e-bike

    sixthreezero Simple Step-Thru 500W

    Coming in at $1999.99, this very low step-through 500 watt motor e-bike is a brilliant option for those wanting a bike that is really easy to mount and dismount, best suiting those who lack confidence or have slight mobility issues subsequently.

    This bike also has a top speed of 28 mph while using full electric, 20 mph while pedal assist then has a range of 20 miles or 20-40 miles during pedal assist. It also has 7 speeds which coupled with the motor will definitely be enough.

    Overall this is a great e-bike at a great price. The overall package is very good value and the range is more than enough to leisure riding and riding about.

  5. sixthreezero reach your destination

    sixthreezero Reach Your Destination

    If a hybrid is what you are in the market for then this should be a strong contender for you. Costing only $499.99, this fun little bike is clearly brilliant value given the quality and smooth ride offered.

    With a slight sloped top tube, this semi step-through bike comes equipped with 7 speeds, more than enough to allow you to whizz through the city and along bike paths. It also comes in two different shades of blue, both of which look very smart.

    This bike would make a really wonderful simple to run and maintain commuter, coming fitted with pannier racks and mudguards it’s already kitted out to suit all of your commuting needs, all you need to do now, is purchase it.

  6. sixthreezero pav n trail 500w e-bike

    sixthreezero Paven’Trail 500W

    If step-throughs are not your thing, then we have the answer with this last option. This hybrid 500 watt motor electric bike is a bit of a jack of all trades: perfect for riding along bike paths but also capable of some tame off road as well thanks to its suspension forks.

    Not only that, but this 7 speed e-bike will easily take you venturing further thanks to it’s 20 to 40 mile range. Capable of reaching speeds up to 20 mph while using pedal assist as well as full electric, you’ll be speeding around without breaking a sweat.

    At $1999.99 RRP, it’s a great price and would make a really brilliant commuter for anyone wanting a more versatile e-bike or a fun recreational ride for those wanting to seek some adventure in comfort with help from a motor.

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