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Best Folding E-Bikes: Top 16 Foldable Electric Bikes in 2024

Best foldable e-bikes

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In the bustling urban environments of today’s world, finding the ideal commuting solution is paramount. Look no further than the best folding electric bike, a revolutionary choice that is reshaping the way city residents tackle their daily journeys.

From their space-saving ingenuity to their eco-friendly attributes and remarkable versatility, these innovative two-wheelers are not just redefining urban transportation – they are setting a new standard for convenient and sustainable city commuting.

Join us as we explore the exciting realm of the best folding electric bikes and uncover why they are the ultimate choice for city commuters.

Best Folding E-Bikes

  1. CARBO Model X

    A high-performance electric SUV with advanced technology, impressive acceleration, spacious interior, and sleek design.

  2. Brompton Electric C-Line

    A compact and lightweight folding bike with a powerful electric motor and long-lasting battery for urban commuting.

  3. Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike Gen 2.0

    A lightweight and ultra-portable electric bike with impressive speed and range.

  4. eelo 1885 Disc Explorer

    A versatile and durable electric bike designed for off-road adventures with exceptional power and performance.

  5. MiRiDER One Folding Electric Bike

    A stylish and compact e-bike with a powerful motor and long-lasting battery for urban commuting.

  6. Gocycle G4

    A sleek and innovative electric bike with a lightweight frame, impressive range, and advanced features for a smooth ride.

  7. ANCHEER 20″ Commuter Folding E-Bike

    A convenient and affordable electric bike with a compact design and reliable performance.

  8. FIIDO D3 Pro

    A lightweight and portable electric bike with a long-lasting battery and impressive speed for effortless commuting.

  9. ECOTRIC Foldaway

    A foldable electric bike with a powerful motor, sturdy build, and exceptional comfort for all-day riding.

  10. BTWIN Tilt 500E Folding Electric Bike

    A practical and compact e-bike with a lightweight frame and smooth performance.

  11. Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike

    Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike

    A rugged space-saver built for big fun and to fit into small spaces.

  12. blix vika flex e-bike

    Blix Vika+ Flex

    A versatile, compact, folding e-bike with great performance and stability.

  13. aventon sinch.2 e-bike

    Aventon Sinch.2

    This zippy e-bike is foldable, portable, and easy to hop on.

  14. qualisport volador e-bike

    Qualisports Volador

    For adventures that go beyond the beaten path.

  15. denago folding 1 e-bike

    Denago Folding 1

    A powerful, compact model ideal for van life, RV travel.

  16. raleigh stow e-way e-bike

    Raleigh Stow-E-Way

    Designed to be packed away at a moment’s notice.

Folding Electric Bikes Offer Ultimate Cycling Convenience

Electric bikes may be derided as “cheating” or “lazy” by some. Still, they make cycling accessible to more people than ever – whether because of their health or simply the area they live, making “normal” cycling impractical.

But if you combine the practicality of folding bikes with the power of electric bikes, something special happens…

The two outsiders of the bicycle world have come together to create the most practical form of urban transport: the folding electric bike. A bike that is fast easy to ride, but can be stored under a desk or thrown in a car boot with minimum fuss.

So, in dedication of this “super bike”, I’ve picked out 10 of the best folding e-bikes available to buy.

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Best Folding Electric Bikes

Numberbest folding electric bikes
1CARBO Model X
2Brompton Electric C-Line
3Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike Gen 2.0
4eelo 1885 Disc Explorer
5MiRiDER One Folding Electric Bike
6Gocycle G4
7ANCHEER 20″ Commuter Folding E-Bike
9ECOTRIC Foldaway
10BTWIN Tilt 500E Folding Electric Bike
11Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike
12Blix Vika+ Flex
13Aventon Sinch.2
14Qualisports Volador
15Denago Folding 1
16Raleigh Stow-E-Way

Best Foldable E-Bikes

1. CARBO Model X

  • UK Flag £2,499
  • US Flag $3,253
  • EU Flag €2,991

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 29lbs. (13.3kg)
  • Range: 19 to 34 miles. (30 to 55km)
  • Wheel Size: 20”.
  • Folded Size: 831.5 x 23.6 x 13.0″. (80 x 60 x 33cm)
  • Gears: Single-Speed. (9-Speed also available)

Smooth ride.


Classic design.

This is a classy, single-speed electric bike with a carbon belt drive for a quiet, smooth ride. Offering exceptional quality for the price, the Carbo Model X is as powerful as e-bikes twice its weight. And at 29 lbs (13.3kg), the weight of this bike is a huge advantage.

The removable battery is integrated unobtrusively in the seat post. The bike as a whole is lovely to look at, with a classic design that is perhaps one of the most universally appealing. The seat post and stem are adjustable, so you can ride in optimum comfort for your height. The larger wheel size of 20” also makes for a more stable and comfortable ride.

The Carbo Folds in as little as ten seconds and it’s compact enough to store easily away in the home, office or on public transport.

There are plenty of practical features, such as the front and rear lights, and a USB port at the rear. The carbon belt also offers a very low-maintenance alternative to a traditional bike chain. No need to spend hours cleaning.

If you prefer gears, you can opt for the 9-speed Model S which gives you a lot of flexibility. This one is heavier at 15.3 kg, but still one of the lightest folding e-bikes available.

2. Brompton Electric C-Line

  • UK Flag £2,995
  • US Flag $3,899
  • EU Flag €3,585

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 34 lbs. (15.53kg)
  • Range: 25 to 50 miles. (40 to 80km)
  • Wheel Size: 16”.
  • Folded Size: 625.4 x 22.2 x 10.6″. (64.5 x 56.5 x 27cm)
  • Gears: 6-Speed.

Iconic brand.

Classic design.

Pedal-assist technology.

“Nothing folds like a Brompton Electric folds.” Or so maintains the slogan for this iconic and ever-desirable brand. The Brompton is one of the smallest e-bikes when folded. The ‘folding’ is easy and intuitive, and once folded the wheels make it very easy to move around.

We keep using the word “iconic” for Brompton bikes, but that’s because they are just that. They have a beautiful, classic design that has never lost (and most likely never will) lose appeal.

The Electric C-Line retains the design by having a separate battery that sits in a pack at the front of the bike. It’s convenient to take on and off and means you can carry it around and charge it anywhere. It also means nothing else on the bike is unappealing or bulked out which, on a Brompton, might be something of a travesty.

The Smart sensor, pedal-assist technology can be configured to kick in automatically when you need it, or adjusted manually. You can also download the Brompton Electric apps for use with a smartphone.

Available in four colours, including the eye-catching turquoise, the electric Brompton has all the elegance of the original, with an impressive range of up to 50 miles (80km), and a reinforced steel frame that is built to last.

3. Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike Gen 2.0

  • UK Flag £4,495
  • US Flag $5,852
  • EU Flag €5,380

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 23lbs. (10.3kg)
  • Range: 25 to 31 miles. (40 to 50+ km)
  • Wheel Size: 16”.
  • Folded Size: 46.06 x 23.62 x 7.87″. (117 x 60 x 20 cm)
  • Gears: Single-Speed.

Unique design.

Premium carbon frame.

Connects to phone via app.

With its unique, simple and stylish design, the Hummingbird Electric is a commuter’s dream. Easy to fold, powerful and durable, you’ll arrive at your destination smart and composed, whatever the distance.

But the star attraction of this bike is its weight. At 23lbs (10.3kg), it really is the lightest folding electric bike in the world. And with a premium carbon fibre frame, it doesn’t compromise on strength.

It’s available in four colours, including the glorious Hummingbird Yellow. But if you’re looking for something more bespoke, you can choose a custom colour for an added cost.

Powered by an all-in-one motor system with a 250W motor and 158Wh battery, and with a top speed of 16m/h (25 km/h), this bike is suitable for short and long commutes. With everything built in, there are no wires, motor or battery on display, which adds to the aesthetic appeal.

The companion Smartphone App enables you to turn the motor on remotely and monitor your progress on the move. And that’s not all – it also features the very useful Active Electronic locking system.

The aptly-named Hummingbird sings of quality. You won’t, however, get one for a song. It isn’t cheap, but it does tick all the boxes if you’re looking for an exceptional, ultra convenient bike that makes short work of distances and hills, and is easily carried and stored.

4. eelo 1885 Disc Explorer

  • UK Flag £1,299
  • US Flag $1,953
  • EU Flag €1,795

Prices are approximate

Weight: 36lbs. (16.5kg)
Range: up to 40 miles. (64km)
Wheel Size:
Folded Size:
23.62 x 14.96 x 22.83 “. (60 x 38 x 58 cm)

Smooth ride.


Classic design.

The popular eelo 1885 has a conveniently compact fold making it very practical to stow away. It’s also light enough to be carried easily over a short distance. But best of all? It won’t cost you a fortune. It’s an e-bike that offers great value for the price tag.

For an e-bike at the cheaper end of the market, the eelo has an impressive range of up to 40 miles (64km) on a single charge. The thumb throttle control is easy to use and lets you choose from three levels of assistance with a top speed of  15m/h (24 km/h).

There is also a waterproof LCD display which enables you to track your speed, battery life and outside temperature.

Some added features include front and rear LED lights, mudguards and a pannier rack, all of which are great additions for commuting.

The geometry of the eelo is distinctive, with the wheelbase being a full 7.5 inches shorter than the Brompton. This is worth bearing in mind for those who are particularly tall.

But with an intelligent system designed to be energy efficient, good mechanical disc brakes and a tough frame, this is an impressive and durable little bike that will serve commuters well.

5. MiRiDER One Folding Electric Bike

  • UK Flag £1,595
  • US Flag $2,076
  • EU Flag €1,909

Prices are approximate

Weight: 38 lbs. (17.3kg)
Range: 15 to 45 miles. (24 to 72km)
Wheel Size:
Folded Size:
30.31 x 16.93 x 26.77″. (77 x 43 x 68cm)



LCD display.

The MiRiDER One boasts an innovative and unique design with telescopic seat post and handlebars, allowing for adjustments to suit riders of virtually any size. This award-winning bike is funky to look at and designed for maximum comfort.

The removable and lockable battery is concealed within the main frame which, combined with the rear suspension setup, achieves great weight distribution and balance for a smooth and comfortable ride.

For the price (which compared to many of its competitors, is very affordable), this bike offers a wealth of quality features.

With 5 levels of pedal assist and thumb throttle sine-wave controller, there’s no shortage of riding options for your journey.

The simple 4-step folding process results in a folded bike that is small enough to be stored or moved easily. Admittedly, it’s not the smallest or the lightest folding e-bike, but the urethane skate wheel is a great addition. When folded, you can roll it wherever you need to go.

Optional accessories include an extra battery, pannier rack and bag, storage bag and phone holder.

Overall, this is a high-spec, original and eye-catching bike that will see you to work in style and comfort, and turn heads as you go.

6. Gocycle G4

gocycle g4 folding bike
  • UK Flag £3,799
  • US Flag $4,946
  • EU Flag €4,547

Prices are approximate

Weight: 29lbs (17.6kg)
Range: up to 40 miles. (65km)
Wheel Size:
Folded Size:
34.65 x 15.35 x 24.21″. (88 x 39 x 61.5cm)

Minimalist design.


LCD display.

The Gocycle G4 really seems to have it all. The premium quality, beautiful minimalist design, enclosed low-maintenance drivechain and exceptional performance makes it quite possibly the perfect folding e-bike for commuters.

It is not the cheapest folding e-bike on the market, but with Gocycle you get what you pay for. And you do get a lot with this bike.

With its low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution, the G4 offers a ride quality that can very realistically compete with non-folding e-bikes. It’s agile, responsive and easy to manoeuvre, with a (car-inspired) adjustable riding position. In other words, it’s suitable for all shapes and sizes.

This, combined with its torque sensor to ensure a smooth ride and 3-speed gearing system as well as the motor, makes it a perfect companion for zipping through urban streets.

The futuristic-looking dash, displaying information across the handlebars, is just beautiful. Downloading the smartphone app will give you all the information you need on the go, and also the option to power the motor remotely.

The G4 is designed to be easy to lift with comfortable smooth frame curves and a centralised weight. A smart travel case with wheels is also available as an accessory for easy transportation when folded.

7. ANCHEER 20″ Commuter Folding E-Bike

  • UK Flag £710
  • US Flag $890
  • EU Flag €840

Prices are approximate

Weight: 55lbs. (25kg)
Range: 9 to  19 miles. (15 to 30km)
Fold-Up Size:
49.61 x 24.80 x 9.84″. (126 x 63 x 25cm)
Wheel Size:

Focus on comfort.

Titanium forks.

LED front light.

If you’re tired of turning up to the office crumpled and breathless, look no further. The ANCHEER’s buzzword is comfort. Its wide saddle, ergonomic handlebars and quick fold mechanism mean you can arrive at the office without a single crease in your suit jacket. Even its 20” wheels make for a relaxing cycling experience.

What really sets the ANCHEER apart from the competition is its front suspension. Its titanium forks make for a smooth ride over bumpy tarmac and are almost unheard-of in a bike this cheap.

If you’re in the habit of popping into the corner shop on your commute home, the built-in luggage rack is an added bonus. No need to worry about spilling that pint of milk.

The ANCHEER weighs 55lbs (25kg), the heaviest of all options reviewed here. However, it is so versatile that it can be forgiven the added kilograms.

A powerful LED front light will also see you through winter commutes, although for UK readers, it’s worth remembering that cyclists riding at night are required by law to have a rear red light. For those in the US, most states only require reflectors.

8. FIIDO D3 Pro

  • UK Flag £580
  • US Flag $700
  • EU Flag €685

Prices are approximate

Weight: 39lbs. (17.5kg)
Range: 12 to 37 miles. (20km to 60km)
Fold-Up Size:
49.21 x 15.75 x 24.80″. (125 x 40 x 63cm)
Wheel Size:

Grippy tires.

Range of terrains.


A city bike is all well and good for the working week, but what about the weekends? Luckily, the FIIDO D3 Pro’s grippy 20” tires mean it’ll hold its own should you decide to stray from the cycle paths. With a full battery life of 37 miles (60km), you can complete that Sunday ride with ease, with charge to spare for Monday’s commute.

Visually, the FIIDO speaks the language of downhill and trail biking. Its chunky frame is more than reminiscent of iconic hardtails like the Specialized Rockhopper. And, while we wouldn’t recommend testing it at your nearest bike park, it should be able to handle a range of terrains. Its high motor torque mean it won’t struggle with hills or bridges either.

Increased functionality does mean increased weight. The FIIDO D3 weighs in at 39lbs (17.5kg). The bike still folds up relatively small – compact enough to carry on a packed train.

FIIDO claims it can travel at a maximum speed of 16 mph (25km/h), but UK shoppers should note that a e-bike is only classified as an e-bike by the government if it has a maximum speed of 15mph. This means that the FIIDO D3 can be classed as a motorbike, and you’ll have to invest in insurance and licencing.

9. ECOTRIC Foldaway

  • UK Flag £722
  • US Flag $890
  • EU Flag €816

Prices are approximate

Weight: 55lbs. (25kg)
Range: 7 to 8 miles. (11 to 13km)
Fold-Up Size:
38.58 x 24.41 x 33.46″. (98 x 62 x 85cm)
Wheel Size:
20 x 4”.

Wide tires.

Can handle snow.


We’re not all lucky to live in towns with established cycle networks. If you’re based in the suburbs, or an urban-rural fringe, chances are your commute will contain some knotty riding. This is where the ultra-cool ECOTRIC Foldaway comes into its own.

The US-made ECOTRIC is essentially a folding version of popular “fat bikes”. With four inch wide tyres, it should navigate complex topography including tree roots and loose gravel with ease. The manufacturers even claim that its 500W brushless motor can handle snow, although we haven’t put this to the test.

On a component level, the ECOTRIC uses quality parts. Take the Shimano disc-brakes and 7-speed derailleur. Customer reviews have mentioned some issues with durability and the range is limited, so we haven’t rated it as highly as others on this list. Only available for now in the US, the ECOTRIC is an undeniably unique offering to the market.

Best Budget Folding Electric Bike

10. BTWIN Tilt 500E Folding Electric Bike

  • UK Flag £900
  • US Flag $1,172
  • EU Flag €1,077

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 41lbs. (18.6kg)
  • Range:  12 to 22 miles. (20 to 35km)
  • Wheel Size: 20”.
  • Folded Size: 32.68 x 26.38 x 17.71″. (83 x 67 x 45cm)
  • Gears: 6-Speed.

Value for money.

Lightweight design.

Ergonomic grips.

You can trust Decathlon to offer consistent value for money, and the Tilt 500E is no exception. Relatively no-frills, but with a host of features, it’s a well-designed bike with practicality and functionality in mind.

It’s no wonder this e-bike’s popularity is increasing. With three different electric assist modes and a range of up to 22 miles (35km), it can cover a further-than-average daily commute.

With an acceptably lightweight design, the folding speed of the Tilt 500 is an impressive 15 seconds. Once folded, it’s small enough to be practical and to be carried for short distances.

This bike offers a lot of riding versatility with a 6-speed gearing system in addition to the motor. The display and control panel are user friendly and the motor starts when you begin to pedal, using a simple cadence pedal sensor.

Other features include ergonomic grips and saddle, adjustable stem and 20” wheels (which many will see as a bonus). There is also a powerful aluminium V-brake system, which automatically cuts the electric assistance when used.

Let’s be honest. The price tag on a folding electric bike can be a real hurdle for many people. Decathlon offer a far more affordable option for a comfortable, safe and reliable assisted commute.

11. RadExpand 5

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike Main
Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike Main
Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike Main
Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding E-Bike Main
  • UK Flag £1,100
  • US Flag $1,400
  • EU Flag €1,300

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 62.5 lb (28kg)
  • Range: Up to 45+ miles (72km) per charge
  • Motor: 750W
  • Bike inseam: 30″

Easy to fold.

Handlebars that move in and out for comfort.

Rear rack included.

Rad Power Bikes’ latest folding e-bike has fatter tires to take on adventurous tracks. It features a step-thru frame which eliminates the need to swing your leg over the saddle.

Riders can customize their rides with adjustable handlebars, seven speeds, and four levels of pedal assist. The e-bike is built to accommodate a generous range of rider heights and sizes.

The RadExpand 5 is engineered to reduce the bike’s weight, making it even easier to fold, lift, and store.

12. Blix Vika+ Flex

blix vika plus flex
blix vika plus flex in use
blix vika plus flex features
blix vika plus flex colours
  • UK Flag £1,354
  • US Flag $1,649
  • EU Flag €1,568

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 55lbs. (25kg)
  • Range: 45 miles. (72km)
  • Wheel Size: 20″.
  • Folded Size: 36x21x28.5″. (91 x 53 x 72 cm)
  • Gears: 7-Speed.

Convenience focused.

Extended warranty.

Comfortable rides.

The Vika+ Flex is an electric folding bike designed for convenience and performance. It’s a versatile and compact electric bike that can be easily folded for storage or travel.

You can even add a protective carrying bag to make transportation more convenient. The bike is backed by an extended warranty option and offers in-home assembly.

Key features of the Vika+ Flex include its ability to fold down to a compact size, allowing for easy storage and transport.

The bike has 20″ wheels with 2.4″ tires, providing comfortable and safe rides on various road types. It features a powerful 500W rear hub-motor, hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power, and a high-capacity 48V battery with a range of up to 45 miles per charge.

13. Aventon Sinch.2

aventon sinch2 e-bike
aventon sinch2 e-bike in use
aventon sinch2 e-bike colours
  • UK Flag £1,231
  • US Flag $1,499
  • EU Flag €1,425

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 66lbs. (30kg)
  • Range: 55 miles. (88km)
  • Wheel Size: 20″.
  • Folded Size: 46 x 28 x 30″. (117 x 71 x 76 cm)
  • Gears: 7-Speed.

Fat tires.

Bright headlights.

USB charger.

Sinch.2 is the perfect fit for any kind of ride! Unfold the bike, then hit the streets or go off-road. With the addition of a torque sensor and all-new turn signal functionality, there’s nowhere this bike can’t go.

Get real-time metrics such as speed, battery life and pedal assist level with the Full Color Display. Plus, charge your smartphone with the concealed USB port and sync to the Aventon app to connect to the larger Aventon community and share info and goals.

Sinch.2’s front headlights allow you to see and be seen on the road, while the integrated rear lights double as turn signals that communicate to motorists or other cyclists when you’re changing lanes for your safety.

14. Qualisports Volador

qualisport volador e-bike
qualisport volador e-bike colours
  • UK Flag ££983
  • US Flag $1,199
  • EU Flag €1,137

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 38lbs. (17kg)
  • Range: 30 miles. (48km)
  • Wheel Size: 20″.
  • Gears: Shimano 7-Speed.

Available in various colours.

Samsung battery.

Smooth ride.

Choose from various colors, such as Matte Tango Red, Satin Black, and Glossy Metallic Gray. Additionally, you can enhance your biking experience by adding accessories like a carry bag, saddle tube battery clamp lock, and front or rear racks. The bike’s compact design allows for easy folding and storage.

This electric bike boasts a weight of 38lbs (17kg) and is powered by a 350W motor, offering a top speed of 20mph (32km/h). The bike’s customized motor provides efficient performance, while the reliable Samsung battery is cleverly integrated into the seat post, allowing for a range of approximately 30 miles. Furthermore, the Shimano 7-speed gear system ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience, especially when navigating hills.

The VOLADOR electric folding bicycle is designed to encourage exploration and adventure, offering riders the chance to discover new places and experiences. With its powerful motor, reliable battery, and versatile features, it’s a practical and stylish choice for those seeking an exciting and convenient mode of transportation.

15. Denago Folding 1

denago folding 1 e-bike
denago folding 1 e-bike in use
denago folding 1 e-bike outdoors
  • UK Flag £1,231
  • US Flag $1,499
  • EU Flag €1,425

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 62lbs. (28kg)
  • Range: 40 miles. (64km)
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Gears: 7-Speed.

Massive torque,

30 seconds to fold and unfold.

Comfortable ride.

The Denago Folding 1 eBike is a versatile and convenient electric bike designed for maximum portability. It is designed to fit riders between 5’1″ and 6’5″ and comes in a stylish gray with black color scheme.

One of the key features of the Denago Folding 1 eBike is its compact folding design, making it ideal for various scenarios such as vanlife, college dorms, or RV travel.

The eBike is built to accommodate riders of different heights with an ultra-low standover height and a telescoping seatpost. It also comes with built-in front and rear lights powered by the eBike battery, enhancing safety and visibility. With a powerful 500W hub motor, it can reach speeds of up to 20mph on throttle and up to 25mph on pedal assist.

16. Raleigh Stow-E-Way

raleigh stow-e-way e-bike
raleigh stow-e-way e-bike in use
  • UK Flag £1,199
  • US Flag $1,460
  • EU Flag €1,387

Prices are approximate

Weight: 44lbs. (20kg)
Range: 30 miles. (48km)
Wheel Size: 20″.
Gears: 7-Speed.

Easy storage.

Poweful motor.

Good range.

The Stow-E-Way is a versatile and compact folding electric bike designed for easy storage and portability. Featuring a lightweight TransX motor, this e-bike provides a powerful and effortless cycling experience, whether you’re conquering steep hills or riding on flat terrain.

With carefully selected 20-inch wheels, it strikes a perfect balance between a smooth ride and space-saving convenience. The bike’s quick-folding mechanism allows you to stow it away in seconds, making it ideal for storing in a car’s boot, on a bus, or in a small closet.

Equipped with a 250Wh battery, the Stow-E-Way offers an extended range of up to 30 miles, providing freedom and flexibility for longer rides. The TranzX Display lets you adjust pedal assistance levels, making it easy to switch between a leisurely ride and a more challenging workout. Additionally, a walk-assist feature helps move the bike when you need to navigate crowded sidewalks.

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