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Where to Buy Electric Bikes in USA: 17 Best Online E-Bike Stores

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So, you’ve decided to buy an electric bike.

Congratulations! You’re about to embark a whole new kind of cycling adventure that allows you to tackle the types of hills, terrain, and distances you might only dream of on a regular bike.

While e-bikes are incredible, there is no denying that they can be very expensive. Therefore, when you’re shopping for a new e-bike, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that you’re shopping from a great bike store that gives you the kind of advice and support you need when making your purchase.

Shopping online is a great way to choose an e-bike, as you can take your time over your purchase, have access to lots of different stores and brands, and you might even get a better price than in a physical store.

On this page, we’ll take you through some of the best places to buy e-bikes online in the USA, so you can find the e-bike of your dreams without leaving your couch.

Best E-Bike Stores Online in USA

  1. Premium brands

    Mike’s Bikes

    Dedicated to bikes, run by bike experts, with the best brands on offer

  2. Great range

    Competitive Cyclist

    No matter your budget, there’s a bike here for you, from premium brands to starter e-bikes

  3. Affordable options

    Performance Bike

    A small but varied range of e-bikes from road to mountain and more

  4. ‘America’s Bike Shop’

    Jenson USA

    Mountain, road and commuter bikes available at a range of price points

  5. Decathlon Logo

    Budget e-bikes


    Small but affordable e-bike range, perfect for starter bikes and small budgets

Buying an E-Bike in America

America is a playground for e-bike riders, with its incredible national parks, beautiful scenery, huge range of terrains and sprawling urban centres. If you’ve decided to buy an e-bike for your adventures across the states, it can be daunting to know where to begin.

The most important thing is to look for a reputable store with quality bikes that fit your budget.

Of course, you can shop for an e-bike at a brick and mortar store, and this has all sorts of benefits like being able to try before you buy, speak face-to-face with an e-bike expert, and even walk away with your new e-bike there and then.

Online shopping is great too, not least because it enables you to shop at whichever store you like, not being limited by the stores that are near to you geographically.

Wherever you shop, you should make sure to look out for e-bikes that are good value for your money, have the correct voltage for your needs (and which adhere to local laws if you’re using it on public roads), are from quality brands, and are appropriate for your intended use.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are now so popular, you can buy them at most bike stores, whether online or in land-based stores. This is great news for e-bike shoppers, as you can take your pick of retailers to find one that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Brick and mortar stores can be a great way to shop for an e-bike, as they allow you to have hands-on time with your potential purchase before you buy, and you can choose to support small, local, independent businesses or go for larger bike store chains.

You can also buy e-bikes online, which has the benefit of freeing you from restrictions like geographical availability and limited store stock. By shopping online for your e-bike, you can choose from a huge range of brands, models and styles to find the e-bike that suits you – and the best online e-bike stores offer bespoke advice if you need it, just like their land-based counterparts.

Best Electric Bike Online Stores (USA)

Mike's Bike Electric Bike List

1. Mike’s Bikes

Mike’s Bikes online store is sleek and easy to navigate, with a wide range of electric bikes from premium brands. Prices range from under $1,500 to almost $15,000 – so no matter your budget, there’ll be a bike to suit you here – and the range covers everything from road bikes to mountain bikes, cargo bikes to gravel bikes. The bikes are all delivered built, so you won’t need to undertake any tricky assembly at home.

The website includes handy information about different classes of e-bikes, highlights the best brands to look for, and offers personalised support should you need it.

Bikes Available at

Road E-Bikes

Mountain E-Bikes

Fat E-Bikes

Hybrid E-Bikes

Gravel E-Bikes

City E-Bikes

Folding E-Bikes

Notable E-Bike Brands Stocked:

  • Cannondale
  • Giant
  • Specialized
  • Trek
  • Santa Cruz
  • Yeti
  • Orbea
  • Pivot Cycles
  • SCOR
  • LIV
  • Momentum
  • Gazelle
  • Electra
View Mike’s Bikes E-Bikes

Competitive cyclist ebikes list

2. Competitive Cyclist

Competitive Cyclist offers a curated collection of the best brands in cycling, including a selection of mid- to top-range e-bikes for all kinds of riders.

The live chat function which puts you in touch with a “bike obsessed” customer service advisor is a great touch, and something that will be of huge help to buyers looking to spend some serious cash on e-bikes as they decide which ride is right for them.

The easy-to-navigate site also sells accessories and components and has a decent sale, too, so it’s a great one-stop-shop for all your cycling needs.

Bikes Available at

Road E-Bikes

Mountain E-Bikes

Fat E-Bikes

Hybrid E-Bikes

Gravel E-Bikes

City E-Bikes

Folding E-Bikes

Notable E-Bike Brands Stocked:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Gazelle
  • Pivot
  • Bianchi
  • Benno Bikes
  • Pinarello
  • Devinci
  • Ibis
  • Yeti Cycles
View Competitive Cyclist E-Bikes

Performance Bike website

3. Performance Bike

Performance Bike is all about selling great bikes at great prices, and it stocks a small but decent range of e-bikes at varying price points.

The product pages have good descriptions and spec details to help you decide which e-bike is right for you, and there’s also a live chat function if you need any further advice or information.

Shipping is free on most orders over $99 in the 48 mainland US states, but do watch out as some bikes are only available for store pickup – and Performance Bike only has four physical locations: three in Chico, CA and one in Charlotte, NC.

Bikes Available at

Road E-Bikes

Mountain E-Bikes

Fat E-Bikes

Hybrid E-Bikes

Gravel E-Bikes

City E-Bikes

Folding E-Bikes

Notable E-Bike Brands Stocked:

  • Breezer
  • Diamondback
  • Haibike
  • Orbea
Visit Performance Bike E-Bikes

Jenson USA eBikes

4. Jenson USA

Jenson USA is dubbed ‘America’s Bike Shop’, which is apt as it has a range of bikes to suit every kind of rider. It also sells components, apparel and accessories, so you can get completely kitted out for your new e-bike adventure.

Product pages include quality pictures, descriptions and spec information as well as reviews and Q&As, so you can make sure that you’re making the right purchase.

Plus, shipping is free on orders over $50 in the 48 continental US states, and all bikes are built, tested, tuned, and ready to ride upon shipment.

Bikes Available at

Road E-Bikes

Mountain E-Bikes

Fat E-Bikes

Hybrid E-Bikes

Gravel E-Bikes

City E-Bikes

Folding E-Bikes

Notable E-Bike Brands Stocked:

  • Bianchi
  • Devinci
  • Ibis
  • Look
  • Marin
  • Niner
  • Norco
  • Orbea

Best Place for Cheap E-Bikes

Decathlon e-bikes website

5. Decathlon

Decathlon has a small range of e-bikes, but they’re great for those with smaller budgets, as all are under $1,500. The product pages have great images, videos, full spec information and product descriptions so you can feel informed in your purchase, and there are customer reviews you can check out too.

To complement its e-bike range, Decathlon’s stocks all kinds of sporting equipment for different activities, including cycling, hiking, running, camping, gym workouts and more.

Decathlon is known for catering to smaller budgets without sacrificing quality, so this is a great place to start for your first e-bike.

Bikes Available at

Road E-Bikes

Mountain E-Bikes

Fat E-Bikes

Hybrid E-Bikes

Gravel E-Bikes

City E-Bikes

Folding E-Bikes

Notable E-Bike Brands Stocked:

  • Aventon
View Decathlon E-Bikes

12 More Electric Bike Brands Available in USA

  1. Cowboy e-bike

    Beautiful urban e-bikes


    Sleek urban electric bikes that are easy to maintain and a joy to ride in the city.

  2. aventure.2 ebike

    Affordable e-bikes


    Find these affordable e-bikes at Decathlon – they’re great starter bikes for e-bikers dipping their toes.

  3. For urban riders


    These bikes are sleek, smart and stylish, and are designed for a beautiful urban ride.

  4. Radpower Radrover 6

    Something for everyone

    Rad Power Bikes

    From city bikers to commuters, weekend adventurers to cargo carriers, Rad Power Bikes have an e-bike for everyone.

  5. Vela Low Steep eBike

    Elegant and stylish


    Gorgeous bikes that pack a punch, with 350W motor and cruiser or urban designs to choose from.

  6. Priority e-Coast e-bike

    Low maintenance

    Priority Bicycles

    Easy to own, low maintenance, lightweight and quality bikes for every kind of rider.

Best Places to Buy Cheap E-Bikes

  1. Engwe S26 e-bike

    Budget folding fat e-bikes


    Folding fat e-bikes that you can take anywhere, and at a budget-friendly price point.

  2. Himiway Portable e-bike

    Variety of affordable e-bikes


    City, off-road, cargo and more: whatever you’re looking for, Himiway has it at an affordable price.

  3. Honbike Uni4 e-bike

    Minimalist design


    Stylish minimalist urban e-bikes winning multiple design awards at wallet-friendly prices.

  4. Ancheer e-bike

    Under $1,000


    Budget e-bikes at the lowest price points including city bikes, fat bikes, mountain bikes and more.

  5. Addmotor Herotri M365x e-bike

    Eye catching


    Funky e-bikes with cool and colourful designs, including trikes, fat bikes, folding bikes and recumbents.

  6. Tenways CGO800s e-Bike

    Sleek city bikes


    Minimalist, sleek city bikes with great range, light weights and quality components for under $2,000.

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