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Walmart Electric Bike Review: Are Walmart E-Bikes Any Good?

Buying an e-bike at Walmart

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We’re all familiar with Walmart, the multinational retail corporation and one of the largest retail chains in the world. Founded in 1962, it specialises in selling an enormous range of products at low prices to consumers.

Whilst they have a history of selling bicycles, their expansion into e-bikes is relatively recent and is definitely worth investigating. With a few models to choose from at very approachable prices, it begs the question, are the e-bikes from Walmart any good?

In this article, we’ll look at which e-bikes Walmart sells and decide if they’re a worthy investment for the first time e-bike user. Read on to find out more.

walmart e-bikes fact sheet

Who Are Walmart? 

Walmart is a retail corporation with both a formidable physical and online presence that sells a wide range of products, including bicycles. They offer a selection for adults and children, carrying bikes from various brands and at different price points.

Within the USA, Walmart has become somewhat renowned for it’s cheap bikes. In fact, you can buy a complete mountain bike with gears for under $100. Compared to local bikes shops that offer comparable models for three times this cost, that’s ridiculously cheap.

Thanks to its size, Walmart is able to buy enormous quantities of bikes and parts from its suppliers. The economies of scale allow them to buy these bikes for a low cost, meaning they can still sell them to the end consumer for staggeringly low prices. 

Understandably, these low prices are tempting. This is especially true for first time buyers of bikes, and, as of late, e-bikes too

What Does Walmart Specialize In? 

When it comes to bicycles and e-bikes, Walmart predominantly specialises in low-cost all purpose bikes that are cheap and somewhat versatile.

Walmart themselves don’t produce e-bikes. Instead, they specialize in buying and selling e-bikes brands at low prices to consumers. 

Some of the brands they stock, such as Hiper Bicycles and Kent, have their own offerings outside of Walmart, and only sell particular models within their stores. Usually, these models are to suit popular demand, and as such aren’t generally their premium ones. 

Are Walmart Bikes Good?

The quality of Walmart’s e-bikes can vary substantially depending on the model and the brand. It’s difficult to say with certainty whether an e-bike from Walmart will be good and they vary very much on a case to case basis.

Generally speaking, the models that they stock are not premium. If you’re looking for an e-bike that is more of an investment, we’d suggest going to a dedicated bike shop or doing research on your own. 

However, there are some exceptions to the rule that have proved if nothing else to be extremely popular. 

The 26” 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike from Gocio, for example, is an extremely popular pick. With anti-skid chunky tires, a large capacity 13AH lithium-ion battery and quick charge, it’s great for a day out when you’re likely to cover some adverse terrain.

Others, however, are quite simply low-cost 250W e-bikes that largely offer little more than pedal assistance on flat and smooth terrain.

Is Walmart a Good Brand? 

Walmart, whilst not being a brand in the traditional sense, is a retail corporation that has proved to be extremely successful. This is thanks to its affordability and wide range of products. When it comes to e-bikes, there’s a huge mixture in the reviews, so it’s difficult to say convincingly.

Walmart doesn’t make e-bikes, and so producing e-bikes isn’t their area of expertise. Given that e-bike technology is advancing so rapidly, it’s probably better to invest in an e-bike from a more recognised and dedicated brand. 

Whilst it’s good for groceries (amongst other things), Walmart probably isn’t the best place to buy an e-bike currently. They are not specialists in the field, and there is significant feedback which suggests that the aftercare for e-bikes bought from Walmart is poor.

Where Are Walmart Bikes Made? 

Walmart’s e-bikes are sourced from various countries. Walmart doesn’t produce their own e-bikes, instead acting as a stockist for numerous brands. Depending on the brand and model, e-bikes in Walmart could be produced in China, Taiwan or Germany amongst other countries.

Whilst there’s a high probability that the e-bikes sold in Walmart are produced in China (as the majority of them are), there’s an equally high probability that they’re assembled in store. They are normally shipped partially made and assembled within Walmart by employees who don’t necessarily specialise in the field. 

That being said, this is part of the reason that the costs are so low. 

Do Walmart Make Their Own Electric Bikes? 

Walmart don’t make their own electric bikes. Instead, they stock a variety of e-bikes from multiple brands including Colorway, Gocio, Schwinn and Ecotric amongst others. 

In a similar vein to the rest of their retail strategy, Walmart chooses to sell a variety of models from different brands. These brands vary greatly in their reputation when it comes to e-bikes.

What E-Bike Brands Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells a variety of e-bike brands from mixture of both reasonably well known and lesser known brands. Some of the best selling brands from Walmart include:

  • Colorway
  • Gocio
  • Schwinn
  • Ecotric
  • Hyper Bicycles

Within these, there’s a considerable variation in not just the cost, but also in the quality that you should expect. It’s for this reason that we generally discourage buying an e-bike from Walmart.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good ones, but that it’s difficult to determine which ones are good and which ones aren’t. And whilst the costs may be low, it’s worth investing a little more to buy from a bigger name that may have improved technical support and aftercare.

With that being said, keep reading for a list of Walmarts e-bikes that we think are a good deal.

walmart e-bike product round up

Walmart Bikes Review

Walmart, like other big retail corporations, has clearly seen merit in investing in the e-bike sector. There’s been an enormous amount of growth and it’s projected to grow even further in future years.

Whilst there are some good e-bikes at Walmart, which we’ve listed, if you’re looking for a first e-bike, it’s probably better to invest in a good one from a reputable, specialist dealer.

There’s an enormous variety of electric bicycles to be found both in stores and online, and fortunately, there’s some great tools that can help you find the right one for you.

Best Walmart E-Bikes

  1. hyper bicycles electric mtb


    Hyper Bicycles 26″ Electric Mountain Bike w/ Pedal Assist

    Mountain bike with a moderate battery that can offer a little assistance with some inclines.

  2. ecotric folding fat electric bike


    Ecotric Folding 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike

    Folding fat tire e-bike that’s comfortable and somewhat portable.

  3. swagtron swag cycle pro pedal-free


    Swagtron Swag Cycle Pro Pedal-Free

    Budget pedal-free e-bike for effortless short trips.

  4. vibespark low frame electric bike


    Vibespark 26″ Low Frame Electric Bike

    Electric beach cruiser with step-through frame and five riding modes.

  5. colorway 750W electric bike


    Colorway 750W Electric Bike

    Powerful, fat-tired e-bike that can handle most terrain. A great adventurer.

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