Adidas Velosamba: The Most Beautiful Urban Cycling Shoe Ever?

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When you’re “surfing” the web, sometimes you come across something simply beautiful.

And that’s what happened to me last week when I discovered Adidas’ reinvention of the classic Samba shoe, reimagined for urban cyclists: the Adidas Velosamba.



At the start of March, Adidas released the Velosamba, a variation on its Samba shoes tailored especially for cyclists – just three months after the Adidas Road Shoes marked the brand’s return to this market after about 15 years away.

And it’s not just me that loves them. They’ve sold out in almost all sizes and colours in less than a week.

Velosamba Colours


Oh yeah, these babies come in four different colour options:

Adidas has initially released the Velosamba trainers in four rather fetching colours: you have the luxury of choosing between cream white, core black, acid yellow, or crew navy.

These Adidas clipless cycling shoes are also available in men’s sizes 4-14, women’s 5-15.

When the Road Shoes launched, Adidas’ vice president of specialist sports, Celine Del Genes, said they represented ‘the first step of our long-term journey towards creating a range of products that enhance the cycling experience.’

In that respect, the Velosamba feels like the natural next step in their evolution. But why exactly are people going mad for it? And what makes it such an attractive piece of footwear to don while cycling?

Introducing: Adidas Velosamba

Essentially, the Velosamba is a slight modification of their iconic Samba design, which has sold more than 35 million pairs worldwide and is their most successful trainer after the Stan Smith range.

Here, the ‘brand with three stripes’ have integrated two-bolt clipless compatibility, and made slight structural tweaks on the Samba to enhance your cycling performance (while still retaining their key features like their tan wall soles, for instance).

The Velosamba is Adidas’ first to be aimed at more casual riders, as they look to take advantage of the recent cycling boom triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. It is, in their own words, ‘a recoding of an iconic Adidas silhouette into cycling.’

Reflective SPD Cycling Shoes

The Velosambas also boast handy features like a classic lace-up design, reflective detailing on the three stripes and heel for extra visibility, as well as a cut-out window within the gumsole that houses the shoe’s plate for a two-bolt SPD cleat. This enables you to walk in the shoes just as easily as you cycle in them.

And as well as the aforementioned two-bolt compatibility built into the fully-integrated rubber outsole, the Velosamba comes with a recycled nylon insole board to increase the shoe’s stiffness when clipped into the pedals.

Plus, if you’re worried about the effects the elements may have on your Velosambas, fear not: the upper part of shoe is coated with leather, which is said to be water-resistant, to protect against such conditions.

Ideal for urban commutes or indoor training, these retro cycling shoes doesn’t just look great, but feel great, too.

Adidas Velosamba: Where to Buy in the UK, US + Europe

You can buy the Velosamba cycling shoes exclusively at the Adidas official website.

The US site shows only a black and white version of the Adidas cycling shoe(s) currently, but the European site has all four versions available.

Adidas Velosamba Price

How much does Velosamba cost, you ask? Well, while not cheap, they’re not too expensive either:

The Adidas Velosamba shoes are priced at:

  • ÂŁ100 in the UK
  • $120 in the US
  • €120 in Europe

So, whether you’re looking for new urban cycling shoes to ride to and from work with, or footwear to improve your training, Adidas’ Velosamba SPD shoes are bound to fit the bill without leaving a hole in your wallet.

And be sure to come back and check out our full Adidas Velosamba review – coming soon.

Buy the Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoe Here

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