PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves Review: Hands-On Test

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After realising my pathetic little woollen Everton gloves were not suitable for winter rides, I’ve been on a mission to find the best waterproof gloves for cycling.

And I had a checklist for what I wanted from a winter cycling glove. It should be:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Dexterous
  • Touchscreen-friendly

I felt they were the functional keys to a good cycling glove. Of course, there’s also bonus points for style and reflective detailing and such – as is always the case when I’m looking for cycling waterproofs.

After reading some online reviews and such, I narrowed my search down to four pairs of gloves across a range of budgets : the high-end Sealskinz All-Weather Cycling Glove and PROVIZ REFLECT360 Cycling Gloves, the mid-range GripGrab Waterproof Knitted Winter Glove and finally the cheap Amazon pick: “Yobenki” Cycling Gloves.

Click here if you want to read our round-up of the best waterproof cycling gloves, but here we’re going to take a deep-dive on the PROVIZ REFLECT360 Gloves.

PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves £50 / $70
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


An unmissable glove – if nothing else because the outer material is extremely reflective. The PROVIZ REFLECT360 gloves are 100% waterproof – no amount of rain will breach the material. Comfortable, warm and dexterous. 


  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • Reflective from all angles
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Good movement


  • Could provide more wrist protection
  • Material around cuff adjusters can bunch up
  • Bit pricey

Watch the PROVIZ Gloves Video Review:

PROVIZ Waterproof Gloves Review

First off, it’s worth nothing that the PROVIZ gloves aren’t cheap. They retail for £49.99 ($70) and, along with the Sealskinz, were my premium pick of rainproof gloves. However, the colourful versions of the PROVIZ gloves (which have reflective detail rather than PROVIZ’s unmissable “REFLECT 360” panels) are available for £10/$5 cheaper.

So, what does the PROVIZ REFLECT360 glove bring to the table?

The Best Reflective Cycling Gloves (by Far…)

The thing PROVIZ are most famous for (as it’s name alludes to) is visibility. PROVIZ make a whole range of hi-viz cycling gear, including jackets, bag covers and more. And PROVIZ aren’t messing about with little reflective strips here and there – there gear has entire reflective panels that are visible from every direction (hence “REFLECT360”) and their gloves are no different.

As you can see in the picture below, when it comes to reflective cycling gloves, the PROVIZ is on a whole different level compared to its competitors.

But these gloves aren’t just reflective cycling gloves. They actually tick every box in what we’re looking for in a winter cycling glove. They are 100% waterproof. They are 100% windproof. They are warm. They are comfortable. They are quite dexterous. You can use your phone while you use them.

I could end the PROVIZ REFLECT360 Glove review there, based on that.

But the question is really are the PROVIZ gloves worth the £50/$70 price tag?


As I say, the PROVIZ tick every feature box. But with a premium glove, we expect top quality. And, in fairness, PROVIZ delivers.

These are nice gloves to wear and I’d recommend wearing them for temperatures as low as -10°C (I can’t comment below this as I simply haven’t submerged myself beneath such disgusting temperatures.

I haven’t even bothered to look up their official “waterproof rating” as I conducted my own research (by dipping them in a swimming pool – see the video review for proof) and can confirm that these gloves are categorically unequivocally completely and utterly 100% waterproof.

PROVIZ Waterproofing Test

They also have some nice padding on the inside of the glove so that handling your bike on long rides won’t get uncomfortable.

So, are these gloves perfect? No. Not quite. There are a couple of areas I think they could be improved…

For first (minor) issue, the gloves don’t really go much beyond the wrist, meaning your forearms can be a little exposed to the cold unless your jacket does a good job covering them up.

The second thing I’m not wild on these gloves is the adjustable cuff straps around the wrist. It’s good they have these straps, but the material can bunch up a bit when you make them tighter (and as someone with ridiculously skinny wrists for a grown man, is required).

Obviously these aren’t fatal flaws in what is an otherwise near perfect product, but there is still some room for improvement.

100% waterproofCould provide more wrist protection
100% windproofMaterial around cuff adjusters can bunch up
Reflective from all angles 
Good movement 

Are PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves Worth It?

So, are the PROVIZ REFLECT360 Gloves worth £50/$70? I’d say they absolutely are.

Yes, you can buy cheaper waterproof gloves – and if you’re on a budget, you should absolutely do that.

But if you want a fantastic pair of gloves that will 100% keep your hands warm and dry on winter rides, as well as allow you to quickly use your phone and increase your visibility, the PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves are a fantastic option.

I tested out the “Reflective” model of these gloves, but you can also find more colourful versions of the PROVIZ Waterproof Cycling Gloves (not “REFLECT360” – meaning they have reflect detailing rather than a completely reflective exterior) in orange, blue, pink, yellow and black. It’s also worth noting the colourful variants are £10/$5 cheaper than the REFLECT360 gloves.

Where to Buy PROVIZ Waterproof Cycling Gloves

The PROVIZ Waterproof Cycling gloves are available to buy directly from PROVIZ (global shipping available) as well as on Amazon.

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