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Best Folding Bike Locks [Top 4 in 2023]

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Tired of typical U-locks or chains to keep your bike safe when leaving it unattended? If so, then a foldable bike lock might just be your way forward.

Made from metal plates, connected by rivets, the plates inside a folding lock rotate, so it lock can be shaped around all sorts of things and then folded down so it’s easy to carry when you get back on your bike again later.

That’s the main advantage of folding bike locks, really; they’re incredibly compact, and so are easy and practical to transport.

  1. Maximum strength for maximum security

    ABUS 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding Lock

    Tough nut for bike thieves to crack

  2. Easy to install

    Kryptonite Keeper 510 Folding Lock

    3MM HARDENED STEEL LINKS for moderate security lock ups

  3. Lightweight Lock

    FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock

    Compact, light and strong. Perfect for securing e-scooters.

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How Strong Are Folding Bike Locks?

Pretty strong. They’re among the more durable range of bike locks, and don’t suffer from wear and tear easily. Not only that, but they also are light bike lock in comparison to most typical U-locks which offer a similar level of protection, and are much lighter than chains.

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Top 4: Best Foldable Bike Locks

Below, we’ll look at four of the best folding locks for bikes in more detail.

Most Secure Folding Bike Lock:

1. ABUS 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding Lock

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $110
  • EU Flag €95

Prices are approximate

  • Size: 5.5mm bars
  • Weight: 1760g

5.5mm bars manufactured from specially hardened steel and connected with special rivets

offers protection against even the most determined of attacks


Available in either black, white or red, this ABUS folding lock is particularly ideal to keep bicycles of the highest quality safe from thieves. If you can afford the extra cost, you’ll no doubt find value for money.

  • Its 5.5 mm steel bars with extra-soft, two-component coating prevents damage to your bike’s paintwork
  • Colour-matching silicone cover for the body of this high security bike lock with ‘soft touch’ properties
  • Its link construction, of course, provides you with a compact folding device

Cheap (but Secure) Foldable Bike Lock

2. Kryptonite Keeper 510 Folding Lock

  • UK Flag £67
  • US Flag $75
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

  • Dimensions: Length 85cm
  • Weight: 2.18lbs (0.99Kg)

Includes easy to install transport bracker for hassle free transportation

Easy to use dials with highly visible digits that provide a high level of ergonomics

Alternatively, for the best budget bike lock, look no further than this Kryptonite model for a bargain £22.99.

  • 3mm hardened steel links allow for moderate security lock-ups
  • Transport bracket is particularly simple to install
  • If you misplace your key, don’t worry – it comes with a handy spare

Lightest Folding Bike Lock

3. FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock

  • UK Flag £135
  • US Flag $90
  • EU Flag €150

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 1 Kg (2.2lb)

Butter-smooth, ultra-secure cylinder mechanism

Folds neatly and compactly into its mounting case

Or, for an especially lightweight cycle lock, this FOLDYLOCK design, available in either black, blue, grey, orange or yellow, weighs just 2.2lb, and unfolds to 85cm.

  • Its compact design makes it noticeably easy to carry around with you, so you will never feel weighed down by it while cycling
  • The lock is made from steel links specifically to be stronger and more robust than the average bike lock to put you even more at ease when locking your bike up
  • It can serve all sorts of cycling needs – whether you’re a commuter, a mountain biker, or you own a foldable bike, a road bike, or a children’s bike, for instance, this lock is perfect for all types of bicycle.

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