Best Women’s Waterproof Cycling Jackets: Top 7 Chic Rain Jackets

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We’ve all been there. You cycled to work in the sunshine but by the end of the day, it’s raining for your commute home. Or maybe you’re facing a soggy school run with the kids.

Thankfully if you’re wearing a reliable waterproof cycling jacket riding in the rain means you can stay dry and warm. In the case of our top 7 list, you can even look stylish too!

We’ll be focusing on keeping your top half out of the rain in this post but if you’re looking for cycling trousers we’ve also got you covered with this comprehensive breakdown of the best choices for women, including an excellent waterproof and windproof option.

Best Women’s Cycling Rain Jacket

  1. cleverhood urbanaut womens trench

    Cleverhood Urbanaut

    A versatile cycling jacket that excels in waterproofing, style, and visibility. Ideal for urban riders.

  2. rapha women commuter jacket

    Rapha Women’s Commuter Jacket

    This women’s commuter jacket by Rapha blends style and function, with a hydrophobic fabric, sealed seams, and reflective details.

  3. proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket

    Proviz Women’s Reflect 360

    PROVIZ Nightrider Women’s Cycling Jacket 2.0: Stylish, reflective, waterproof, and breathable. Ideal for night rides.

  4. rapha women

    Rapha Women’s Lightweight Jacket

    Rapha’s Commuter Lightweight Jacket: Breathable, windproof, water-resistant, and loaded with practical features for versatile urban cycling.

  5. iris escape weatherproof jacket

    Iris Escape Weatherproof Jacket

    Bold, waterproof, with reflective details for style and safety, backed by a 1-year guarantee and repair service.

  6. sweaty betty stride waterproof parka

    Sweaty Betty Stride Waterproof Parka

    Oversized fit, waterproof, breathable, tailored options, and a highly rated choice for active women.

  7. btwin 540 women

    BTWIN 540 Women’s Warm Rain Cycling Jacket

    Affordable, tested waterproofing, 360-degree visibility, cycling-specific design, and breathable.

What to Look for in a Rain Jacket for Cycling

The primary purpose you’re looking for in a rain jacket is for it to keep you dry. However, it is likely you may wear this jacket when it isn’t raining so it is helpful to consider other factors.

Firstly, is it comfortable and breathable? Trespass defines breathability as “the ability of a fabric to absorb moisture and release it through the material itself, allowing it to breathe“. Basically a breathable material will stop you from overheating, and will also allow air flow.

This is particularly important for cycling as you may sweat so you want a rain jacket that will keep you, and your armpits, as dry as possible!

Secondly, how easily does it pack away? Perhaps you just got caught in a short shower, or the forecast predicted rain but it stayed dry. You may want to take your rain jacket off mid ride, or when you arrive at your destination. In this situation it is useful if your jacket is lightweight, compact and foldable so you can strap it to your pannier rack, or pop it in your bag.

Finally, is it reflective? Your rain jacket will be your outer layer. Depending on when and where you cycle, it can be handy for it to also serve as a means of keeping you as visible as possible to others. Don’t worry as this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be bright yellow!

There are plenty of subtle and stylish options in a wide range of colours, many of which are either waterproof or water resistant. If visibility is essential, check out our list of the best reflective cycling jackets on the market.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Jackets

We’ve established that the main feature we’re looking for in a rain jacket is to keep you dry and we’ve mentioned that jackets can be waterproof or water resistant, but what does this mean?

It is an important distinction to understand as it is the difference between staying dry in a heavy downpour, or running the risk of getting a bit wet. The Mountain Warehouse has put together this useful guide to explain the two terms in more detail.

Essentially, water resistant jackets have a waterproofing repellent coating which will repel beads of water so they roll off but they do not have taped seams. Waterproof jackets also have a waterproof coating on the outer fabric but also have fully taped seams and may also have a built in membrane lining.

There are also various waterproof ratings which indicate how much rain an item of clothing can withstand. It is worth thinking about what you would be using your rain jacket for so you can decide if you need it to be able to only be showerproof, or if you need it to hold up for a long period of time riding in persistent heavy rain.

We’ve made sure to let you know if the jackets are waterproof or water resistant in our below list.

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Best Women’s Waterproof Cycling Jackets (Top 7)

1. Cleverhood Urbanaut

cleverhood urbanaut women trench back view
cleverhood urbanaut women trench colours
  • UK Flag £232
  • US Flag $289
  • EU Flag €279

Prices are approximate

  • Beautiful style
  • Hi-vis features
  • Built for urban cycling

Lots of body coverage

100% waterproof

Waterproof storm zip

Cleverhood’s Urbanaut Trench is the go-to jacket for urban cyclists, striking a perfect balance between style and functionality.

With its waterproof construction and taped seams, it effortlessly repels rain, while the 3M Scotchlite reflective material ensures high visibility during nighttime rides.

The slim, unisex fit accommodates a wide range of riders, and the velcro cuffs offer a tailored fit. However, some cyclists might find it a bit snug around the armpits when reaching for handlebars.

It’s far from cheap, but the exceptional waterproof rating and support for a small, socially conscious business make it worth considering.

2. Rapha Women’s Commuter Jacket

rapha women
rapha women
  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $115
  • EU Flag €115

Prices are approximate

  • 5 colour options
  • Full length waterproof zip
  • Hood




Rapha are well known for producing high quality stylish cycle clothing and this women’s commuter jacket is no exception.

Described as “the definitive jacket for riding to work in wet conditions”, they’ve opted for a durable but lightweight fabric with a hydrophobic membrane.

The seams are also all sealed and the inside of the fabric has a dry touch print so it is breathable. In addition to this the hem is elasticated, and the cuffs have internal storm binding to keep water out.

On the outside, there is a full length waterproof zip which they’ve strategically placed off centre to avoid it rubbing on your chin when zipped up.

A handy hood is also included which can be worn underneath a helmet. This is particularly useful for very heavy rain as it also has an integrated drawcord. The hood can also be easily packed away using a reflective strap.

With regards to visibility, the jacket has a reflective gradient dot print on the tail which is another thoughtful placement so you can wear a backpack and still be seen, especially by drivers as it is in their eyeline.

Available in five colours ranging from grey blue to peach and in sizes XXS to XL, it caters to a wide range of women.

3. PROVIZ Nightrider Women’s Cycling Jacket 2.0

proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket view
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket reflective
  • UK Flag £86
  • US Flag $100
  • EU Flag €100

Prices are approximate

  • Fleece-Lined Collar for Warmth
  • Raglan Sleeves for Mobility
  • Inner lining made from Recycled Waterbottles

Highly breathable

Quick-dry mesh lining

Waterproof storm zip

PROVIZ are world renowned for their cycling jackets so it is no surprise that their Nightrider Women’s Cycling Jacket 2.0 has made this list.

Bursting with features and also colour as it is available in 8 different options, this is another stylish but durable option.

This jacket is particularly suited for riding in the dark as it features PROVIZ’s infamous retro-reflective REFLECT360 material which they have positioned to optimise visibility.

On top of being seen, you’ll also be comfortable and dry as the jacket is both highly breathable and waterproof with sealed seams.

In terms of the design, it has a micro fleece lined collar to keep you warm, quick-dry mesh lining, an adjustable waistband and velcro cuffs, and a waterproof storm zip.

From a practical perspective it has side pockets, is machine washable and only weighs 440g.

4. Rapha Women’s Lightweight Jacket

rapha women
rapha women
rapha women
rapha women
  • UK Flag £85
  • US Flag $98
  • EU Flag €98

Prices are approximate

  • 100% Polyester
  • Reflective grosgrain on the inner placket
  • Integrated stuff sack


Roll down hood


Another excellent product from Rapha, their Commuter Lightweight Jacket is versatile both on and off the bike.

Featuring a new breathable fabric and a mesh panel over the shoulders, this windproof and water resistant jacket will keep you cool, comfortable and dry if you get caught in any showers en route.

You’ll also be visible on your ride thanks to a reflective pixel print pattern and oversized dot on the lower back which, like their other commuter jacket, has been placed so you can wear a backpack and still be seen. This jacket also has reflective cuffs for when you’re signalling.

Practicality is built into every element of this jacket. Two concealed pockets with zips with stay down pullers mean you can securely store your supplies. A roll down hood means you can stop your hair from getting wet.

When you arrive at your destination, a strategic stuff sack allows you to quickly pack the jacket away and pop it into a bag. Or if you prefer to hang it up, it even has an integrated hanger loop ready to show off the wonderful colour choices of pink, mauve or blue.

5. Iris Escape Weatherproof Jacket

iris escape weatherproof jacket
iris escape weatherproof jacket hood zip
iris escape weatherproof jacket waterproof
iris escape weatherproof jacket worn
  • UK Flag £170
  • US Flag $198
  • EU Flag €199

Prices are approximate


Zipped pockets

Elasticated hood

IRIS stands for ‘I Ride In Style’ so it is very much up our street. Created by former Dutch National Road Cycling Champion Iris Slappendel, the brand ethos is “bold, fearless and colourful” with the vision of making sure you stand out when you ride.

This jacket certainly fits this criteria. Designed to cover all weather conditions, it is a flexible all round choice but it is also made to keep you dry.

With an outer water repellent coating and inner waterproof membrane, you’ll be well protected against the rain. On top of this there is also a storm hood with an elasticated closure that can be worn over or under a helmet with a magnet system keeping it in place when not in use.

In terms of storage there is a generous chest pocket for quick access and a zipped pocket on the back which are easy to use thanks to the useful two way zipper. The latter is also reflective as are the sleeves which feature reflective stripes so you stay seen in low light conditions.

The fit is relaxed with a longer cut at the back and an elasticated drawcord hem so you look good both on and off the bike.

All IRIS products come with a 1 year guarantee but if you do have any issues, they offer an impressive repair service as part of their commitment to being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

6. Sweaty Betty Stride Waterproof Parka

sweaty betty stride waterproof parka
sweaty betty stride waterproof parka backview
sweaty betty stride waterproof parka pockets
sweaty betty stride waterproof parka colours
  • UK Flag £285
  • US Flag $305
  • EU Flag €245

Prices are approximate

Longline oversized fit

Breathable fabric

Taped seams

Sweaty Betty is a global activewear and lifestyle brand for women. With a strong focus on community, courage and compassion, they are a value driven organisation led by and for women.

Their Stride Waterproof Parka jacket is made for walking and hiking but it is also a good option for cycling.

It has a longline oversized fit so will cover your back well when riding. Although it is longer in style, it is made from a breathable fabric so you won’t overheat.

The fabric is also waterproof and all the critical seams are taped so keep water out, as well as having a zip front. The two front pockets are large and have snap closure so there is plenty of space.

Available in black or dark forest green, the sizes range from XXS to XXL. It can also be easily tailored to different body shapes and sizes using the elasticated waist, adjustable cuffs and hood.

With 483 reviews on their website giving it an overall 4.5 out of 5 star rating, it is a popular choice.

7. BTWIN 500 Women’s Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket

btwin 540 women
btwin 540 women
btwin 540 women
  • UK Flag £65
  • US Flag $75
  • EU Flag €75

Prices are approximate


Built in ventilation


Decathlon can always be relied on for affordable good quality cycle clothing.

Their BTWIN 500 Women’s Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket may be the cheapest option on this list but it is by no means compromising on features, in fact quite the opposite!

Starting with waterproofing, Decathlon provides extensive details about the material used and how it is tested. For example, this jacket is able to withstand the average downpour of 60 litres of water per square metre for up to 2 hours thanks to 100% watertight seams and hood!

Next up is visibility. They have positioned the reflective parts based on the “constraints of cycling” which include leaning forwards, wearing a backpack and signalling so 360 degree visibility from up to 50m away is guaranteed at night time.

They’ve also designed the jacket with a cycling specific cut and adjustment options so you can freely move but still be covered from the rain and wind.

Despite being well protected, it is also breathable thanks to a hydrophilic coating and zipped vents under the arms to allow air circulation.

As well as being water and windproof, it’s also practical with two side zipped pockets, and a hood that moves with your head which can be worn over or under your helmet

The entire design process has been well thought through as they’ve reduced the environmental impact of the product through the dyeing process.

However, in case anything does happen to go wrong when using it you’ve got a generous 2 year warranty.

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