Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets: Top 7 Men’s Rain Jackets

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If there’s one thing that can be relied upon – it’s that you can’t rely on the weather! Cyclists are more painfully aware of this than anyone else and a bad weather day can really spoil your journey. That’s why cycling jackets are so important and rank highly on any cyclist’s shopping list.

A good cycling jacket gives you freedom. It helps you to cycle comfortably through even the worst weather conditions; in the cold, in the rain and on those dark winter days. Commuting cyclists reap the biggest benefits. Nobody wants to arrive at work dripping wet and freezing!

If you’re looking for a new jacket to beef up your all weather defences, read on as we break down the best choices.

Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets for Men

  1. rapha commuter jacket

    Rapha Men’s Commuter Jacket

    A commuter jacket with lower riding position, lightweight durability, exceptional waterproofing, and thoughtful details for comfort and safety.

  2. helly hansen hooded cycling rain jacket

    Helly Hansen Ride Hooded Cycling Jacket

    A lightweight cycling rain jacket with waterproof, windproof, and breathable design, enhanced visibility, and adjustable hood for all-weather urban commuting.

  3. proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket

    PROVIZ Reflect 360 Plus Men’s Cycling Jacket

    It’s incredibly bright, fully waterproof, and adjustable for all seasons.

  4. rapha lightweight commuter jacket

    Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket

    Loose fit for layering, backpack-friendly design, and excellent waterproofing.

  5. chrome storm salute commute jacket

    Chrome Storm Salute Commuter Jacket

    Top-notch waterproofing, sleek style, ample storage, and excellent ventilation, justifying its premium price tag.

  6. mission workshp eiger jacket

    Mission Workshop Eiger Jacket

    Elite Swiss-engineered jacket, ePTFE waterproof, windproof, and stylish, ideal for luxury cycling.

  7. btwin 540 warm rainproof jacket

    BTWIN 540 Warm Rainproof Jacket

    A reasonably priced BTWIN jacket with rain resistance, warmth, ventilation, and eco-friendly design for all-weather cycling.

What to Look for in a Rain Jacket for Cycling

Waterproofing is the most obvious and first thing that you should look for in a jacket. Every jacket comes with a waterproofing rating so you can get a good idea of what to expect. Some jackets claim to be waterproof but are only useful in light rain.

The fabric should be breathable (you don’t want heat and sweat to build up inside) and lightweight so that it doesn’t impede your cycling motion. Tapered seams will stop water from infiltrating at the joints and a high collar is fantastic to keep wind chill at bay. Some jackets also come with a “dropped tail.” This protects you from water splashing off your back wheel.

Look out for visibility features too. Since you’ll mostly be wearing your jacket in the cold, dark winter months, reflective strips are all but essential. Jackets vary in what they offer. Some are fully reflective, others come with reflective strips on the back or the shoulders. Price, of course, is a factor. Jackets range from budget to mmore expensive options like Gore-Tex. Finally, make sure that the jacket has enough pockets to store your cycling essentials.

To Hood or Not to Hood

Whether or not to wear a hooded jacket remains one of the great cycling debates! Hoods are useful because they provide extra protection against the rain and the wind and they’ll keep you feeling a little warmer in winter.

On the other hand, a loose hood is a cyclist’s worst nightmare. Hoods that flap around impair vision and can even be dangerous. The last thing you want to do is cycle along a dark road in the rain with a hood covering half of your vision. Hoods also add weight (creating drag) and some accumulate water. Moisture can gather on top and then drip down as you cycle, making for an uncomfortable experience.

Opinions differ, but if you are going to opt for a hood, look for a quality, well designed one that’s adjustable. Some are even detachable and others can be worn either under or over your helmet.

Hooded Cycling Jacket [PROS + CONS]

Dry headDrag
WarmerLoose hoods can be dangerous
Cuts down on wind chillCan drip water

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Best Cycling Rain Jackets for Men [Top 7]

  1. Rapha Men’s Commuter Jacket [REVIEW]
  2. Helly Hansen Ride Hooded Cycling Jacket [REVIEW]
  3. PROVIZ Reflect360 Plus Men’s Cycling Jacket [REVIEW]
  4. Rapha Commuter Lightweight Jacket [REVIEW]
  5. Chrome Storm Salute Commute Jacket [REVIEW]
  6. Mission Workshop Eiger Jacket [REVIEW]
  7. BTWIN 540 Warm Rainproof Jacket [REVIEW]

1. Rapha Men’s Commuter Jacket

rapha commuter jacket blue
rapha commuter jacket colours
rapha commuter jacket hood on
rapha commuter jacket no hood
  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $115
  • EU Flag €115

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: Fully Waterproof

Waterproof membrane

Rear Illumination

Sealed seams

Designed explicitly for the daily commute (and with a lower riding position than other offerings from Rapha) this jacket manages to be both lightweight and durable with no compromises made on either side.

Waterproofing is top notch with sealed seams to prevent water ingress and a special membrane on the inside of the jacket. The membrane keeps water at bay but it’s light and airy so you won’t have to worry about sweat building up. A mesh lining up the back helps with ventilation.

You also get welted zip pockets (enough to hold essentials like your keys and phone). The zipper is made using “Aquaguard” technology – in laymen’s terms that just means that it’s super waterproof and not a single drop of moisture can find its way inside.

A looped fastening makes the jacket easy to access so you won’t have to spend hours grappling with the zip, something that can be a big problem with cold hands.

Small touches are what make this jacket so special. The zip is slightly off centre so you won’t have to worry about chaffing on your chin and a reflective gradient dot pattern lights up on the back. Since these jackets are mostly worn at night or in bad weather, that illumination makes a big difference. The Rapha will keep you safe, dry and, above all else, comfortable.

2. Helly Hansen Ride Hooded Cycling Jacket

helly hansen ride hooded cycling jacket
helly hansen ride hooded cycling jacket view
helly hansen ride hooded cycling jacket ties
helly hansen ride hooded cycling jacket hood on off
  • UK Flag £119
  • US Flag $135
  • EU Flag €135

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: Fully Waterproof

Adjustable hood

Dual layers

Chest pockets

Waterproof, windproof, breathable and lightweight, the Helly Hansen offers everything you could want from a cycling rain jacket. Better still, it crams all of these features into a bright yellow package that stands out vividly in even the poorest light.

Reflective strips boost visibility even higher and ensure that you won’t ever be missed. The jacket is designed specifically for urban cycling and engineered with an articulated cut for extra mobility as you nip through the traffic.

Waterproofing is, of course, the big area of interest and the Helly Hansen doesn’t disappoint. The combination of Polyamide shell and Polyester lining offers two layers of protection and also gives the jacket its windproof credentials.

The two part design is lightweight and pleasantly breathable (this is one of the lightest jackets on the list at just 450g). Chest and hand pockets offer plenty of room to store essentials.

This jacket comes with a hood. Fortunately (and unlike many other cycling rain jackets) the hood and hem are fully adjustable so you should be able to find a configuration that fits. With a few adjustments, it’s quite easy to stop the hood from flapping in the wind and get a secure fit.

Having a hood further boosts the jacket’s all weather credentials. Throw in some reflective strips and we’d say that the Helly Hansen offers everything you could need to get through the winter.

3. PROVIZ Reflect 360 Plus Men’s Cycling Jacket

proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket view
proviz womens reflect 360 cycling jacket reflective
  • UK Flag £85
  • US Flag $100
  • EU Flag €100

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: Fully waterproof

Reflective from all directions


Machine washable

ProViz is a big name in the sports world, and their Nightrider jacket doesn’t disappoint. This is the jacket to go for if you’re worried about visibility. Not only is the jacket itself glaringly bright (you can choose between neon pink and the even more vivid yellow) but it comes with massive reflective strips around the shoulders, back and waist. Quite simply, it’s the brightest cycling jacket you’ll find and will ensure that you’re visible in even the lowest light.

That’s not all, though. The material is fully waterproof while retaining breathability and the zip is engineered to prevent water ingress. It also comes with a small “zip garage” at the top. That might not sound like much, but it’s a feature that anyone who has ever experienced neck chaffing will certainly appreciate! Even the cuffs are adjustable. You can widen them for increased airflow in the summer or tighten them to keep the water out in winter. That, of course, makes the jacket an all-season choice.

The collar comes with a soft microfleece. It’s warm and snug and the material is so soft that it’s hardly noticeable – you won’t experience any chafing. Waterproof pockets and an adjustable waistband complete the package.

4. Rapha Commuter Lightweight Jacket

rapha lightweight commuter jacket
rapha lightweight commuter jacket colours
rapha lightweight commuter jacket reflective
  • UK Flag £85
  • US Flag $100
  • EU Flag €100

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: Fully waterproof

Loose fit

Reflective lighting

Optional hood

Another Rapha variant, this jacket is slightly cheaper than their other addition on the list but it’s still designed with the commute in mind. The jacket is cut loose enough to be worn over a shirt, jumper or blazer, so it’s ideal on the way to the office. It even accommodates backpacks, with a mesh covering around the shoulders for extra breathability. Two pockets offer ample storage space and there’s an optional hood. It can be attached, detached or worn underneath a helmet.

This jacket is all about convenience. It folds down into a compact stuff sack that will fit inside any bag. You also get some reflective dots along the lower back for increased visibility behind. These dots are designed to appear just below any rucksack and at the eye level of motorists, so you should have no problem cycling in low light. The jacket even has an integrated hanger hoop for additional convenience.

Water and windproofing are of course top of the range. The 100% polyester is fully waterproof while remaining breathable. The zip pockets are protected against liquid incursion by stay-down pullers. Seam stitching along the rest of the jacket will keep any moisture out. With its relaxed fit and lightweight fabric, this jacket is the perfect commuter companion.

5. Chrome Storm Salute Commute Jacket

chrome storm salute commute jacket
chrome storm salute commute jacket view
chrome storm salute commute jacket lining
  • UK Flag £189
  • US Flag $215
  • EU Flag €215

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: Fully waterproof

Storm hood

Reflective sleeves

Seam sealed

It might come with a hefty price tag, but the Storm Salute more than justifies the outlay. Waterproofing is top of the range due to a 2.5, fully waterproof rain shell.

The pockets are similarly protected to prevent even light water ingress. At the other end of the weather scale, ventilation along the back of the jacket will keep you cool and sweat free.

You also get plenty of storage with a spacious back cargo pocket and an interior one for your phone. The latter is easy access for added convenience. The Storm Salute is one for the style conscious cyclist. Its laid back, clean cut looks give it a modern aesthetic that’s unmatched across other jackets.

That Storm Salute has been able to pair style with functionality is a triumph. The jacket is fully seam sealed, has the second highest waterproofing rating of any on the list and even comes with a fully adjustable storm hood.

A drop tail hem offers protection against splashes from the rear wheel and there are visibility strips along the sleeves, cuffs and lower back. To top things off, this jacket comes with a 365 day warranty. When it comes to style fused with functionality, you can’t go wrong here.

6. Mission Workshop Eiger Jacket

mission workshop eiger jacket
mission workshop eiger jacket features
mission workshop eiger jacket lining
mission workshop eiger jacket colours
  • UK Flag £850
  • US Flag $1000
  • EU Flag €1000

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: ePTFE

Military grade materials

Wool layer

Temperature regulation

The Eigar will likely be well above most people’s budget for a cycling jacket, but for anyone willing to take the plunge it represents the absolute pinnacle of what a jacket can be. Made using Swiss engineered, military grade materials it’s the only ePTFE waterproof/windproof and breathable jacket on the list.

This jacket is more than weatherproof. The Schoeller fabric uses a special membrane to regulate body temperate while keeping water and wind at bay. It will keep you dry and warm (but never too warm) and it’s incredibly breathable.

Full seam tapering keeps even the worst weather at bay and there are premium touches everywhere. You get Italian Riri and German Prym metal snaps, as well as YKK weatherproof zippers. These do more than just give the jacket a stylish look. They guarantee complete imperviousness to water. A wool outer shell completes the package with another warm layer.

It almost goes without saying that a jacket this expensive has a style like no other. The military yet modern aesthetic ensures that it stands out from the crowd.

We love the subtle detailing around the shoulders and the clean lines. If you want a luxury, top of the range jacket that’s likely to last a lifetime, then the Eigar is the best on the market (as long as money is no object!).

7. BTWIN 540 Warm Rainproof Jacket

bwin 540 warm rainproof jacket
bwin 540 warm rainproof jacket pockets
bwin 540 warm rainproof jacket reflective
bwin 540 warm rainproof jacket zip
  • UK Flag £69
  • US Flag $80
  • EU Flag €80

Prices are approximate

Waterproof Rating: ADD

Adjustable hood

One hour dryness

Three zip pockets

Coming back down to earth we have a much more reasonably priced jacket from BTWIN. Despite its lower price, this is much more than just a budget option. The fabric is specially coated and BTWIN boasts that it will keep you dry for up to an hour in the rain, which is more than enough for the daily commute. It comes with thick wadding for warmth, although it’s worth noting that it’s only designed for use in temperatures above zero.

Elsewhere, you get three spacious zip up pockets and there’s some excellent ventilation by way of openings under the arms. Those vents can be closed in colder weather, of course, giving you a degree of temperature control. The accompanying hood is fully adjustable (so you’ll be able to fit it under or over your helmet) and the same coating that makes the jacket waterproof also keeps wind chill at bay.

This is the jacket for the environmentally conscious cyclist. It has a new, Eco design that reduces its carbon footprint. You also get PPE certified reflective strips and a reflective magnet flap on the front. These are visible up to 50m when they’re caught in headlights so you can proceed with peace of mind at night. Far from just a budget option, this is a quality, all weather and all season jacket – one that won’t let you down or break the bank.

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