3 (Almost) Uncuttable Bike Locks

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When searching for a bike lock, it can be hard to know where to start with regards to key features that you should consider, and what level of security protection you need.

Arguably the most important aspect you should consider (as well as be aware) of is how easy the lock is for thieves to cut through while your bike is locked up. The easier it is, the less protection it offers.

Toughest Bike Locks to Cut

  1. Angle grinder resistant lock

    Altor SAF Lock

    Hardened Steel Internal Shackle

  2. litelok core plus

    Go-to wearable bike lock


    Wearable bike lock ideal for high value bikes and e-bikes.

  3. Safely underlock and shackle

    ABUS Granit Extreme

    Provides reliable protection against unauthorised access for your bicycle or motorbike.

Do Uncuttable Bike Locks Exist?

There are bike locks on the market that do claim to be uncuttable. However, the vast majority can still be cut through, but will take some serious effort as well as time. A lot will also need special heavy duty tool to successfully cut.

But that’s not actually bad news. Having a lock that takes time and effort to get through is still worth having, as the more hassle a lock is to break or cut through, the less likely a thief is to attempt to get through.

Equally, if you want a lock as a deterrent, knowing that most locks will eventually be cut through, then you could also consider bike locks with alarms. This way, you’re notified if someone is stealing your bike, and the alarm itself puts potential thieves off. 

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Which is Hardest to Cut?

The hardest bike locks to cut through are often those that are labelled as sold secure ‘diamond’ standard. However, D locks do tend to be a consistently solid option if you’re looking for a bike lock that is more difficult to cut.

In addition, any bike locks that have been made out of steel are also a strong option (literally!) as they too are harder for thieves to cut through. This is another important feature to look out for when selecting a bike lock

Similarly, bike locks that are heavier, as well as thicker in design, will also take a lot longer for a potential thief to get through in order to steal your bike. Although annoying and not very practical to carry around on you, the heavier the lock, the more effective it is at keeping your bicycle safe.

Angle Grinder Beaters?

As amazing as they would be, locks that cannot be cut with an angle grinder are unfortunately pretty hard to come by, which is infuriating given a lot of bike thieves will now steal bikes using such tools.

Because of the nature of an angle grinder, any lock that claims to be angle grinder proof would have to be a pretty heavy duty lock itself to withstand such force. This weight could make the lock difficult to carry around with you for everyday use.

It’s important to note that such locks may also cost a fair amount more in comparison to less effective locks. This is because of the amount of materials and technology needed to produce a lock so strong wouldn’t come cheap. 

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Bike Thieves Hate These

1. Altor SAF Lock

altor saf lock blue background
altor lock specs
altor saf lock size
altor saf lock on bike
  • UK Flag £325
  • US Flag $300

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 6.2 Kg
  • Size: 20 x 28 cm outer dimension, 8  x 14 cm inner dimension
  • Material: Steel, Aluminium

Double Locking Cross Bar

High security disc detainer lock mechanism

First and foremost, it’s hard to not notice the sheer size of this lock This thing is an absolute beast. There’s no looking past the fact that it’s most likely the biggest and thickest bike lock on the market. However, regarding uncuttable locks, this is brilliant.

Coming in at a whopping 6.2kg this heavy duty lock claims to be totally resistant to attacks by thieves welding angle grinders. Pretty impressive right? Therefore, the weight is definitely out weighed by the benefits of having such a solid and hard to cut through lock. Especially if you are leaving your bike for a prolonged time in a public area.

Although heavy and made from steel and aluminium, it does actually have a softer coating on the outside in order to protect your bike and not scratch it. This, of course, does not add to the safety of your bike from thieves, but it’s good to know that for everyday use, your beloved bike won’t become scratched.

Boasting to be the ‘best and most secure lock in the world’, and angle grinder proof, this lock would suit those wanting full protection and peace of mind while leaving their bike locked up in the street (or a shared area) for a prolonged period.


litelock core plus blue background
litelock core plus colours sizes
litelock core plus in use
litelock core plus key
litelock core plus on bike
litelock core plus worn
  • UK Flag £140
  • US Flag $170
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 1.9kg or 2.25kg
  • Size: 75cm (29″) or 100cm (39″)
  • Material: Steel

Wearable bike lock ideal for high value bikes and e-bikes

Flexibility and reach to secure through bike frame and fixed objects

The Core Plus from LITELOK was the winner of the Reddot Design Award in 2021, and has also been awarded a sold secure diamond rating for bicycle security. Not to mention that unlike the previous offering, it’s also super lightweight – coming in at an impressive 1.9kg for the smaller size.

In addition to being nice and light, this particular model also comes in a choice of two sizes: either 75cm or 100cm. You can select a size that suits you and your needs which is not often an option offered for a lock: it’s usually a one size fits all job for most models.

Instead of transporting this lock around in your bag or on your bike like many other locks, this one can also be worn around your waist (as well as attached to your bike) to make for a more convenient ride. Of course, ensuring you buy the right size to fit your body is essential.

All round, this lock is a solid option for those wanting practicality and safety. It will be hard to cut through thanks to its Boaflexicore Plus secure strap, which can withstand sustained attacks. This multiple layered design also includes a plant-based polymer, steel exoskeleton, and high tensile core, which is joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body. Pretty impressive right?

3. ABUS Granit Extreme

abus granit extreme blue background
abus granit extreme key
  • UK Flag £145
  • US Flag $140
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Size: 26 cm x 11.1 cm
  • Material: Steel

 offers the right bike lock for every situation


Last but not least, we turn to the German company ABUS who are well known for their sturdy and reliable locks. The Granit Extreme is no exception: it’s a solid all round option for those wanting a reliable lock thanks to its hardened steeled design (which will make cutting through difficult), but maybe not needing something as robust as the previous options.

Regarding the weight, this lock is a pretty reasonable 2.70kg. Therefore either mounting it to your bicycle or throwing it into your bag will be pretty straightforward and hassle free. Although it isn’t as light as some other locks on the market, it’s still pretty decent.

This lock benefits from being awarded a sold secure gold rating – not as good as the previous option, but it’s nonetheless still going to offer your bike a great level of protection against thieves.

Likewise, this lock also features the ABUS XPlus cylinder which offers exceptionally high protection against any attempts of tampering, such as picking the locks. Therefore this lock would be a good option for those not needing as much protection as the other two locks, but still wanting a good level of security.

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