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Wallke Review: Are Wallke E-Bikes Actually Any Good?

wallke ebike review

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No, not that robot character from the Disney Pixar film! Wall-KE – the electric bike manufacturer!

In this article, Discerning Cyclist gives you a rundown on Wallke e-bikes. Read on to find out more about the bikes they produce, where they are made, and perhaps, most importantly, whether are they any good.

Who Are Wallke?

Wallke is a direct-to-consumer electric bike manufacturer. They produce different types of electric bikes to suit different needs.

And that, to be honest, is the extent of what we know about Wallke, the brand. Wallkeebike.com is devoid of any other detailed information – no charming founder backstory, no historical timeline or any key milestones.

Wallke ebike

What Does Wallke Specialize In?

Wallke specializes in more affordable electric bikes, most of which are priced under $2,000. Whilst Wallke looks to cater for riders looking for different things from their electric bikes, the overall Wallke recipe is mostly the same: chunky looks, wide tyres and most of the extras you’d expect to find on an e-bike.

All Wallke electric bikes follow a tried and tested formula for budget electric bikes. A motor is placed in the rear wheel which provides extra forward momentum when the rider pedals (pedal assist mode, sometimes referred to as PAS) or when the throttle is applied. That motor takes its power from a battery fitted on the bike, which in turn is itself controlled and adjusted by a unit on the bike’s handlebars.

To keep things simple, Wallke manufactures all of their electric bikes in one frame size. That’s fine if you are of average height, but shorter and taller riders may find a Wallke unsuitable or uncomfortable to ride.

Are Wallke Bikes Good?

At the time of writing, Wallke has three main models in production. The F2 electric fat bike, the X3 Pro and the H6. Some models like the Wallke H6 are available in different frame variants. Let’s look at these models in turn.

The Wallke F2 is an electric bike with 26″ wheels and 4″ tyres. Onboard is a Bafang motor, 7-speed Shimano gearing, disc brakes and a front suspension fork. Some of the lifestyle imagery used to depict the bike is laughably bad. Is the F2 one of the best electric city bikes around? Probably not but would it be sufficient for most, we’d say so.

A somewhat dual-purpose electric bike, the X3 Pro is a full, or dual-suspension folding electric bike. Sold in a variety of colours, the bike has, like the F2, 26″ wheels. Larger tyres get up to speed faster, but obviously take up more space when folded.

The Wallke H6 is a folding electric bike that follows a current design trend to run large-volume, fat tyres for comfort. Whilst there’s no doubt that these extra wide, or ‘fat’ tyres, provide riding confidence, would-be Wallke riders should note that it does drastically increase the overall weight of the electric bike.

Fitted with a 750W motor the Wallke H6 should offer enough grunt to summit steep hills. Plus, it’s available with dual batteries as standard to give it a decent riding range.

A key feature of the Wallke H6 is its dual (wheel) suspension design. Whilst most dual-suspension bikes feature a dampener in the main section of the frame, the H6’s second suspension unit is in the frame stays. We can’t recall another electric bike with this setup.

Is Wallke a Good Brand?

Founded in 2018, Wallke is a relatively new name in the electric bike space. Despite being in their infancy the brand has built itself to the point where it retails in four territories around the world. This is a testament to the brand’s work – you’d imagine it wouldn’t have expanded outside of the United States if it wasn’t successful to begin with.

Wallke’s website is typical of other direct-to-consumer brands in the space. The majority of information is presented clearly in an easy-to-digest format. For those who like to know the ins and outs of their purchase, the detailed specification of each bike is laid out nicely on the page.

Wallke offers finance payment options from Klarna and ShopPay to make their bikes more affordable – this way customers can split a large payment into smaller, more manageable amounts.

Like similar brands, Wallke offers deeper discounts when two or more bikes are purchased. This is handy if you are thinking of buying electric bikes for business, collaborative use or simply for husband and wife.

Wallke ebike

Where Are Wallke Bikes Made?

Wallke bikes are made in Hong Kong. The brand has a complete electric bike production and assembly line in the city.

Wallke currently offers shipping to the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Italy. Customers shopping for an electric bike in the UK will be disappointed to find out that Wallke doesn’t currently ship to the island.

Does Wallke Make E-Bikes?

In line with current tastes in the bicycle industry, Wallke makes electric bikes and electric bikes only. Electric bikes have garnered plenty of traction in most markets as a way of getting around, from A to B, achieving new levels of fitness or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Wallke Bikes Review

Wallke e-bikes have attracted positive reviews from both specialist press and more generalist titles. Alongside, the Wallke website has a ‘review’ feature which enables current Wallke riders to assess their purchase. The H6 model for example as earnt nearly 50 reviews with most of them achieving the full five stars.

Over on third-party review website, Trustpilot, Wallke has attracted a good number of positive reviews. A quick peruse of the reviews and you can see many happy customers. Most of them talk of excellent shipping times, easy assembly and of course, that first exciting ride.

Best Wallke E-Bikes

Here’s some more information about the different Wallke electric bike models.

  1. Wallke H6 ebike

    Dual-Battery Folding E-Bike

    Wallke H6

    As a folding fat tyre electric bike with two batteries, this is for those who like a comfortable ride, are short on space and want to ride regularly.

  2. Wallke F2 ebike

    Electric Fat Bike

    Wallke F2

    With wide 4″ tyres, this electric bike is capable of powered through most surfaces off-road. The 500W motor is good for navigating demanding terrain.

  3. Wallke X3 Pro ebike

    750W Motor

    Wallke X3 Pro

    Available for Canadians, this is a more traditional full suspension design, but it remains foldable for storage.

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