Senada Bikes Review: Are These Budget E-Bikes Any Good?

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As far as electric bikes brands go, Senada doesn’t yet have the widest brand recognition. While a casual cyclist can name Raleigh or Cube, this wallet-friendly Hong Kong-based brand is relatively unheard of. 

Founded in 2020, Senada aimed to do something than most of their competitors hadn’t: create an affordable all-access e-bike for shoppers previously priced out the market.

Fast-forward three years, and the burgeoning brand has six models they say handle sand dunes just as smoothly as snowy tracks

But the question is, how good are these affordable e-bikes?

senada bikes fact sheet

Who are Senada?

Senada are a Hong Kong e-bike brand with warehouses in California and New Jersey. They’re one of the newer bike brands – founded in 2020 – and retail primarily through the brand’s website and Amazon.

Take a look at their product listings and you’ll see affordability is one of their by-words.

What Does Senada Specialize In?

Senada specialises in chunky e-bikes – otherwise known as a ‘fat bike’. The broad tyres on a ‘fat bike’ offer a less twitchy, more assured ride –  often along with increased grip. Although an Asian brand, Senada has an eye on the American market with two offices in the US. 

Are Senada Bikes Good?

Senada have received relatively little attention from the cycling press – with the majority of the best reviews coming direct from YouTube unboxings and Amazon GB and US reviews.

The latter group tend to be impressed by the  sturdiness and battery life of their new bikes.

A US-based shopper even questioned whether the bike would be strong enough to pull along a bear if needed – a use we certainly don’t condone at Discerning Cyclist! 

Is Senada a Good Brand?

We haven’t got our hand on a Senada bike, so we can’t speak personally to the riding experience. YouTubers certainly had good things to say about the twenty-six by four inch wheels and its burly frame.

These aren’t light bikes – tipping the scale at around 29kg – but given that Senada aren’t jostling to be the next Brompton challenger, it shouldn’t be a problem.

We like the brand’s two year warranty and uniquely, the brand’s physical locations in the States.

This should hopefully save you hassle if any problems arise with your bike and prevent the need to ship your wheels out of the country for repairs. 

Where are Senada Bikes Made?

While there’s no specific address widely available , it looks as though Senada e-bikes might be made in Hong Kong, where the brand’s main branch is located.

Do Senada make e-bikes?

Senada do make e-bikes. In fact, it’s the only product they make and you’re spoilt for choice.

Their current featured collection has bikes like the Venom and Saber – and takes inspiration from the long visual heritage of dirt bikes. They also have folding bikes for those living in the city.

senada bikes round up

Senada Bikes Review

The brand have a gamut of fat-tyre e-bikes – all with the same tough no-nonsense styling. Below, we’ve listed some of the their most popular and well-reviewed models.

Best Senada E-Bikes

  1. All-access E-Bike


    With Shimano 21 speed gears and chunky MTB tyres, this is Seneda’s resolutely off-road offering.

  2. seneda saber all terrain e-bike

    Adventurous Commuter Ride


    An urban bike with an adventurous edge – for when your commute gets dull.

  3. Easy Cruising


    Step-through for a breezy ride, the Herald is Sedana’s most casual model.

  4. Affordable E-Bike


    Sub $2,000, this folding e-bike is Senada’s current bestseller

  5. MTB Features


    A versatile softail e-bike, with LCD display, MTB styling

  6. Show more

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