PUBLIC Bikes Review: Are PUBLIC Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing four models of Public Bikes

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The Short Answer

PUBLIC bikes are good for those looking for well-priced city-style bikes with a vintage vibe. They offer a range of designs and colors, suitable for various riding styles. Although not electric, their lightweight bikes are perfect for leisure or commuting. Made in Taiwan, PUBLIC bikes provide reliable quality at a reasonable price.

Looking for a new bike can be a long winded boresome process that can feel like a total information overload, but it really doesn’t have to be.

We’ve made this piece dedicated to the brand PUBLIC bikes to help you to navigate your way around your next purchase, making the researching much easier and hassle free.

So whether you have heard about PUBLIC bikes before or have only just come across this brand thanks to us, then hopefully by the end you’ll have an idea if they are actually any good and maybe one to fit your needs.

Are PUBLIC Bikes Good?

PUBLIC bikes are good if you are looking for a well priced city style bike. Their range comes in a plethora of designs and colours, with a focus on quirky vintage vibes which has been heavily influenced by the style of bikes you see throughout Amsterdam and mainland Europe.

The bikes themselves also come in different designs. Therefore although they are all more city / hybrid style bikes, some have step-through shaped frames, whereas others are more of a ‘cruiser’ style.

Meaning, whatever your style or needs, you would be hard pushed to find a design that wouldn’t suit your riding style: choice always being a good thing.

public bikes fact sheet

Is PUBLIC Bikes a Good Brand?

It’s safe to say that PUBLIC is a good brand. However, if you are looking for an electric bike then they won’t be the brand for you I’m afraid as they don’t currently produce an electric option nor do they have any off-road or fat bike options.

However, not being electric allows these bikes to be lighter which is arguably a great benefit when it comes to whizzing up hills and speeding along the flats. 

Thus, these well priced and overall light-weight bikes make the perfect leisure or commuter options for anyone looking to enjoy riding their bike or get from A to B in retro style.

Not to mention, they also make the most adorable selection of childrens bikes: including a lovely little balance bike for eager  toddlers wanting to speed around on their own wheels.

Where Are PUBLIC Bikes Made?

PUBLIC bikes are made out in Taiwan, as the vast majority of bicycles are. This is great because it helps to keep the cost down and allow consumers to get a great price on their bikes which PUBLIC clearly offers. 

Although the bikes are in fact made out in Taiwan, the bikes are designed within the US by their team who are based in San Francisco, CA. 

public bikes bike round up

PUBLIC Bikes Review

Overall, PUBLIC bikes offer a great range of bikes at a very reasonable price. The bikes themselves are reliable and of good quality.

However, if you were looking for more of a chunky electric bike that looks somewhat like a motorbike, over a quintessential Dutch style bike, this won’t be the brand for you.

  1. public bikes c7

    PUBLIC Bikes C7

    A seriously well priced bike with a very user-friendly step-through design, the C7 makes the ultimate do it all town bike. Perfect for both leisure riding with friends and running errands.

    There’s nothing complex about the design or components either, making it really easy to maintain and look after: a perfect option for those who have a busy life with little time to fiddle around with bikes.  

    This model also comes complete with a chain guard and kickstand as well as in a range of fun colours to suit everyone’s personal tastes and styles.

  2. public bikes v7

    PUBLIC Bikes V7

    Classic and simple, the V7 is a very good looking bike which PUBLIC themselves claim to be their “sleekest, most city-ready to date”.

    This pick is a great option for those wanting speed and style to get to work on or to enjoy the simple pleasures of a bike ride. Either way, it’s incredibly well priced, making it one that you have to consider if you are looking for a new bike.

    The V7 also comes in a range of colours and is fitted with mudguards and a kickstand as standard.

  3. public bikes c1

    PUBLIC Bikes C1

    Another great option for those on a tighter budget but still wanting a bike for leisure riding and commuting.

    The C7 is a step-through Dutch style design, making it great for shorter riders or those who maybe struggle to get on and off of the bike.

    This one also comes in a range of colours, all of which look really great. But like the others, has a chain guard, mudguards and a kickstand fitted too.

  4. public bikes m7

    PUBLIC Bikes M7

    Coming in with another Dutch style step-through bike, the M7 is a great option for those who want to opt for comfort and style over speed.

    Making it a really great option for leisure riding and popping to the shops. It’s again, super well priced, making it a really accessible new bike option.

    As ever, this one does also have a range of colours to choose from, four to be exact. It also has a bunch of added extras as standard.

  5. public bikes v1

    PUBLIC Bikes V1

    Another flat top tube, or step over frame option with the V1, this bike is an excellent choice for those wanting a speedier option from a vintage style bike.

    It’s simple, straightforward and great to look at. What’s not to love? Oh, not to mention it’s also a great price, making it a real no brainer for those wanting a quirky commuter. 

    This model is also available in a range of colours and comes with added extras as standard.

  6. public bikes cruiser step-over

    PUBLIC Bikes Cruiser Step-Over

    Moving on to a slightly different style, the cruiser bikes from PUBLIC offer a more American vibe to their brilliantly affordable range. 

    This bike wouldn’t look out of place cruising along the path at the beach, it’s a great relaxed option for those wanting style and comfort. 

    Coming in one colour option, which is black but has a bunch of added extras that come as standard.

  7. public bikes cruiser step through

    PUBLIC Bikes Cruiser Step-Through

    Pretty much the same as the previous offering, but this time with a step through design, making mounting and dismounting that little bit easier. 

    Again, this option is great for leisure riding and going at your own pace. It’s not built for speed or performance but just enjoying your time on two wheels. 

    It’s available in two calming colours, either sea blue or cream and in true PUBLIC style has a bunch of added extras that come as standard.

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