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Engwe EP-2 Pro – Review: Fat Folding E-Bike Tested!

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E-bikes are taking over. And it’s a good thing.

Last week, I actually stumbled across one of the original “e-bike review” websites and was astonished by how primitive the electric bikes mentioned on the website were. And they were only from about 2012.

10 years on and the electric bike market is huge. Demand is soaring and manufacturers are recognising the need for a diverse range of products.

You can find electric hybrid bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric fat bikes, electric folding bikes… even electric folding fat bikes! Which brings me to the subject of this review: the Engwe EP-2 Pro.


Fat Folding E-Bike

The first thing we need to understand here: what on earth is the point of an electric folding fat bike?

Electric bikes make cycling easier. That bit’s simple.

Folding bikes are convenient for popping them in a car or train as part of a multi-modal journey. Again, makes sense.

Fat bikes are great for going off-road, whether that be through sand or mud. All clear.

Indeed, combining electric power with a folding bike is also very logical, as they’re not the most efficient of bicycles when in “acoustic” mode. The same goes for fat bikes, which are by their very nature, heavy and therefore tough to ride.

But what is less obvious is why should a fat bike be foldable?

And that is a good question, that we’ll try to answer here.

Engwe EP-2 Pro Specs

But first, let’s suss out exactly what’s under the bonnet handlebars of the Engwe EP-2 Pro.

Like many other electric fat bikes we’ve reviewed before, the EP-2 Pro has a powerful 750-watt motor. This is very much a necessity for a heavy big. And it is heavy. Weighing in at a hefty 34kg (74lb). To give you a comparison of what 34kg feels like to lift up, it’s a bit more than the weight of a dalmation. Or half as heavy as a beer keg. Or one quarter of a panda.

It’s big and heavy, but sufficiently powerful.

The Engwe EP-2 Pro also comes with built-in lights, a throttle and a rear pannier rack as standard.

Battery48V 13Ah Lithium (Removable)
Weight34kg (74lb)
Typical Range50km
Wheels20” All-Terrain Fat Tires
BrakesRektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

Fat E-Bike

Indeed the 750-watt motor tucked in, this bike has no problem getting up to speed (with the usual max. EU, UK and USA speed limitations in place), nor does it have any issues getting up hill – regardless of the terrain. Even a steep 20% not causing any issues – with the built-in throttle and 7-speed shifter useful tools for moving up such climbs.


Engwe EP-2 Battery

This e-bike comes with a removable 48V Lithium battery that, from my pursuits, managed to get 40 to 50km of life out of it.

What I do really like about this particular model is that the battery is well-hidden. Rather than sitting ungainly on the bike frame, Engwe have managed to tidily build the battery into the frame, which can then be removed by unlocking the base of the frame and folding the frame to expose the battery. E-bikes can be a target for thieves, so making this bike a bit less obviously “electric” can be a good way avoiding any extra unwanted attention.

Key to access battery pack – IMAGE CREDIT: PETE REYNOLDS

Engwe EP-2 Pro Price

This is a good and solid electric fat bike. But what’s all the more impressive is the price tag. The Engwe EP-2 Pro is available for around 1000 bucks ($1050 in the US, €1000 in Europe, £950 in the UK), which is nothing short of tremendous value for such a feature laden and powerful e-bike.

It’s also available in three colours. The model we reviewed make in a very sleek “slate gray”, but it also comes in orange and black.


But at this point we need to go back to the question I posed earlier:

What’s the Point of a Fat Folding E-Bike?

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is a jack-of-all-trades. With it’s front suspension and fat tyres, it can comfortably ride through any terrain – especially with 750W of power behind you. It’s also got a 7-speed shifter and a throttle to help you get up hills, even from a standing start.

But the big question is what’s the benefit of a folding fat bike?

While it is relatively easy to fold (although far from a Brompton!), it’s still a big weight to move around. And the idea of carrying this thing even more than a few steps is not-at-all appealing. This is, therefore, not a folding bike you’d think of taking on a train and definitely not up a flight of stairs.

So what’s the point of it being able to fold?

I’d say there is one reason you’d use the folding feature – and that’s to put it in the boot of your car before going off on an adventure.

At 34kg, it’s just too heavy and sweat-inducing to frequently fold-up and carry around. But if you want to drive off into the wilderness and then enjoy your electric fat bike at your destination, then this is great – and it means you don’t need a car bike rack.

Engwe EP-2 Pro Review Summary

And I think that’s a good place to leave this Engwe EP-2 Pro review. This is an e-bike that can do almost anything and for an incredible price (£950/$1050).

It’s big and heavy folding bike, but more importantly it’s a powerful fat-e-bike that makes it immensely practical and a lot of fun to ride.


Engwe EP-2 Pro Alternatives

  1. fiido m1 pro foldable e-bike

    The comfortable ride

    Fiido M1 Pro

    With a decent range, powerful motor, and dual shock absorbers, this is a great bike for rugged terrain.

  2. engwe engine pro e-bike in white background

    The powerful all-rounder

    Engwe Engine Pro

    This bike tops out at 30mph, and has 1000W of power and plenty of added extras.

  3. Engwe EP2 Pro Folding e-bike

    The cheaper all-rounder

    Engwe EP-2 Pro

    At just under $1,100, this is a relatively affordable bike that still packs a punch.

  4. cyrusher bandit

    The city-mountain hybrid

    Cyrusher Bandit

    With a cool motorbike-style frame and puncture-resistant fat tires, this one works for commuters and mountain bikers alike.

  5. ado a20f folding fat e-bikes

    The no-frills e-bike

    ADO A20F+

    This lightweight bike folds down small in just 10 seconds and adapts for different road conditions.

  6. e-movement panther fat foldable e-bike

    The two-voltage all-rounder

    E-Movement Panther

    Comes in 500W and 250W, so can be legal in UK/EU, and has the optimum added extras.

  7. euy f6 fat foldable e-bike

    The bargain bike

    Euy F6

    The cheapest bike on this list, but still a powerful ride with decent range.

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