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Best Electric Fat Bikes [Buyers’ Guide + Top 3 in 2023]

Chances are that you may have come across both fat bikes (fatties) and electric bikes (e-bikes) while out riding or browsing your local bike shop.

However, you may not have seen the electric fat bikes. 

What is an Electric Fat Bike? 

An electric fat bike is unsurprisingly a mix of both an electric bike and a fat bike

It’s an electric off road bike that typically uses 3.8 inch tyres or larger and is accompanied by 2.16 inch rims or wider. This is a lot bigger than your standard mountain bike or hybrid electric bike.

With the fat bike electric bike, think off road adventurer but on steroids and with the assistance of a pedal assist motor. Everything is pretty much bigger as well as faster for optimal fun and speed.

These bikes tend to be amazing for riding in the snow and sand: far better than a conventional mountain or gravel bike. The ride is also smoother thanks to the fat tyres. Not to mention due to the added power and toque these bikes are a lot better for scaling steep accents. 

Electric Fat Bike Pros + Cons 

Electric Fat Bike Pros Electric Fat Bike Cons
Accessible to lots of people and different terrain They are heavier
Travel farther for less energy Harder to maneuver
User friendly Have to charge them
Smoother RideExpensive compared to other non electric bikes 

Are Electric Fat Bikes Good? 

Electric fat bikes are a wonderful mix of fun, power and efficiency. 

They are very good for giving you that added torque needed to get up a steep bank or through deep snow and sand. 

Much like the fat bike, the added feature of having a motor will improve your accessibility; allowing you to travel on varied terrain and more of it – travelling further for longer thanks to the large batteries.

The larger tyres just like a standard fat bike can however be a little on the weighted side and then alongside a motor and battery they are heavy, but the benefits do outweigh the negatives when considering ride quality and accessibility. 

On the plus side, you can also take the battery out of the frame and then ride your electric bike normally without any of the pedal assist settings: therefore rending it just like any other fat bike – buy one get one free hey.

How Fast Do Fat Tyre Electric Bikes Go? 

The fat tyre electric bikes can supposedly achieve speeds of up to 40kph (25mph). However, in the UK and the EU there is a pedal assist limit of 25kph (15.5 mph).

Similarly in the US they also have a speed limit where the motorised assistance cuts off at 20mph, which is slightly higher but still with a limiter. 

Meaning if you were to buy an electric bike from the UK the retailer by law must have a limiter on the motor to keep the bike within the 15.5 mph assisted max speed.

Overall it will however depend on the bike, the make, where you bought the bike and the model. Some will be slightly faster than others so it’s best to check before you buy.

How Much Do Electric Fat Bikes Cost? 

Electric fat bikes will set you back a little more than your average bike due to their technology and extra features such as the motor and battery. 

In general you will find that the price will range from around £1,300 upwards. As with all bikes the very top end can be a staggering amount of money and can vary massively.

Motors will, as I mentioned before, mean that the price on any electric bike is higher than your average hybrid or mountain bike. You may therefore be asking yourself, well ‘is it worth it?’. Absolutely! Added speed for less energy is double the fun.

Best Electric Fat Bikes [Top 3] 

1. RadRhino 6 Plus (AKA RadRover 6 Plus in USA/Canada)


The perfect choice for anyone adventurous and wanting to get out into nature, the RadRhino 6 Plus (known as the RadRover 6 Plus for the North American market which has different legal restrictions regarding e-bikes) is equipped with suspension forks with a lock out, puncture resistant tyres and high performance hydraulic disc brakes which help to stop at a greater force – an important feature when riding a heavier bike on tricky terrain. 

Additionally, the bike also comes with a custom 250W geared hub motor which has been fine tuned to ensure that power is provided in a more efficient way. Similarly, there’s also a semi integrated battery to keep the aesthetics neat and sleek. The battery is also easy to remove for charging purposes. 

This electric fat bike also benefits from the very durable and trusty Kenda Juggernaut tyres which measure in at 26″ x 4″ and have a K-Shield puncture-resistant liner. Meaning your ride will be smooth over rough terrain and less prone to annoying punctures.

Since the previous model there has also been an upgrade to the user interface, making it more user friendly and presenting the information such as your battery level in a clear way. Also, there’s a 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensors. 

Moreover the frame also comes in a lovely charcoal colour and benefits from both mudguards and lights as standard. Not to mention a very useful 2 year warranty which is always worth noting when purchasing a new bike that you know will be used often. 

RadRhino 6 Plus / RadRover 6 Plus Specs

Weight: 33.3 kg

Payload Capacity: 125 kg

Battery: 672 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery

Range: 40 to 72 km+ kilometers per charge (estimate)

Motor: Rad Power Bikes 250W Geared Motor with 5:1 planetary reduction

Top Speed: 25 kph

Shipping Notes:


  • EU: €1,899
  • US: $1,999

*correct at time of writing

Also known as the RadRover 6 Plus for the North American Market, this is a monster fat-bike from Rad Power Bikes - one of the best electric bike brands the world.

Fast, powerful and with great range.

2. Himiway Cruiser 

The Himway Cruiser is a great and affordable electric fat bike. Therefore can arguably be seen as the perfect budget option from our list for those of you who want to explore without splashing too much cash.

Fitted with a 750W brushless gear motor which produces 80Nm of torque you won’t need to worry about where you take this bike which will easily tackle even the steepest of ascents. Plus with front suspension forks with lockout coupled with 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tyres this bike will handle well in a plethora of conditions and terrain and produce a smooth and stable ride. 

There’s also a user-friendly USB rechargable LCD display which is easy to read, especially in low light, and provides speed, mileage, power, battery life and pedal assist level information. The motor also has 5 pedal assist modes for you to choose from.

Extra features also include a very useful rear pannier rack for any bike packing or commuting needs. As well as a 48V LED front light, integrated rear taillight and heavy duty aluminum kickstand this bike is pretty much kitted out for all eventualities. 

There is also a 2 year all inclusive warranty for the original owner of the bike to give you that added piece of mind.

Read Pete’s full review of the Himiway Cruiser here.

Himiway Cruiser Specs

Weight: 32.65 kg

Payload Capacity: 158 kg

Battery: 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery

Range: 56 to 96 km

Motor: 750W brushless gear motor

Top Speed: 25kph

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in USA, with a distribution centre in Germany for the European market.
  • International delivery available


  • EU: €1,699
  • US: $1,699

*correct at time of writing

The best value electric fat bike on this list.

Solid range and plenty of power. The Himiway Cruiser is a fun bike to ride.

3. Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S


Coming in at the highest price on our list is the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S. Coming in a choice of three colours: red, silver and black, this electric fat bike is both stylish and fun. 

Boasting a 750-Watt Bafang hub motor which offers an impressive 1300 watts of peak power, you can be sure to get through even the deepest of snow. The bike is also fitted with 26″ x 4″ puncture resistant knobby fat tyres which offer stable and comfortable ride quality on many different tricky terrains as well as in adverse weather conditions.

Extra features that the RipCurrent S comes with includes a pannier rack on the back, which is really useful for commuters and anyone who uses their bike as their main form of transport. Additionally, there are also front and rear mudguards to keep you protected from the elements while exploring. 

Moreover, controls wise this bike also benefits from an advanced display which presents real time metrics. As well as different modes to pick from such as: easy-pedaling, battery-saving ECO mode and sport and race modes.

There is also a 1 year warranty on the bike which is less than the other two but still definitely worth having nonetheless. 

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Specs

Weight: 76lbs and 65lbs w/o battery (34.473 kg)

Payload Capacity: 124 kg

Battery: 52V/ 19.2Ah Extended Range 

Range: 70+ miles

Motor: 750W Bafang Hub Motor

Top Speed: 28mph

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in USA
  • Only ships in USA


  • US: $2,699

*correct at time of writing

A powerful bike that is also pretty sleek for a fat bike. Powerful and fast, but sadly only available in USA right now.

Available in red, silver and black.

If you’ve looked through our top picks of electric fat bikes and are still unsure as to what may suit your needs and riding style, then it’s worth considering other similar types. 

For example, the plus bikes are another wider tyre off-road bike which is also great for those of you who love exploring and riding in any weather conditions. 

Nevertheless, whatever you decide to go for you’ll undeniably have a lot of fun either way.

Charlotte Broughton


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