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Fiido Review: Are Fiido’s E-Bikes Actually Any Good?

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The Short Answer

Fiido is a manufacturer of electric bikes that offers a range of models catering to different preferences and regulations. Their bikes feature hub-based motor systems, seatpost battery integration, and competitive pricing. While the brand’s online presence and warranty terms may have some limitations, Fiido bikes provide good value for money according to customer reviews.

Fiido is a relatively new electric bike brand. It’s safe that Fiido has had its ups and downs in the past few years.

After releasing a host of new models, should Fiido electric bikes be worthy of your attention?

Are Fiido E-Bikes Good?

Fiido is an electric bike and electric scooter manufacturer that sells directly to consumers all over the world. The brand caters for different tastes (and different e-bike legislation) by producing bikes with different motor strengths.

As Fiido’s website currently states it produces all manner of electric bikes: “A Ride Style For Every One (sic)”. Folding ebikes, electric fat bikes, electric bikes for city use and electric gravel bikes. Perhaps the only e-bike that Fiido doesn’t currently manufacture is one that looks like a motorcycle.

The majority of Fiido electric bikes are fitted with a hub-based motor system. Using this method, rather than the more expensive mid-mount motor, means that Fiido can offer the fun and freedom of an electric bike at a lower price.

That’s not to put Fiido e-bike hub motors down though. They can provide more than enough oomph for accelerating away from a set of lights or summiting a pesky hill on the way into the office.

Fiido has followed recent trends in folding electric bike design by including the battery in the bike’s seatpost. Not only does this have aesthetic advantages but it also balances out the extra weight of the bike, a common cause of poor ride quality for e-bikes.

This seatpost battery integration can be seen on Fiido’s electric folding bikes like the X, D21 and D11.

Fiido has a very helpful warranty page listed on its website, with periods for various components shown in a clear format. A frame warranty of 3 years is about right for an electric bike, but it’s disappointing to see that Fiido only offer a 1-year warranty on the motors and batteries used in their electric bikes.

fiido electric bikes are fitted with a hub-based motor system

Is Fiido a Good Brand?

Fiido’s unremarkable logo and basic online presence doesn’t pull up any trees. The brand’s penetration certainly hasn’t spawned any copycat products, as is the case with other electric bike brands like Super73.

Perhaps that’s being too harsh and it should be said that Fiido’s electric bikes are very good value in all territories they are sold in.

Shopping on the Fiido website should be easy for most. Important product information is shown for all to see and unlike some of its competitors, Fiido lists the specification of most of the components used on its bikes.

That said, it’s not clear who provides the motors and batteries for their electric bikes. If they use proprietary technology it will be a worry for riders who prioritise longevity and reliability when purchasing.

Like almost all bike manufacturers, Fiido sources components from their bikes from other brands. Bicycle component companies like Shimano, Schwalbe and Magura are household names in the industry and you can find their products adorning thousands of bikes sold around the world.

Interestingly, Fiido uses some more left-field brands to finish their bikes. Brands like L-TWOO (gearing) and CST (tyres) are less well known and should any of these parts break or wear out, riders may have trouble replacing like-for-like,

Fiido’s Trustpilot page is a mixed bag. Some customers are more than happy with their purchase, whilst others are frustrated about customer service or product quality. It’s pleasing to see Fiido’s attempts to contact reviewers who have left a negative review.

Where Are Fiido Bikes Made?

Fiido is a manufacturer of electric bikes based in Hong Kong. A quick assessment of the address listed on the brand’s website suggests that their manufacturing might happen elsewhere, perhaps not even in Hong Kong itself.

The fact that Hong Kong is based in Hong Kong shouldn’t be a red flag – indeed, there are many electric bike brands here, and being close (or closer than the US, UK or EU) to their manufacturing hub should help with product development, testing and fault diagnosis.

At the time of writing Fiido ship their wares to all major US states, almost all countries in Europe as well as the United Kingdom. Shipping and delivery times are very acceptable in all countries and whilst Fiido doesn’t mention it, it seems that the brand has bikes warehoused in the UK, Europe and USA, ready for fast shipping to your front door.

Just be aware of models that Fiido list as ‘coming soon’ – delivery dates for these Fiido electric bikes are conspicuous by their absence.

Fiido Bikes Review

Out there in the wild west of the internet, there are plenty of passionate Fiido stalwarts who seem more than delighted with their electric bike. The reception of their newest models is somewhat limited, but reviews of older models like the X are overwhelmingly positive. Many reviews focus on the value of money the bikes offer.

fiido bikes roundup

Popular Fiido Electric Bikes

  1. fiido e-gravel e-bike

    Lightweight, multi-surface e-bike

    Fiido E-Gravel Electric Bike

    This is a classic looking bike which has been combined with more modern e-bike technology. It’s lightweight and versatile enough to take on rides of different types.

  2. Mid-fold e-bike

    Fiido X Folding E-Bike

    Hinged at the middle of its frame, this e-bike transforms to roughly half its size, post fold. A neatly integrated battery and 250W or 350W motor completes the X.

  3. fiido t1 utility e-bike

    Powerful 750W motor

    Fiido T1 Utility Electric Bike

    Hauling extra weight can demand a lot of an ebike, so Fiido equipped this bike with a powerful 750W motor. It’s versatile too, with wide tyres and carrying potential.

  4. fiido m1 pro foldable e-bike

    High capacity battery and motor

    Fiido M1 Pro Fat Tire E-Bike

    A full suspension e-bike which also folds in half for storage at home or on the go. Can be ridden in pedal assist mode or with a throttle.

  5. fiido d3 pro mini electric bike

    Small, but useful

    Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike

    With its dinky wheels and small wheelbase this mini electric bike is extremely useful for carrying out short trips in town.

  6. fiido d21 folding e-bike

    Includes torque sensor

    Fiido D21 Folding E-bike

    Sold in one size and with a claimed 60 mile (or 100km) range. The onboard battery can be easily removed for charging.

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