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Super73 Alternatives: 3 Budget (but Cool) E-Bikes

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Californian brand Super73 is renowned for its super cool electric bikes that look and feel like dirt bikes with pedal power.

The brand “fuse[s] motorcycle heritage with youth culture” to create a recognisable, impressive product that’s loved by a huge, passionate customer base including celebrities, athletes and those who love an intensely fun riding experience powered by electricity.

Super73 offers a fantastic range of bikes which are all equal parts beautiful and impressive, but they do, sadly, come with a rather large price tag.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why Super73 electric bikes are so expensive, whether they’re worth splashing the cash, and give you some recommendations for more budget-friendly alternatives.


    Juiced Bikes Scrambler

    An affordable and powerful e-bike with speeds up to 28mph and a 45+ mile range for adventurous riders.


    NewGen 345-S

    NewGen 345-S is a Powerful and comfortable e-bike, motorbike-style with bicycle accessibility, 750W motor, up to 40-mile range.


    C3STROM Astro

    A powerful e-bike with a motorcycle-style experience for off-road adventures, 32mph top speed, and 50-mile range.

Why Are Super73 Bikes So Expensive?

Super73 bikes are premium electric bikes made with high-end components and materials with top-class features, which naturally drives the price of the product up.

The cheapest Super73 bike is the SUPER73-Z1 at $1,495, and at the top-end of the range is the SUPER73-RX Malibu at $4,800.

The bikes are kitted up with, depending on the model, removable batteries, various pedal-assist modes, a display showing range and top speed, and the brand offers a large selection of accessories and customisation options so you can really make your bike your own.

Super73 bikes are a fantastic premium option whether you’re looking for a thrilling weekend ride on an e-bike that looks like a motorcycle, a more sustainable commute, or simply a new way to get from A to B. However, their price tag unfortunately makes them unattainable for many.

Are Super73 Bikes Worth It?

If you’ve got the cash to splash, Super73 bikes are so worth it — the brand wouldn’t have the reputation it does if it didn’t create brilliant products. However, you don’t need to feel left out if the range is a bit too pricey for you, because there are plenty of alternatives.

Super73 bikes offer power, style, reliability and comfort, with intuitive use of materials like aluminium frames, premium and reliable components like hydraulic brakes, batteries that can offer over 100km of range, smart displays with navigation functionalities as well as guidance on speed, range and more, and tyres designed to withstand whatever your ride throws at them.

But they’re not the only option out there. Read on and discover some excellent e-bikes that are comparable alternatives to Super73’s range, but without such a hefty price tag.

What is the Cheapest Super73 E-Bike?

At $1,495, the SUPER73-Z1 is the cheapest Super73 bike. It comes in a range of colours including Jet Black, White, Millennial Pink and Astro Orange, and has an integrated battery and a throttle display which offers a user-friendly experience.

It comes pre-programmed in the Class-2 mode, which means the bike is powered by electricity up to 20mph. At this speed, you’ll get 15+ miles of range, and the motor is capable of outputting up to 900 watts of peak power.

The SUPER71-Z1 weighs under 30kg, the lightest in the range. It has an easy-to-use thumb throttle on the right handlebar, so it couldn’t be easier to power, and its 4” wide tyres help with sturdy handling on urban terrain.

It is a single-speed bike with a steel frame, mechanical brakes and no suspension, so is best suited for city riders and commuters.

As with the other bikes in Super73’s range, the Z1 is customisable to your riding preferences with accessories and apparel helping you find your signature style.

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Best Super73 Alternatives in USA

2. Juiced Bikes Scrambler

  • UK Flag £1,405
  • US Flag $1,599
  • EU Flag €1,600

Prices are approximate

Motor: 750W
Throttle: Yes
Weight: 35 kg
Range: 70 km
Wheel Size:

Powerful 750W motor

Long-range 52V G2 battery

Top speed of 28mph

Versatile on- and off-road tires

Hydraulic disc brakes for safety

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler is an affordable and powerful e-bike with a top speed of 28mph and a range of 45+ miles. It comes in two models, the CampScrambler and the CityScrambler, with different tire options for on- and off-road use. The G2 52V battery and 750W motor provide excellent hill-climbing torque and peak power.

The bike has a seven-speed transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, and a large saddle that can accommodate a passenger up to 275lbs.

Best Super73 Alternatives in the UK

1. NewGen 345-S

  • UK Flag £2,850
  • US Flag $3,240
  • EU Flag €3,250

Prices are approximate

Motor: 750W
Throttle: No
Weight: 32 kg
Range: 64 km
Wheel Size:

Motorbike-style e-bike design

Powerful 750W motor

Up to 40-mile range

Comfortable ride with soft suspension

Integrated lights and mudguards

The NewGen 345-S is a top-of-the-range e-bike that combines the look of a motorbike with the accessibility of a bicycle. With a 750W motor, it can tackle steep hills and rough terrain with ease, and has a range of up to 40 miles. Its pedal assist, soft suspension, and large leather seat provide a comfortable ride.

The e-bike also features a handcrafted maple cargo shelf, integrated lights, and mudguards. It has an 8-speed Shimano gear system, Magura Hydraulic MT Trail brakes, and a charging time of 5 hours. It comes in black or chrome and costs £2,850.

3. C3STROM Astro

  • UK Flag £2,499
  • US Flag $2,499
  • EU Flag €2,499

Prices are approximate

Motor: 750W
Throttle Yes
Weight: 42.6 kg
Range: 80 km
Wheel Size:

Motorcycle-style e-bike

Max speed of 32mph

Reliable hydraulic brakes

780WH lithium-ion battery

Multi-class ride modes

The C3STROM Astro is an e-bike with a motorcycle-like experience. It has a max speed of 32mph in off-road mode, with reliable hydraulic brakes and puncture-resistant tires. The 780WH battery provides a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, with a 4-5 hour charging time.

It has a comfortable silicone-filled saddle and can be ridden legally without a license, insurance, or registration by selecting the appropriate speed limiter for different ride modes.

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