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Cyrusher Kommoda Review: The Easiest E-Bike for All Ages?

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I’ve tested lots and lots of products since launching Discerning Cyclist in 2012.

But there is one type of product that consistently gets way, way more comments than any other: fat tyre electric bikes.

Obviously, with their gigantic tyres and chunk frames, they do stand out. And when you’re riding around on one, you do get more than your fair share of attention.

I first self-consciously thought everyone was thinking “who’s this wally?”. And while that will undoubtedly be the case for some, it turns out lots of people love these e-bikes and are eager to get one.

I’ve had an unprecedented number of friends and family (almost exclusively male) asking about them and where they can get one. I’ve never known such an in-demand bicycle.

So, on the back of reviewing the Himiway Cruiser and the folding Engwe EP-2 Pro, I’ve been testing out a step-through e-bike: the Cyrusher Kommoda.

Cyrusher Kommoda
  • Range
  • Terrain
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The easiest, most accessible e-bike bike I’ve yet to come across. The Kommoda is easy to mount and all of the bike’s features of completely intuitive to use. It’s heavy due to the fat tyres and chunky frame, but it’s still relatively light for it’s category. This e-bike can handle any terrain – even deep sand, mud and snow.


  • Very good value for money
  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Very easy to mount and handle


  • Not a huge range (about 25 miles with full assistance)

Cyrusher Kommoda: A Different Type of Fat E-Bike

Most electric fat bikes can seem like a bit of a beast. They’re big, heavy and pretty butch. And while the Cyrusher Kommoda isn’t exactly petite, it has definitely turned down the Alpha dial.

It has fat tyres and it can ride on any surface. But, as we’ll discuss, this is actually one of the best (and most affordable) electric bike options regardless for anyone looking for a sturdy and comfortable bike for any local trip.

Cyrusher Kommoda Wheels

While the bike uses fat tyres, the wheel size is considerably smaller than the fat bikes you’ll find from other Cyrusher fat bikes, or indeed other fat e-bike brands like Himiway, Engwe or Rad Power Bikes. The Kommoda’s tyres measure 20” in diameter, compared to the more standard 26” found on the likes of the Himiway Zebra and RadRover 6 Plus.

Cyrusher wheel size compared to the Himiway Zebra
Cyrusher wheel size compared to the himiway Zebra

For traditional bicycles, bigger wheels typically meant a faster bike.

However, in the electric bike age – and especially with regards to fat e-bikes – speed isn’t such an issue as all e-bikes are restricted to the same speed limit.

So, what is the benefit of an electric fat bike with smaller tyres? Well, two things: small tyres are lighter and a bit more agile (i.e can turn easier).

Cyrusher Kommoda Weight

And the weight difference is pretty significant. The Cyrusher Kommoda is still heavy (30kg/66lb), but it’s good chunk lighter than other electric fat bikes (the Zebra is 35kg is 77lb, for example).

Obviously, this isn’t a bike you ever want to carry around, but I can definitely feel that weight saving when I need to readjust the bike (e.g. moving it in my garage or parking on the street).

Cyrusher Kommoda Frame

The other notable difference with the Cyrusher Kommoda compared to other fat e-bikes is the fact that this it has a step-through frame – which makes it much easier for me to mount and just makes it more accessible for more types of riders.

Indeed, that’s something I’d like to touch on briefly.

Electric fat bikes can look like (and often are) a bit of a handful. They’re heavy, so if you get off balance when mounting or dismounting, it can be a bit difficult to adjust. However, this isn’t a risk with the step-through frame – meaning you get the sturdiness without the hassle. That’s also why this bike should be seriously considered if you have some mobility issues.

Electric Fat Bike Benefits:

The standout features of electric fat bikes (compared to other e-bikes) basically boils down to the following:

  • They are extremely durable
  • They are very comfortable to ride
  • They can ride on any terrain(even deep sand, snow and mud – no joke)

But the Cyrusher Kommoda has taken this solid footing and, in the Kommoda, created a bike for the masses. People young and old, novice or experienced, can have fun on this e-bike.

Additional Benefits of Cyrusher Kommoda;

  • Smaller tyres make it easier to handle
  • Weight savings make it easier to manoeuvre
  • Step-through frame makes is easier to access

The pattern? The Cyrsuher Kommoda is an easy fat electric bike, regardless of your riding experience.

My Experience of the Cyrusher Kommoda

Some assembly is needed when buying an electric bike online, but – fortunately – the Cyrusher was one of the easiest I’d put together. Most of the ride has been prepared, so it was mostly a matter of attaching the front tyre, straightening the handlebars and what not.

The learning process on this bike is also very short. Everything is very intuitive. The screen on the handlebars clearly shows all the information you need: speed, battery life, power assistance level, distance travelled.

On the right of your handlebars you’ll find an easy-to-use 7-speed Shimano trigger shifter, and on the left you have buttons to turn on the lights and use the horn (yes, horn!). An increasing number of electric bikes aren’t using gears, but they are extremely useful to have – especially for heavier bikes – as it makes climbing hills much easier.

Cyrusher Kommoda Key Features

There is one theme about the Cyrusher Kommoda that becomes very clear: everything is easy.

Getting started is easy, mounting your bike is easy, riding is easy. Nothing is needlessly complicated.

The Kommoda is also extremely comfortable, as not only does the bike’s chunky tyres absorb bumpy surfaces, but the bike also has front and rear suspension. There really is no terrain that this bike can’t handle.

  • Front and rear suspension
  • Built-in front and back lights
  • Throttle (needs to be fitted)
  • Step-through frame
  • Rear rack and fenders as standard

Cyrusher Kommoda Battery Life

You should always take the advertised battery life of an electric bike with a massive chunk of salt. My rule of thumb is to half the advertised maximum range in order to get the “real world” range (i.e. pedalling around at a standard cadence with full assist on so that tend to go at a steady 20mph).

The reason for this discrepancy in advertised range is because the e-bike brands calculate how far the bikes can go with minimal assistance (i.e. barely noticeable eco mode), rather than full assistance.

In fairness to Cyrusher, they state that the Kommoda’s range is 25-50 miles (40-80km), and the 25 miles is about right from my experience. If you turn the power right down, you can do more – but, in truth, you’d only do that if you worried about not having enough battery to get home.

I found the Cyrusher Kommoda takes between four and seven hours to charge from empty to full.

The battery sits discreetly inside the frame, but it pops out when you turn insert the key, meaning you can bring the battery inside to charge without the rest of the bike.

Cyrusher Kommoda Review Summary

Considering it’s pricing and range of comfort features, I believe the Cyrusher Kommoda is the perfect electric bike for people young and old who are looking for a way of getting around town (and enjoying the occasional adventure).

The bike is both extremely easy to use and incredibly comfortable. It’s an impressively versatile e-bike that should hold widespread appeal as it looks pretty cool with its chunky tyres, while also extremely accessible – even if you have some mobility issues.

The Cyrusher Kommoda retails for $1,899/£2,099 – with Cyrusher also running frequent discounts. Even at full price though, this electric bike provides excellent value for money and would be my recommended purchase for most people who are looking to replace some of their local car journeys with an electric bike.

I opted for the grey model of the Kommoda, although it’s also available in blue, orange and white.

Cyrusher Kommoda Alternatives

  1. Highly customisable

    RadRunner Plus

    A similar style to the Kommoda, although a bit less durable. The e-bike is highly customisable, thanks to Rad Power Bike’s huge accessory range.

  2. Massive range

    Himiway Big Dog

    A heavier bike than the Kommoda (88lb/40kg) but does boast a better a significantly better range (up to 80 miles).

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