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TENWAYS vs Cowboy: Which E-Bike Brand is Best?

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The Short Answer

Comparing TENWAYS and Cowboy e-bikes, both brands offer rear hub motors, integrated batteries, belt drives, and single-speed gearing. TENWAYS is lightweight and affordable, but has a smaller riding range. Cowboy has stylish looks, theft prevention technology, and adapts its assistance power, but offers fewer customization options.

Flash websites and enviable electric bikes. TENWAYS and Cowboy are taking the city e-bike market by storm. Including either on your electric bike wishlist wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because these two brands are so closely matched, we thought it was time to put them head-to-head.

This article uses buying criteria, like features, fit and price, to help you decide which brand is best for you.

Urban Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have caught on in every sphere of cycling, but arguably it’s in towns in cities where they shine best. In traffic-clogged urban areas, chocked with pollution it’s no surprise that electric bikes have caught on.

E-bikes bring the freedom to ride whenever and wherever you wish. Swish past glum drivers sitting behind the wheel of a car. Forget waiting for the next arrival on platform 2 and get places faster.

Riding away from a standing start, a frequent occurrence when riding a bike in town isn’t a chore either, it’s simply yet another chance to enjoy the pleasing kick of an electric motor quickly taking you up to speed.

With the urban e-bike market maturing, various brands are hitting their stride, making models fit for city riding. Manufacturers like Van Moof, Cowboy and TENWAYS make some of the best urban electric bikes. They’ve pushed the envelope at the top end of the market, enabling some cheaper alternatives to enter the market at more affordable prices.

TENWAYS vs Cowboy E-Bikes

There are many similarities between TENWAYS and Cowboy e-bikes. Both e-bike brands use rear hub motors for their power, have integrated batteries, run a belt drive and have a single gear. Both TENWAYS and Cowboy e-bikes are roughly the same price.

Cowboy differentiate themselves from TENWAYS by designing their e-bikes with a distinctive silhouette. Also, by adding theft prevention technology and deeper smartphone app integration, Cowboy can safely charge more than Tenways for their e-bikes.

TENWAYS E-Bike Pros + Cons

TENWAYS are the new kid on the block in urban e-bikes. Founded after Cowboy, the brand is located just a stone’s throw from Cowboy, in the hotbed of cycling, Holland.

Lightweight, stylish and with neat electric integration, TENWAYS certainly look the part – they’re excellent value too – most of their models cost below £2000/$2000/€2000.

TENWAYS are proponents of a belt drive system rather than a traditional chain. This setup makes their e-bikes reliable and low on maintenance.

Their riding range is perhaps where TENWAYS e-bikes are found wanting. Depending on which TENWAYS model you buy, the range can be as low as 70km or 43 miles. Plus, most TENWAYS electric bikes have single-speed gearing, so beyond the assistance of the electric motor, your legs are the only thing that will help you up to speed or over hills.

As well as Cowboy, those considering a TENWAYS should compare them to Van Moof too.


  • Great value for money
  • Various models, styles and sizes
  • Belt drive


  • Small riding range
  • Single-speed gearing

Cowboy E-Bike Pros + Cons

With Cowboy electric bike pricing starting with a 2, rather than a 1, are they worth it? All Cowboy e-bikes come with stellar looks, fancy app integration (including theft prevention technology) and a motor that adapts its assistance power to match your pedalling input. It might seem like a small feature, but all Cowboy e-bikes are sold with mudguards fitted.

Cowboy don’t offer a huge breadth of variants of their e-bikes. One frame size means it might be difficult to adapt the bike to fit different riders, and with fewer colour choices than TENWAYS, it’s more difficult for riders to express their personality or tastes.

No assessment of Cowboy electric bikes would be complete without a mention of their competitor Van Moof. See how they compare.


  • Adaptive power
  • Top-end app integration
  • Appealing looks


  • Could be seen as expensive
  • One frame size
  • Less colour choice
  • Riding range isn’t the best

Best TENWAYS Electric Bikes


tenways cgo600
  • UK Flag £1,499
  • US Flag $1,799
  • EU Flag €1,599

Prices are approximate

Weight: 15 kg
Range: Up to 70 km
Wheel Size:

Smooth and enjoyable ride

Affordable pricing

Stylish design options

The CGO600 from TENWAYS is an affordable belt drive electric bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It is available in multiple colour options and comes equipped with hydraulic brakes for easy stopping. Powered by a 36V, 7AH Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG/Panasonic cells and a Mivice M070 250W motor located in the rear hub, the CGO600 can reach speeds of up to 25km/h or 16mph in the European market.

With its solid performance and stylish design, the CGO600 is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performing electric bike without breaking the bank.


tenwways cgo600 pro in blue background
tenways cgo600 pro in use
tenways cgo600 pro gear
tenways cgo600 pro different colours
  • UK Flag £1,799
  • US Flag $1,899
  • EU Flag €1,799

Prices are approximate

Weight: 18 kg (19kg US version)
Range: Up to 100 km
Wheel Size:


Large range

Various sizes and colours

TENWAYS saw the demand for a city e-bike with a longer riding range so produced the CGO600 Pro. The 100km range should be enough for a week’s worth of city riding.

It remains light enough to lift up to an apartment or shoulder up some stairs to the office or train station, so it’s still suitable as a commuter e-bike.


tenways cgo800s in blue background
tenways cgo800s
tenways cgo800s gear
tenways cgo800s in use
tenways cgo800s different colours
  • UK Flag £1,899
  • US Flag $1,999
  • EU Flag €1,899

Prices are approximate

Weight:  19kg
Range: Up to 100 km
Wheel Size:

Comfortable step-through design

Front suspension

Gates belt drive

Although the CGO800S has an incompressible name, it’s n ideal e-bike for anyone to use as a city runabout. The low-step frame means hoiking a leg through to get into the saddle is easy for all. Plus when coming to a stop its quick and safe to put a foot on the ground.

The front suspension fork is a welcomed feature. Even semi-rough city roads can be uncomfortable to ride over and the suspension does wonders at absorbing the bumps and ruts.

With a 374Wh battery this e-bike has a maximum range of 100km.

Best Cowboy Electric Bikes

Cowboy 4

  • UK Flag £2,490
  • US Flag $2,990
  • EU Flag €2,790

Prices are approximate

Weight: 18.9 kg (total weight including battery)
Range: Up to 70 km
Wheel Size:

Stylish design

Practical and low-maintenance

Efficient electric system

The Cowboy 4 is a practical and reliable electric city bike that’s perfect for commuters seeking an easy and comfortable ride. The bike’s quirky design is available in three trendy neutral colors, and it features mudguards and a single ring on the front for low maintenance. The Cowboy 4 is equipped with a 10 Ah, 360 Wh removable Lithium-ion battery that charges fully in just 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Its custom designed 45 Nm / 250 W motor integrated into the rear wheel provides efficient and reliable power, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Cowboy 4 ST

cowboy 4st in blue background
cowboy 4st
cowboy 4st gear
cowboy 4st colours
  • UK Flag £2,690
  • US Flag $2,990
  • EU Flag €2,790

Prices are approximate

Weight: 19.2 kg
Range: Up to 80 km
Wheel Size:

Comfy step-through design

Wireless phone charging

Accompanying rider app

The second bike in the Cowboy stable is the 4 ST – that’s short for step through. Unlike the standard Cowboy 4, the ST version is for easygoing, comfortable rides around town.

Although comfort is at the heart of this e-bike, all the important Cowboy features are right here. These include the neat anti-theft protection system. Track your bike in the app from anywhere and if it goes anywhere without you, get notified instantly.

TENWAYS CGO600 Pro vs Cowboy 4

Side by side the TENWAYS CGO600 Pro and the Cowboy 4 are a decent match for each other, but how do they compare when it comes to critical e-bike features? Our table details everything.

Ultimately, if like the look of the Cowboy 4’s connected features and can live with the smaller ranger and higher price tag, then it may be more appealing that the CGO600 Pro.

TenWAYS CGO600 Prcowboy 4
RangeUp to 100kmUp to 70km
Motor250W Mivice motor250W Cowboy motor
GPS TrackingNoYes
Crash DetectionNoYes
Device chargingNoYes
Removable batteryYesYes

TENWAYS CGO800S Pro vs Cowboy 4 ST

The battle of the step-through urban electric bikes. Again, on the face of it, these two models are extremely closely matched. The TENWAYS edges things on price and riding range, but again Cowboy come up trumps when it comes to connected bike features.

TENWAYs cgo800scowboy 4st
RangeUp to 100kmUp to 80km
Suspension forkYesNo
Motor250W Mivice motor250W Cowboy motor
GPS TrackingNoYes
Crash DetectionNoYes
Device chargingNoYes
Removable batteryYesYes

Which Brand is Best: Cowboy vs Tenways?

Buy a Cowboy or a TENWAYS as an urban e-bike and you’ll be happy. Simple single-speed gearing, belt drive, disc brakes and pleasing pedal assistance make them both a joy to ride.

Clearly, if your pockets are deeper and the connected features with distinctive looks appeal, then a Cowboy might be the wiser choice.

On the other hand, if your pursestrings are a bit tighter, a TENWAYS is still a great option.

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