Best Commuter Bike Helmets

Best Commuter Bike Helmet

Bicycle helmets have come a long way in recent years, with the best commuter bike helmets looking much better than they used to. You’ll also find Bluetooth bike helmets equipped with music and lights, as well as folding bike helmets for added convenience in your day-to-day life.

Find stylish urban cycling helmets for everyday life by reading our reviews and style guides below.

Best Urban Bike Helmets for Commuters

For obvious reasons, it’s important that you always remember to wear a cycle helmet as you ride. The best bike helmets will always keep your head well-protected should you accidentally end up in any sort of collision.

And if your reason for not sporting one is because they are too unfashionable, or too basic, then maybe you’re not looking hard enough. The best bicycle helmet for you could mean so much more: for example, it could mean it looks great, it’s foldable, it’s colourful, or that it’s fitted with Bluetooth, lights or cameras.

In this guide, we’ll look at a wide range of models to help you find the safest bike helmet or the ideal commuter bike helmet for you, including:

Stylish Bike Helmets

If you’re looking for a fashionable bicycle helmet which is as trendy as it is protective, then check out our five recommended cool bike helmets here.

There’s great variety among these designer helmets, too. For example, if you’re interested in more of a low profile bike helmet, then maybe this urban model from Giro Caden might take your fancy, available from £27.88 in either matte black, grey, yellow or blue.

There’s also plenty to choose from in the way of a cool bicycle helmet, such as designs from Sawako, which are as enticing from a fashion point of view as they are from a safety perspective.

Smart Bluetooth Helmets for Cycling

Don’t be fooled into thinking helmets protect your head and can do absolutely nothing else. Enter the smart bicycle helmet.

This LIVALL smart helmet (read our full review here) boasts two fantastic main functions: firstly, it is a Bluetooth helmet, so music or other audio can be played through the bike helmet (with speaker attached) as you cycle. That it is a Bluetooth bike helmet also serves one other great purpose – it controls the indicator lights on the rear of the model, so it keeps you even safer, too.

This is not just one of the best smart bike helmets available currently; with in-built lights, bike-to-bike communication and great comfort offered to you, it may well be the best Bluetooth bicycle helmet, well worth the £149.

Foldable Bike Helmets

Perhaps you’d prefer a collapsible bike helmet that you can fold away easily and smoothly into your bag after completing your commute. If that is the case, then be sure to read about the three variations of folding cycle helmet that we’d recommend here.

This includes the Closca Helmet Loop, a more stylish folding helmet for about £60, the extremely comfortable Park & Diamond foldable helmet available to pre-order here, or the Overade folding bike helmet, which offers great value as well as safety at just £50.99 minimum – a superb price for  such a well-designed collapsible helmet.

You can also have a look at our review of the Closca Fuga foldable cycle helmet here; this is another sturdy, stylish folding bicycle helmet from Closca which looks the part and offers a brilliant alternative if you’re tired or carrying your helmet around with you everywhere when not on your commute.

Bicycle Helmets with Built-in Lights

As we mentioned earlier, the LIVALL Bluetooth helmet is a definite recommendation if you’re looking for helmets with indicators, or cycle helmets with built-in lights.

But also worth mentioning is the Lumos bike helmet; in particular, the Matrix, costing about £200. This helmet light actively tries to prevent collisions by lighting you up on your head with a new red-green-blue dot matrix design to help you stand out even more on the road.

Its lights add up to a cumulative brightness of about 1000 lumens, making it more than twice as bright as the previous Lumos cycle helmet light, and depending on which settings you wish to use, it has an impressive battery life for a bike helmet light of up to ten hours.

The more traditional Lumos LED helmet will also do a good enough job, though, for £149.95. It’s certainly no ordinary LED bike helmet, either, with ten bright white lights on the front, 38 red lights on the rear and 11 ambers for each indicator signal. You’ll be sure to be visible with this, too.

Bike Helmets with Built-in Camera

If you’re keen on a more state-of-the-art helmet with built-in camera for good measure, then have a look at the Cyclevision EDGE.

For £238.95, this bike helmet is yours, a hugely impressive new piece of cycling kit which not only looks as great as it feels, is the world’s first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates two high definition cameras, and combines front and rear-facing simultaneous video and audio recording with WiFi streaming in a single helmet. If your budget can stretch to it, it’s a genius product.

Inflatable Bike Helmet

As the airbag helmet for cyclists goes, they don’t come much better than this Hövding helmet, which sells itself by telling you that ‘the world’s safest bicycle helmet isn’t a helmet’.

Indeed, you might be forgiven for wondering: ‘an airbag for bike use – what’s the point?’ But in actual fact, an airbag for cycling can prove extremely useful, as this model proves.

The Hövding airbag helmet is like an invisible bike helmet in a way; you wrap it round your neck, and then in the event of a crash, the airbag bike helmet activates to protect your head in an impressive, reliable yet unique manner. Definitely one to consider if you fancy something a little different.

Colourful Bike Helmets

A black bike helmet is all well and good, but if you feel like adding a bit more colour to cycling headgear, there’s plenty to pick from in that regard, too.

Perhaps the most popular ‘other’ colour among cyclists is the orange cycling helmet – check out Wiggle‘s extensive list of orange models if this appeals to you. If not, then don’t rule out the individual helmets entirely, as most are also available to buy in a wide range of other colours, such as pink, white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple and more.

And remember, a more striking colour may not only look more stylish, but could help make you more visible, which could come in handy when commuting in dark early mornings or late nights.

Where to Buy Bike Helmets in the UK

There are plenty of places online to find good bike helmets, too. As mentioned in the previous segment, Wiggle is a great place to find an adult cycle helmet for you, as well as, of course, Amazon, and the obvious big brands for adult bike helmets like Evans Cycles and Decathlon.

In the following few sections, we’ll look at the best of different types of push bike helmets, which will hopefully help you decide on which adult bicycle helmet would be right for you.

Best Cycling Helmet Brands

There are also lots of great brands to choose from when finding your perfect helmet, all of them offering a wide array of choice in this department.

For example, Arai helmets are constantly evolving into bigger and better products and are renowned for their extreme comfort, while Bell cycle helmets offer affordable headgear in many different colours and sizes. Not only that, but plenty of Bell bike helmets are suitable for both men and women.

Elsewhere, Giro bike helmets are as handy for more adventurous cycling, for instance mountain biking, as they are for urban commuters, and also worth mentioning are Lazer bike helmets, which offer a great deal of striking designs also great for both adults and children.

Cheap Bike Helmets

If you’re after bargain bike helmets, Amazon again should be your first port of call. They offer an enormous amount in the way of cheap bike cycle helmets, and what’s more, they make it even easier to find the perfect bike for you thanks to the ability to refine your searches on their site.

Indeed, with Amazon, you can pick from own preferred brand, from average customer review, from how new the product is, from how cheap or expensive it is, among others. It couldn’t be easier to tailor your search precisely according to what you are looking for.

Men’s Bike Helmets

Although most are unisex these days, there are still some fantastic models specific for each gender; starting with men’s cycle helmets, the Giro Men’s Synthe design, available in either matte black, or matte white and silver is worth recommending. Available for £167.90, this men’s bike helmet boasts a whole host of impressive features, including a wind tunnel-aided design for aero efficiency on the road, eyewear docking ports, and featherweight webbing with a slimline buckle.

Or, if you can’t justify spending that much on men’s bicycle helmets, the Sport Direct 18 Vent Men’s Bicycle Helmet offers a much cheaper alternative at a mere £14.99, and comes with an adjustable headlock system, a padded chin strap buckle protector to ensure a more comfortable fit, and a mesh liner over the front ventilation holes to prevent wasp and bee stings.

Women’s Bike Helmets

As for ladies’ bicycle helmets, let’s start with this Bern Brighton Eps Satin women’s bike helmet.  Available in extra-small, small or large for prices between £36.68 and £37.42, this small bike helmet is strong yet lightweight, and also covers the back of the head, providing greater protection than ‘normal’ helmets. A great recommendation for women’s cycle helmets, it also includes a premium moisture control liner, keeping you cool and minimising sweat.

A cheaper option for female bike helmets is the Kingston Boho model, costing just £19.99 and available in cream, teal, pink. Not only does its design make it one of the more cute bike helmets on the market, it’s also highly resistant to knocks and bumps, and extremely flexible and comfortable, thanks mainly to its adjustable strap and adjustable fitting system with inner pads.

Bike Helmet Size Chart

Though many bike helmets come with adjustable straps, it’s obviously always best to try and buy one that you think will fit you perfectly in the first place. If you’re in the dark as to what size helmet you would need, here’s a guide taken from Amazon to help you:

Adult Bike Helmet Sizes




















Children Bike Helmet Sizes         





One Size Fits All











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