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Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Overweight Riders: The 6 Best

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Selecting the right saddle for your bike and needs can be a bit of a minefield. Throw into the mix you being a larger rider, and this can make searching for a saddle even more tricky.

We as humans come in all different shapes and sizes, and require different products to help us get the most out of our cycling. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find the perfect saddle for you.

Best Bike Saddles for Heavy Riders [Male] [Female]

  1. Brand-X Cruiser Saddle

  2. Brooks England B17 Short Bike Saddle

  3. Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Do Overweight People Need Special Bike Seats?

If you’re on the heavier side of the average weight, then you may feel you need a more specialist saddle for your bike to feel comfortable and properly supported.

Additionally, if you are wider in the derrière, you may also feel that you’d prefer a wider saddle to feel comfier and get more out of your riding. But all in all, it’s down to personal preference at the end of the day – only you know your body and its needs.

Max. Weight for Standard Bicycle Seat

The maximum weight of a standard bicycle saddle is not something that is largely reported on, annoyingly. However, bikes overall do often have a weight limit, for safety as well as warranty reasons.

These weight limits do depend on the type of bike (and therefore saddle), as some bikes have a more generous weight limit than others. But it is usually between 190lbs (folding bike) to 400lbs (fat bike and electric bike).

Therefore if you fit within these weights you shouldn’t have any issues, but it is always best to check.

Male vs Female Bicycle Seats

Bicycle saddles are designed to be unisex and suit either types of nether regions, as obviously both differ hugely, and therefore require different features to ensure comfort and support.

Classically female orientated saddles tend to be wider, due to women typically having wider hips. They have cut outs (holes) to relieve any soft tissue pressure to prevent numbness and pain.

More male orientated saddles tend to be slightly narrower, and without a cut out in the middle.

Bike Seats for Heavy Riders [KEY FEATURES]

Bike saddles for riders who are heavier will often feature more padding, offer a wider area to sit on (especially where your sit bones are) and often have more solid, thicker saddle railings.

Best Bike Seat for Overweight Men [Top 3]

  1. Brand-X Cruiser Saddle [REVIEW]
  2. Brooks England B17 Short Bike Saddle [REVIEW]
  3. Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle [REVIEW]

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1. Brand-X Cruiser Saddle

  • UK Flag £15
  • US Flag $15
  • EU Flag €20

Prices are approximate

Nice and wide (269mm x 256mm)

Great coil sprung suspension system

Super affordable

The Brand-X Cruiser Saddle offers great support thanks to it’s wide dimensions (269mm x 256mm), which is supported on strong steel rails and coupled up with a useful coil sprung suspension system to ensure total comfort while riding. Not only this, but it’s super affordable, making it a great ‘buy to try’ purchase for any heavier rider looking for a comfy saddle. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Strong and reliable Steel Rails
  • Very well priced
  • Features suspension


  • Heavy (1012g)

2. Brooks England B17 Short Bike Saddle

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $110
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

The leather wears into you

Not compromising aesthetically

Very high quality

If you’re looking for a super stylish saddle that’s made from leather to wear into your body over time, but still support a larger rider, then this is the one. The Brooks England B17 Short Bike Saddle is wide enough at 176mm to support most male behinds, and with its lack of padding suits a typical male preference to have a studier less squishy saddle. This would also be perfect on a vintage looking fixie or city bike.


  • Wears into your body over time
  • Super stylish
  • Wide fit for a Brooks (176mm)


  • Have to break it in (leather)
  • No padding

3. Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

  • UK Flag £60
  • US Flag $80
  • EU Flag €70

Prices are approximate

Offers lots of foam padding

Very wide for support (266.7mm x 266.7)

features chrome coil spring suspension

This large saddle offers a lot more in the way of gel foam padding, compared to the previous selection. Not only does this saddle come with a generous amount of padding, but the saddle also features coil spring suspension: pair this with the fact it’s also a very wide saddle at 266.7mm and you have a very decent level of comfort. All in all, this saddle would be great for a larger rider who wants large amounts of padding and width.


  • Very well padded
  • Offers some suspension
  • Very wide


  • Made from synthetic

Best Bike Seat for Overweight Female [Top 3]

  1. Selle Italia T2 Gel Flow City Saddle

  2. YBEKI Bicycle Saddle

  3. Specialized The Cup Gel

1. Selle Italia T2 Gel Flow City Saddle

  • UK Flag £45
  • US Flag $80
  • EU Flag €55

Prices are approximate

Made from gel padding

Nice and thick

Very wide (233x258mm)

If you’re in the market for a thick gel saddle then the Selle Italia T2 Gel Flow City Saddle is for you. This wide saddle helps to support your derrière thanks to generous measurements of 233x258mm. This saddle also features a cut out in the middle to relieve any potential numbness. It’s a really solid option for female riders looking for a comfy, supportive saddle for longer rides.


  • Thick gel padding
  • Very wide
  • Solid levels of support


  • Doesn’t specify max weight

2. YBEKI Bicycle Saddle

  • UK Flag £35
  • US Flag $40
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

Offers great level of support

Very very wide

Made from memory foam

If a very very wide saddle is what you have been searching far and wide (pardon the pun) for, then your search thankfully ends here. The YBEKI saddle offers a very impressive level of support thanks to it being so wide. Not only that, but the padding is also made of memory foam to help support your undercarriage and ensure you’re comfortable. A fab option for anyone needing a very wide saddle for their bike.


  • Very wide
  • Made memory foam
  • Doesn’t impede on pedalling


  • Outer not vegan (leather)

3. Specialized The Cup Gel

  • UK Flag £50
  • US Flag $50
  • EU Flag €55

Prices are approximate

Part of Specialized Body Geometry range

Gel padding

Wide saddle at 245mm

One of Specialized’s best selling saddles in their US market, The Cup Gel offers a great level of comfort thanks to its generous gel padding. Not only that, but the saddle also measures up at 245mm at the back, making it a lot wider than your average saddle It ensures you feel supported and comfortable no matter what your size. A solid option to put on your hybrid or city bike.


  • Wide
  • Specialized body geometry design
  • Great for larger riders


  • Only available in one colour

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