Best Brooks Saddles For Commuting

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Brooks saddles are universally regarded as some of the best saddles available anywhere in the world. That makes them an attractive proposition for most cyclists, even more so if you use your bicycle for the daily commute. Finding the right saddle for everyday use is hugely important.

Read on as we break down the best Brooks saddles for commuting.

  1. Long-lasting durability

    Brooks B67

    A leather saddle for city or touring with suspension springs and hand-hammered rivets for long-lasting durability

  2. Naturally Flexible Rubber

    Brooks C67

    Designed for the commuter, urban cyclist and casual tourer, perfect for E-bike, cargo bikes and Dutch-style bikes

  3. For heavier commuter

    Brooks B33

    A saddle for urban cycling featuring stranded rear coil springs and a front loop

How Do I Choose a Brooks Saddle?

Brooks saddles have earned a reputation for being top of their class. The company has a storied history and has been building saddles since 1886! Choosing the right Brooks saddle comes down to a range of factors including riding style, usage and personal preference.

Making the right decision with a Brooks saddle is especially important because they sit at the higher end of the price bracket. Their robust leather construction also means that they’ll last a long time; at least 10 years but probably much longer.

They mould to your body shape over time, giving you a personalised saddle that many cyclists are reluctant to part with. They’re a lifelong investment, so prior research is vital.

Are Brooks Saddles Good for Long Rides?

Brooks saddles are excellent for long rides. The secret lies in the leather construction. Although they might look uncomfortable (and these saddles are more rigid than their rivals) the leather moulds to take your body shape over time. This makes them exceptionally comfortable.

Having what amounts to a custom made (once the leather has moulded to you it becomes unique) saddle makes long rides a breeze. Brooks saddles are also exceptionally durable and water-resistant. The B17, for example, is designed with long rides and “boundless freedom” in mind.

Depending on your riding style you can also find saddles with additional springs and even pressure-release cutouts. These features make long rides a pleasure even across bumpy terrain.

Are Brooks Saddles Good for Commuting?

Unsurprisingly, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! All the comfort features (the leather, the support and weatherproofing) that make these saddles great for long rides are equally effective on the daily commute.

In fact, many cyclists swear by Brooks for their daily commute. The all-weather nature of these saddles makes them an excellent choice: a Brooks saddle really will see you through the year. Better still, if you ride the saddle every day it will adapt to your shape quicker. It can take some time for the leather to mould to your body but using the saddle to commute speeds up the process. The result? A custom-fit saddle in no time at all!

The only slight concern with these saddles is that their high value makes them a prime target for thieves. It’s hardly a reason not to invest, but it is something to be aware of. Brooks has taken measures to make their saddles more secure, but you can go further. A simple saddle cover hides the brand name. Other cyclists prefer to detach the saddle when they park up at work.

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Best Brooks England Saddles for Commuting [Top 3]

Brooks saddles are undoubtedly quality, but it still pays to be a little discerning when choosing your commuter model. Here’s a rundown of the top three choices.

1. Brooks B67

  • UK Flag £150
  • US Flag $170
  • EU Flag €160

Prices are approximate

  • Dimensions: L 260 x W 205 x H 73
  • Weight: 850 g

Durable, 5mm Vegetable Tanned Leather

Chromed Springs and Frame Assembly

Designed for an upright riding position, the B67 will set you back a hefty price of more than £100/$150. For that price, though, you get a saddle made using premium leather, exceptional comfort, durability and a 10 year guarantee. The B67 is easily one of the best commuter saddles on the market.

The suspension strings make all the difference. They guarantee a comfortable commute even across the bumpiest of roads and ensure that you arrive at work feeling fresh and sprightly. Additional suspension is handy if you carry a lot to the office. This is the saddle to go for if you pack a heavy backpack, for example. It’s designed to work on cargo bikes, which tells you all you need to know about its load-bearing capabilities.

Although not the most expensive saddle on the list, that price tag is a clear drawback. Most Brooks hover around the £100 price point (with a few notable exceptions) so the B67 is a touch above average. Expensive as it might seem, the long-lasting nature of these leather saddles does go some way to justify their price tag.

2. Brooks C67

  • UK Flag £115
  • US Flag $130
  • EU Flag €130

Prices are approximate

  • Dimensions: L 268 x W 200 x H 59 mm
  • Weight: 485 g

Vulcanised Natural Rubber Saddle Top

Flexible and Robust Touring Surface

The C67 is the newest and perhaps most interesting addition to the Brooks catalogue. It was designed for e-bikes and urban cycling and provides a modern twist on Brooks’ classic style.

Given the burgeoning popularity of e-bikes, it’s easy to see why Brooks went down this route. If you own an e-bike (or are considering investing) this saddle is for you.

It’s exceptionally flexible and designed to absorb bumps from the road surface. This has the effect of smoothing out any ride, making the commute a breeze. Although the C67 isn’t made from leather like Brooks’ other offerings (which might be a disappointment for some) the rubber nonetheless moves and adapts as you cycle. The rear of the saddle is slightly raised to account for sudden acceleration.

E-bikes seem on an inexorable path to taking over the commuter bike scene, so this saddle really is a no brainer. It’s a big moment when a heritage brand like Brooks embraces the future in this manner. More e-bike saddles are sure to follow soon, but in the meantime, you can’t go wrong here.

3. Brooks B33

  • UK Flag £180
  • US Flag $220
  • EU Flag €200

Prices are approximate

  • Dimensions: L 318 x W 235 x H 110 mm
  • Weight: 1600 g

Durable, 5mm Vegetable Tanned Leather

Chromed, Stranded Springs and Frame Assembly

The Brooks B33 was designed specifically with urban cycling in mind. This makes it the perfect choice for commuting. As well as all the usual, classic stylings that you would associate with Brooks, the B33 is also the widest in the range to support a more upright cycling position.

Additional springs and support mean that it’s capable of carrying additional weight, too. That’s fantastic if you commute with a heavy rucksack and the support does make a difference. The tanned leather is extremely durable (as you’d expect from a Brooks saddle) and water runs right off. You’ll also get the standard Brooks 10 year guarantee.

We recommend the B33 for all your commuting needs, but this is a saddle designed explicitly for upright cyclists. It’s important to keep this in mind before making the big £179.99 (this is the most expensive saddle on the list) investment.

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