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Bike Seat Height Chart [THE EASY GUIDE]

You may be searching google right now trying to figure out where you should adjust your saddle to on a bike you’ve borrowed or never ridden before, wondering where the right place to have it is. Well, you’ ha’ve come...

Best Brooks Saddles For Commuting

Brooks saddles are universally regarded as some of the best saddles available anywhere in the world. That makes them an attractive proposition for most cyclists, even more so if you use your bicycle for the daily commute. Finding the right...

3 Best Bike Saddles for Commuting [Find Your Perfect Seat]

Finding the best bike saddles for commuting is important. Apart from being uncomfortable, an ill-fitting saddle can also cause lower back problems, and can even give you a poor posture. Saddles that are too narrow don’t support the pelvis or...

Brooks Saddle Alternatives [3 Chic Budget Bike Seats]

Brooks saddles are some of the most popular leather saddles on the market. Their premium quality comes at a high price, however. If you’re on a strict budget, or simply don’t think that the high cost is justified, fear not....

Are Brooks Saddles Worth It? [PROS + CONS]

Brooks England saddles have a reputation for being top of the range. The name itself conjures images of luxury, comfort, and saddles that last a lifetime. Quality materials and stylish designs make these saddles a tempting proposition for many cyclists....

Most Comfortable Bike Saddle for Women [Top 5]

For a long time women’s saddles didn’t exist, making it harder and less accessible for women to ride bikes comfortably. Times have thankfully now changed and our list of saddles will help support comfortable riding for all women, something everyone...

Best Leather Bike Saddles [Top 5 Stylish Bicycle Seats]

Nobody wants to sit on an uncomfortable bike saddle. Stating the obvious much? Probably, but aside from being a figurative pain in the backside, it can cause real long-term injuries if you’re not sitting comfortably while you ride. What ‘comfortable’...


1. 🪖Fend ONE Folding Helmet
A folding helmet that actually looks good.

2. 🧥Helly Hansen Hooded Rain Jacket
Stay dry in style.

3. 🧴Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit
Keep your bike feeling brand new.

4. 👖DUER-All Weather Jeans
Waterproof cycling jeans. Seriously.

5. 🎒Rapha Reflective Backpack
A beautiful backpack that you can't miss.