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Best Folding Bikes [Top 3 in 2024]

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Perhaps you’ve been on a long cycle with a foldable bicycle, only to find you’ve had to put far more effort and expend far more energy than you would have expected to. Perhaps you’ve found their typically smaller wheels have meant that what they add in compactness and flexibility, they detract in comfort.

Well, worry no more, because the foldable bike market has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Whatever your preferred model or your price range, or if you’re looking for a more lightweight folding bike, we’ll try to help you figure out the perfect bike for you on your commute to work.

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Folding Bike Benefits – Why People Use Fold Up Bikes

Their first and most obvious advantage is their storage; as the name suggests, they can be ‘folded up’ meaning they take up far less space than road or city bikes, for instance.

Fold up bikes should fit easily into the boot of your car, in a small apartment or flat, or on bag racks on the bus or the train. This makes them perfect for ‘multi-modal’ commuters (i.e. people who drive/travel by train on part of their commute and then cycle the rest of it) because it’s a far cheaper method of getting to and from work.

Aside from that, they’re also generally pretty thief-proof, come with a high resale value, and you can mostly travel with them without any booking restrictions on most forms of transport.

So, if you’re looking for a bike which could open up countless new avenues of cycling to you, or just want something a bit easier to travel with, folding bikes should definitely be your first port of call.

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BIGGEST BRAND – Brompton Bikes – From £1,000

Since launching in 1975, Brompton Bikes have gone on to become one of the biggest and most established folding bike companies around the world, with shops in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Beijing, Tokyo and Barcelona.

They also boast a team of in-house designers and engineers who are constantly developing their products, while every folding bicycle is made in their factory in London by craftsmen, who have taken an intensive 18-month training programme. Each also has its own unique signature which they stamp on the parts of the bike they work on.

With models on offer for up to £6,000, a Brompton folding bike is arguably the best folding bike in the UK, and is surely for you if you’re a big-brand person who is happy to pay a little bit extra for quality.

CHEAPEST – Stowabike 20″ Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike – £154.99

If you’re shopping on a limited budget, this cheap folding bike might be the perfect model for you. A compact bike, ideal for commuting in urban areas, it can be folded and stored when you’ve arrived at your destination with ease.

Available in either black or green, it also comes with in-built mud guards to keep you clean, a rack for carrying your belongings, and a simply, reliable folding mechanism, meaning it’s especially great for commuters living in heart of the city.

Weighing just 15.5kg too, it is one of the lightest folding bike you can find. And all of this for a mere £154.99; you’ll certainly get excellent value for money.

ELECTRIC FOLDING BIKE – Daphome Fiido – £549.99

Or if you’re after a folding electric bike, then look no further than this design for just £559.99.

Its 250W motor provides a maximum speed of 25km/hour and maximum 30-degree gradient, while its 7.8Ah Li-ion battery takes just five hours to fully charge and allows for maximum mileage of 30km with pure electric mode and 50km mileage with ‘moped mode’.

It also comes with an adjustable saddle and handlebars, so can cater for you however tall or small you are. Its LED front light makes it easy to ride at night, too, and of course, it’s easy to fold away and carry once you’ve reached your destination.

Best Folding Bike Bag – Brompton Transit Travel Bags

Especially for those riding to work, the last thing you want is to get covered in dirt picked up by your collapsible bike during your journey, so you should also think about a bag for your bike, too.

Thankfully, Brompton Bikes also have its own range of luggage to help you avoid running into this issue once you arrive.

With ten different types of bags too choose from, all easy to attach and remove from your bike, and some boasting extras like laptop compartments, zip pockets or water-resistance, Brompton Bags will no doubt have whatever you need to keep you clean and dry on your commute.

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