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Easiest Folding Bikes to Fold and Carry: Top 7

easy to fold and carry

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We may be overstating things, but a folding bike is one of today’s design marvels. A bike that can get you places fast, but then in a moment can reduce to half its original riding size.

There are fast-folding bikes and comfortable folding bikes, but which are the easiest folding bikes when it comes to folding and carrying? Arguably two of the most important vital attributes of any good folding bike.

Easiest Folding Bikes

What is the easiest folding bike to fold? Or the easiest folding bike to carry? We’ve used our experience with folding bikes to suggest 7 of the best models for you to consider.

  1. brompton a line

    Brompton fold, on a budget

    Brompton A Line

    If you are after an easy to carry folding bike, don’t look further than a Brompton. The A Line is the classic Brompton, on a budget.

  2. brompton electric c line bike

    The smallest 16″ folding bike

    Brompton C Line

    The original, all-steel Brompton that’s quick to fold and easy to carry. The clever design of the fold keeps the chain hidden.

  3. bormpton p line

    Folds small, but even lighter

    Brompton P Line

    The same great fold, but this Brompton features titanium tubing to make it even lighter. Easy to lift onto a train, into a cab or up the stairs to the office.

  4. tern byb p 10

    20″ wheels, but still folds small

    Tern BYB P10

    Tern’s BYB range is a close competitor to Brompton and with it’s larger 20″ wheels it arguably has a better ride quality.

  5. btwin 16 ultra compact

    Small wheels, small fold

    BTWIN 16″ Ultra Compact

    Can be wheeled along. The saddle has a handle for easy lifting. The folding hinges even lock automatically.

  6. dahon marriner d8 bike

    20″ wheels, weighs very little

    Dahon Marriner D8

    A high quality bike, equipped with plenty of extras at a surprisingly affordable price.

  7. gocycle g4 e-bike

    An electric option

    Gocycle G4

    Although it’s an electric folding bike, the Gocycle G4 makes it onto our list thanks to a neat and secure fold plus it’s ability to be rolled along.

What Makes for an Easy Folding Bike?

If you are on the hunt for a foldable bike, what features will make it easy to live with?

First things first – the folding mechanism. If you’re thinking about purchasing a folding bike, you’re probably considering folding it down once, twice, or maybe three times during every bike ride.

Irrespective of whether you are folding at the journey’s end, or before and after boarding a train, if the folding mechanism is easy to operate and intuitively designed the bike will be much, much easier to live with.

A second key attribute of an easy folding bike is its ability to be carried and let’s be clear that doesn’t just mean it’s lightweight or small. Clearly, those attributes are essential, but the easiest folding bikes will fold in a trice and crucially fold into a form that’s easy, safe, and secure to carry.

The last thing any would-be folding bike rider wants is for their recent folded bike to concertina out when being carried, marking favourite trousers or at worst pinching fingers and thumbs.

Most folding bikes these days use a combination of magnetics, straps and clips to prevent this from happening.

The very best folding bikes have a semi-folded state which enables them to be wheeled along easily or propped up without the need of a kickstand or solid object to lean them up against.

Easiest Folding Bikes to Fold (and Carry)

1. Brompton A Line

brompton a line blue background
brompton a-line features
brompton a-line folded
  • UK Flag £950
  • US Flag $1,150
  • EU Flag €1,100

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 11.5kg.
  • Folded Size: 25.3″ x 23” x 10.6”.
  • Number of latches: 2.

Top end fold.

3 speed gearing.

Neutral riding position.

You might well be fed up with ‘Brompton’ after this article but they truly are the easiest folding bike to live with. They fold down to the smallest footprint and the patented folding design makes them extremely easy to carry.

The first version we’ve chosen for this list is the A Line. You don’t get the folding pedals that come as standard on other Brompton’s but this bike is the cheapest way to get the Brompton fold.


  • Quick fold.
  • Uber-compact footprint.


  • Pedals don’t fold.
  • No mudguards.
  • Only one frame colour.

2. Brompton C Line

brompton electric c line bike
brompton electric c line bike features
brompton electric c line bike colours
  • UK Flag £1,295
  • US Flag $1,550
  • EU Flag €1,495

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: From 11.35kg.
  • Folded Size: 2.
  • Number of latches: 25.3” x 23” x 10.6”.

Top end fold.

Various gearing options.

Different handlebars variations.

The C Line is the ‘standard’ Brompton or Classic – that’s where the name comes from we imagine.

Available in a variety of specifications, namely frame colour, number of gears and handlebar shape, the Brompton C Line can easily be customised to your tastes and don’t forget it’s easy and intuitive to fold. Brompton themselves say it takes just 20 seconds!


  • Customisable.
  • Quick fold.
  • Uber-compact footprint.


  • Expensive.

3. Brompton P Line

brompton p-line folding bike
brompton p-line folding bike outdoor
brompton p-line folding bike colours
  • UK Flag £2,355
  • US Flag $2,950
  • EU Flag €2,775

Prices are approximate

  • Weight:  From 9.99kg.
  • Folded Size: 25.3″ x 23” x 10.6”.
  • Number of latches: 2.

How light?!

Super easy to carry.

Special paint jobs.

The Brompton P Line (it was known as Brompton Superlight) uses titanium in certain portions of its frame in order to make it lighter than both the Brompton A Line and Brompton C Line.

If you are planning to lug the Brompton on the train five days a week then the roughly 2kg saving from the Brompton C Line maybe the difference between a comfortable commute and a grumbly shoulder.


  • A folding bike under 10kg!
  • Can be purchased with a roller rack for easy transportation.


  • Wildly expensive.

4. Tern BYB P10

tern byb p10
tern byb p10 folded
tern byb p10 outdoors
tern byb p10 colours
  • UK Flag £1,600
  • US Flag $1,699
  • EU Flag €1,599

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 12kg.
  • Folded Size: 13″ × 31.9″ × 20.1″.
  • Number of latches: 3.

3 models available.

Well regarded brand.

For commuting and town use.

Tern’s BYB is another solid option for those looking for a folding bike that’s easy to live with.

Unlike the Brompton’s the BYB has three latches rather than two, which can take a bit of getting used to and of course it does increase the time taken to collapse the bike. The trade off is that the 20″ wheels deliver a better ride and faster acceleration than smaller, 16″ wheels.

There are three models available from the P8, to the P10 and the S11.


  • 20″ wheels are more comfortable.
  • Folds small for a 20″ wheel bike.
  • Can be fitted with a number of accessories.


  • Extra latch slows folding time.
  • No mudguards.

5. BTWIN 16″ Ultra Compact

btwin 16 ultra compact folding bike
btwin 16 ultra compact folding bike features
btwin 16 ultra compact folding bike in use
  • UK Flag £850
  • US Flag $1,030
  • EU Flag €973

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 12kg.
  • Folded Size: 28″ x 27″ x 14″.
  • Number of latches: 2.

Super compact folding bike

Folds fast

Decent gearing

BTWIN, Decathlon’s in-house brand of bikes has a long lineage in folding bikes and this 16″ model aims to continue that heritage.

We’ll dispute its claimed ‘1 second’ fold time but the carry handle neatly integrated into the saddle of the bicycle is a neat touch. At 12kg the bike is light enough for most to lift.


  • Great carry handle
  • Can be wheeled along
  • Neat stand
  • Comes with lights


  • Not available in the US

6. Dahon Marriner

dahon marriner d8 bike
  • UK Flag £783
  • US Flag $949
  • EU Flag €896

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 12.4kg.
  • Folded Size: 26″x13″x32″.
  • Number of latches: 2.

Good quality folding bike.

Sensible components.

Seatpost stables bike when folded.

Dahon is another brand that has tended to specialise in folding bikes. Whilst their bikes, including this mid-range option the Marriner D8, aren’t necessarily the fanciest, lightest or fastest folding they are perfectly acceptable choice for commuters and ‘about towners’.

At roughly 12kg this model is light enough to carry and the folding mechanism just requires a kick flip of a handlebar latch followed by the frame latch.


  • Good overall specification.
  • Nice and light to carry.
  • Comes with a pannier rack.


  • Basic looks/colours.
  • Wobbly when folded on the ground.

7. Gocycle G4

gocycle g4 folding bike
gocycle g4 foldable bike ride
gocycle g4 foldable bike colours
  • UK Flag £3,399
  • US Flag $3,499
  • EU Flag €3,499

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 17.6kg.
  • Folded Size: 32.7″ x 15.3″ x 29.5″.
  • Number of latches: 2.

Innovative folding e-bike.

Can be wheeled along.

Can be carried too.

Due to the rise in popularity of folding e-bikes we’ve included one on our list. The Gocycle G4 has an innovative and secure fold (there’s an extra secure strap that prevents the bike coming part when folded) and it can easily be wheeled along by it seatpost.

Whilst there are three versions available, the G4, the G4i and the G4i+ all of them feature a comfortable frame, torquey hub motor and the ability to pair and control the bike with an accompanying smartphone app.

Just don’t expect too much from the Gocycle in regards to riding range. It’s probably not one of the longest-range folding e-bikes around, but that’s probably to be expected given its other bestselling features.


  • Electric assist.
  • Incredible design.
  • Mudguards and lights included.


  • At 17kg its not the most manouvreable of things when folded.
  • If you want the lightest model it’ll cost you a pretty penny!

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