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Carbo Review: Are These Folding Bikes Any Good?

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We take a deep dive look into the folding e-bike company Carbo, to help determine if their lightweight bikes are for you and your budget.

Who Is Carbo?

Carbo is a Canadian electric bike company that specializes in very lightweight electric folding bikes. Think Brompton, but make it super light, carbon and futuristic looking, et voila you have Carbo.

The company originated via a crowdfunding project which helped raise the funds they needed (and then some), to get the ball (or in this case wheels) rolling.

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What Does Carbo Specialize In?

Carbon fibre electric folding bikes are the sole focus of Carbo. They want to make lightweight bikes for everyday use that conveniently folds down when needed.

Carbo also specializes in bikes that are not only super-light but also comfortable to ride. The comfort element is enhanced by the carbon fibre frames, as the material is naturally flexible.

Are Carbo Folding Bikes Good?

The short answer is, yes. Carbo bikes are good, especially for city usage.

Carbo has received rave reviews and praise from customers praising the high quality of the product and its impressive weight.

On Trust Pilot, Carbo customers have loved the bikes so much that they’ve currently got a 4.4-star rating. Again, customers praise the weight and superb ride quality that Carbo bikes offer.

Is Carbo a Good Brand?

If you are looking for a carbon folding e-bike that is both lightweight and rides well, but you don’t mind forking out a fair amount of money, then yes, Carbo is a good brand.

The price range is high, but given the materials, weight and electric benefits of the Carbo range, the price is reasonable for what you get.

But, if you are wanting a cheaper option then you should definitely check out our article on best folding e-bikes for more information on different brands that might fit your budget.

Where Are Carbo Folding Bikes Made?

According to the company’s website, the Carbo frames are made in Japan with the latest bonding techniques to ensure a stiff yet lightweight frame.

Does Carbo Make E-Bikes?

Carbo does make e-bikes.

Both of the bikes currently on offer, the Carbo Model X and Carbo Model S, are electric folding bikes. Carbo’s offerings to the market are solely e-bikes.

Carbo Bikes Review

Carbo bikes earn an impressive amount of positive reviews and feedback from customers who are very satisfied with their purchases.

The Carbo bikes are lightweight despite folding e-bikes usually being heavier by nature: both an e-bike and non-electric folding bike are known for being particularly weighty, therefore combing the two functions, and still managing to keep the weight 13.3kg (Model X) and 15.3kg (Model S), is very impressive.

Bikes made from carbon fibre will naturally weigh less than those constructed out of steel or aluminium. With the price ranging between £1,978.99 (Model S) and £2,095.99 (Model X), I feel that they are good value for money and well worth considering.

Best Carbo Bikes

  1. carbo model x folding bike

    The Classy Commuter

    Carbo Model X

    A high-quality carbon belt drive folding e-bike that makes the perfect commuter with a 250W motor and a range of 40-65km that only weight 13.3kg.

  2. carbo model s folding bike

    The Active Electro-Cyclist

    Carbo Model S

    The do-it-all carbon folding e-bike that’s perfect for the leisure cyclist with a 250W motor and a range of 40-65km that weighs in at 15.3kg.

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