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Best Folding Bike Brands [Top 8]

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Demand for folding bikes has boomed over the last couple of decades. Although they still make up a relatively small part of the UK market (around 4% of bikes sold), global sales are predicted to exceed 1.6 billion US dollars by 2028.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a folding bike was a curiosity. Now, they are commonplace, particularly in cities where they’re a clear winner among many urban commuters.

But although they seem like a recent phenomenon, folding bikes have actually been around for over a century – the first models being used by the military. But the first significant modern folding bike was the Stowaway, introduced by Raleigh in 1971.

Fast forward to the 80s, with the introduction of the Brompton and the Dahon, and the popularity of the folding bicycle began to shift towards the mainstream. Common misconceptions that ‘folders’ are slow or difficult to ride are quite simply, a thing of the past.

It’s easy to see why folding bikes appeal to commuters. They’re easy to transport and can be taken on public transport. And as they can be conveniently stored away indoors, there’s a definite security advantage.

Most have a comfortable upright riding style and low crossbar, which means you can wear pretty much anything while riding without becoming dishevelled. This is another bonus for commuters – many of whom cycle to work on their folding bikes in the outfits they’ll be wearing all day.

How to Choose a Folding Bike

Folding bikes do differ greatly from model to model. The type of bike you choose will depend on how far you need to travel, how often you need to fold it and the distances you’ll be carrying it over.

But with so many different brands on the market now, there is something for everyone.

If You’re Using Multi-Modal Transport

If your commute is multi-modal, you have stairs to climb or a walk through the office, you should choose a lightweight folding bike that is easy to carry. Some models also have wheels, and although this won’t help you on the stairs, it’ll certainly make a difference on the flat.


If you’re only folding occasionally or don’t need to carry the bike around much, then performance may be more important than a compact fold or weight. Most folding bikes have 16” or 20” wheels. If speed is your priority, you’ll want to choose the 20”.


Is your bike going to be regularly folded and stored? Not all folds are the same, and some are significantly smaller than others. If storage ease and space-saving is a priority for you then choose a bike with a compact fold.

If You Have Longer or Hilly Commutes

Whether you’re commuting or riding for leisure, if you’re facing steep hills or excessive distance, a standard folding bike may not cut it. The number of gears on folding bikes vary, but even those with a higher range aren’t really suited to gruelling climbs.

If this is the case, an electric folding bike may be the answer. There are numerous makes of folding e-bikes to choose from, including some lightweight options and some very decent budget ones.

Full-Sized Folding Bicycles Some folding bikes are actually full-sized. These are suitable for people who, quite simply, want a full-sized bicycle with the option of transporting it more easily. They’ll go into the boot of an average car without the need for a bike rack, and are useful for those only wanting to fold occasionally.

Best Foldable Bicycle Brands [Top 8]


1. Brompton

Brompton was founded in 1976 by Andrew Ritchie, a young engineer with a vision to create a stylish bike that could be transformed into a compact package for versatility. And so the ingenious 3-part fold was invented.

After winning the much coveted Best Product Award at the Cyclex Bike Show at Olympia, the company grew from strength to strength and by 1991 had 56 outlets in the UK.

The word “iconic” is almost always used to describe the Brompton brand, and deservedly so. It’s retained a consistently high quality and a beautiful style, and they now sell around 70,000 bikes per year.

Brompton bikes are popular because of their distinctive design and quality of build. They are elegant, beautiful and extremely well made, which gives them a high resale value. Most of the bikes have steel frames which are brazed rather than welded, keeping them as light and strong as possible.

The Brompton fold is compact, at 64.5 x 56.5 x 27 cm. Once you’ve done it a couple of times it feels intuitive and the entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

Depending on the model the gears range from single to 6 speed. The weights of the bikes range from 7.45 kg (the ultralight T-Line with a titanium frame) to 12.1 kg.

Brompton Bikes Pricing

Brompton pricing begins at £850 ($1,040) for the A-Line model, with premium models costing up to £3,970 ($4,870). The average price for a Brompton bike is around £1,300 ($1,600).

Does Brompton Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

Brompton offers two electric folding bikes, the 2-speed C-Line Urban and the 6-speed C-Line Explore, with a range of 20 – 45 miles. One of the smallest e-bikes when folded, the Electric C-Line has a separate battery that sits in a pack at the front of the bike, making it easy to remove and charge.

Brompton Pros + Cons

Premium quality materials ensure longevity16” wheels not suitable for rough terrain
Compact, easy fold with wheels for greater mobilitySome models are heavier than other e-bike brands
Comfortable, adaptable riding positionMany parts are proprietary, making them difficult to obtain if no access to a dealership

Best Brompton Bikes

Brompton C-Line
Brompton T-Line
Brompton P-Line

Why We Like Brompton

✅ Four different handlebar options and adjustable seat post gives a lot of rider versatility

✅ The fold is intuitive and quick

✅ The long wheelbase gives extra stability when riding

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • 28-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ✅ North America
    • ✅ Europe

Pricing: High

2. Tern

Founded in 2011, and named aptly after a small, lightweight bird that holds the record for the longest migration, Tern offer efficient and lightweight folding bicycles with sustainability at the heart of their philosophy.

Tern bikes are designed to be serviceable rather than “land-fillable”, and Tern strive consistently to reduce their environmental impact. They also donate at least 1% of their net profits annually to environmental and social causes.

With over 30 models to choose from, Tern offers an extensive bike range with varying styles. Most of their bikes are folding, including nine flat-folding models and two with an ultra-compact fold, the smallest of which folds to dimensions of 33 x 81 x 51 cm.

Wheel sizes on Tern bikes range from 20” – 26”. These larger wheels, along with the option for larger tyres, means they are versatile and can be ridden comfortably on a greater range of terrain. Adding to this is the impressive gear range, from 7 – 11.

Made from strong and durable materials, at least 10% of which are recycled, Tern bikes are tough and can carry loads of up to 120 kg. The rear half of the frames use a 3D structure called DoubleTruss, resulting in extra stiffness and better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel.

And the range of bikes available, including touring, urban and cargo, ensures that there is something for everyone.

Tern Bikes Pricing

Tern’s non-electric folding bikes range from around £450 ($550) at entry level to around £2,200 ($2,700) for premium models, with an average price being around £1,100 ($1,350). The electric models range from £2,800 ($3,430) to £8,600 ($10,550).

Does Tern Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

Tern have a range of 14 folding electric bikes on offer, five of which are cargo bikes and the rest being the Active and Performance lines. Most have a range of around 34 – 68 miles with 400/500W motors and diagonally-mounted rear batteries.

Tern Pros + Cons

Lightweight and compactMany models have a high price tag
20”+ wheels and larger tyres allow for more versatile ridingSome models have a time-consuming fold
Great for carrying heavy weights and cargoThey don’t retain their high value

Best Tern Bikes

Tern Link A7
Tern Verge XII
Tern HSD P9

Why We Like Tern

✅ At least 10% of their materials are recycled

✅ They have an extensive range of over 30 models

✅ Their larger, 20″ – 26″ wheels enable more versatile riding on different terrains

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Taiwan
  • 30-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK (available from Velorution)
    • ✅ North America (customs fees apply)
    • ✅ Europe (customs fee apply)

Pricing: Medium-to-High

3. Hummingbird

Hummingbird was founded in London in 2015 with a mission to produce high performance and extremely lightweight folding bikes.

And they succeeded, as they now produce the lightest folding bikes (and folding electric bikes) in the world, with the lightest single-speed weighing only 6.9 kg. Hummingbird achieve this weight by using carbon fibre for the frame along with many other components. It’s not only lightweight, but durable and stiff with vibration dampening qualities.

Hummingbird bikes have a unique and very distinctive design which manages to be clean, minimalist and fun all at once. There are two non-electric models – the original Single-Speed (with three different gearing options) and the Multi-Speed (weighing 9 kg) with an 8-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub.

All the bikes have 16” wheels and the multi-speed is available with a carbon reinforced belt that is low-maintenance and longer-lasting than chain drives. All the models come in four colours – including the eye-catching hummingbird yellow – or a custom colour at an extra cost of £500 if a bespoke bike is your preference.

But it’s not only their looks that make Hummingbird bikes popular. They may be super-lightweight but they’re also incredibly durable, fast and agile.

These are pricey bikes, but they are top of the range and perform exceptionally well, offering a speedy, efficient and smooth ride.

Hummingbird Bikes Pricing

The Hummingbird Original Single-Speed is available for £3,495 ($4,280), while the Multi-Speed costs £3,745 ($4,590). The Hummingbird Electric is priced at £4,495 ($5,500).

Does Hummingbird Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

The Electric Hummingbird is the sole electric folding bike available. In keeping with Hummingbird minimalist design, it’s the lightest folding electric bike in the world at 10.3 kg, with an in-built 158Wh battery, 250W motor and range of 31 miles.

Hummingbird Pros + Cons

Lighter than any other folding bikesExpensive
Easy to fold in as little as 5 secondsSmall wheels unsuitable for rough terrain
16” wheels for agile handling and swift accelerationFolded size is not as compact as some other folding bike brands

Best Hummingbird Bikes

Single Speed
Multi-Speed Belt Drive
Electric Belt Drive

Why We Like Hummingbird

✅ At 6.9 kg, the single-speed is the lightest folding bike available

✅ It has a 5-second fold and is easy to carry

✅ The minimalist design of the electric version has no wires, motor or battery on display

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • 14-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ✅ North America (customs fees apply)
    • ✅ Europe (customs fee apply)

Pricing: High

4. Bickerton Portables

Bickerton Portables is a family business, started in 1971 by Harry Bickerton who designed and built the original, lightweight Bickerton folding bike. Over the following 20 years around 600,000 bikes were sold.

The Bickerton bicycle broke new ground with its weight and folded size, and was one of the inspirations for Andrew Ritchie in the creation of the Brompton bicycle. The brand was relaunched in 2011 by Mark Bickerton (Harry’s son), using up-to-date technology with a modern range of bikes.

Today, Bickerton produce five different bike models, each with a unique design and three with different build levels. With strong aluminium frames and forks, the range is impressively diverse to suit different riding styles.

The gearing ranges from the single-speed Scout with 14” wheels, to the 24-speed, full-sized Docklands with 26” wheels. The Junction and the Argent have 20” wheels, and the Pilot has 16”, with speeds ranging from 3 – 9.

With weights across the models ranging from 9.3 to 14.3 kg, the bikes fold with a hinged latch (invented by Harry Bickerton), with a magnetic stopper holding the bike in position when folded.

Bickerton Portables are affordable bikes that have retained popularity because of their classy design, solid engineering and range.

Bickerton Bikes Pricing

Entry-level Bickerton bikes are available for around £500 (€580), with higher-end models costing up to around £1000 (€1,160). The average price for a Bickerton bike is around £700 (€810).

Does Bickerton Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

Bickerton do not currently have a folding electric bike in their range.

Bickerton Pros + Cons

Affordable pricesFolded size not as compact as some other folding bike brands
Comfortable to rideSome models are on the heavy side
Good range of bikes for different riding styles

Best Bickerton Bikes

Argent 1909
Junction 1908
Pilot 1407

Why We Like Bickerton

✅ Range of gears great for climbing and speed

✅ Telescopic seatpost can be fully lowered

✅ Chain is on the inside when folded, which means less mess when carrying

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • Return policy: Not specified
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ❌ North America
    • ✅ Europe (customs fee apply)

Pricing: Low-to-Medium

5. Raleigh Folding Bikes

The British bicycle manufacturer Raleigh, based in Nottingham, is one of the oldest and most well-known bike brands, producing bikes for over 130 years and including many much-loved bicycles such as the iconic and unforgettable Chopper.

Although most of Raleigh’s bikes are non-folding, they actually launched the Stowaway in 1971, which was the first significant modern folding bike available. And it’s still available now, along with Raleigh’s second folding bike, the Evo-2.

With just two folding models to choose from among an extensive range of non-folding, Raleigh clearly aren’t trying to dominate the folding bike market. But the Stowaway and the Evo-2 are both very affordable bikes with 7-speed Shimano gears and 20” wheels for a comfortable and versatile ride.

The folding design is simple, with a single hinge and magnets to keep the folded bike locked in position. The folded size is not as compact as that of many other folding bike brands, nor are they close to being the lightest folding bikes on the market, but at such an affordable price this is acceptable.

These are good-looking bikes with a classic, somewhat retro design. They have powerful V-brakes, comfy padded saddles and also come with mudguards and luggage racks. A great option for commuters who don’t want to pay a small fortune.

Raleigh Bikes Pricing

The Raleigh Evo-2 costs around £300, and the Raleigh Stowaway costs around £500. The electric models cost around £1,600.

Does Raleigh Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

Raleigh sell two electric folding bikes – the 7-speed Stow-E-Way and the 8-speed Evo. Both have external batteries, 250w motors and a maximum range of up to 30 miles.

Raleigh Pros + Cons

Very affordable priceHeavier than many other folding bikes
20” wheels for stabilityOn the bulky side when folded
Good range of gearsOnly available in the UK

Best Raleigh Bikes

Stow-E-Way Electric
Pete to add brand logo

Why We Like Raleigh

✅ Bikes are equipped with mudguards and luggage racks

✅ Magnets keep the bikes locked when folded

✅ 20″ wheels ensure stable riding

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • 14-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ❌ North America
    • ❌ Europe

Pricing: Low

6. Dahon

When brothers, David T and Henry Hon, gave up their careers in 1982 to focus on their vision for “folding green transportation”, risking their own savings with the venture, they sold the first 6,000 bikes in only six months.

40 years on, Dahon is the largest folding bike manufacturer in the world. Based in Illinois, USA, the brothers remain passionate about pioneering environmentally-friendly transport and optimising the “perfect fold”.

Dahon has a huge range of bike to choose from with designs ranging from classic to sporty. The bikes generally weigh around 12 kg, with a selection of different wheel sizes and gears. Dahon offers great value on entry and mid-level bikes, with alluminium frames and Shimano gears.

The alluminium frames of the bikes keep the costs down, being less expensive than high quality steel frames, and significantly lighter than cheaper steel.

Dahon’s four decade milestone sees the launch of their lightest model yet, a full carbon fibre folding bike weighing only 9.4 kg. The DAHON Anniversary 40 Special Edition boasts 11 speeds and Shimano DEORE hydraulic disc brakes.

With a folded size of 87 x 40 x 69cm, it’s not the smallest fold out there, but this is nevertheless a sporty, nimble, top quality bike that is built for performance.

Dahon Bikes Pricing

Dahon folding bikes range from around £400 ($500) at entry level to as much as £1,800 ($2,300) for premium models, with an average price being around £600 ($740). The electric models cost around £2,000 ($2,500).

Does Dahon Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

Dahon offers a small range of electric folding bikes. These include the 9-speed Unio E20 and the 8-speed K-One Plus, both with an integrated battery, mid-mounted motor and top speed of around 20 mph.

Dahon Pros + Cons

Great value for moneyOn average, not as light as some other folding bikes
Range of classic and sporty designsSome models have a less compact fold than other folding bikes
Easy to get replacement parts

Best Dahon Bikes

Mariner D8
Vybe D7
Vitesse D8

Why We Like Dahon

✅ Good range of wheel sizes available, from 16″ to 26″

✅ They offer sporty folding bike models

✅ It’s easy to get replacement parts

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in the USA
  • 7-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK (customs fees apply)
    • ✅ North America
    • ✅ Europe (customs fees apply)

Pricing: Medium-to-High

Best Budget Folding Bike Brands:

7. FabricBike Folding Bikes

Based in Spain, FabricBike manufacture folding bikes in a range of colours with a very affordable price tag. There are two models available, the single-speed and the 7-speed.

And as entry-level folding bikes they are also surprisingly light, with the single-speed weighing 10.9 kg and the 7-speed weighing 11.5 kg. They are unquestionably one of the lightest budget folding bikes available.

FabricBike folding bikes are uncomplicated and may not have the bells and whistles of some of their more expensive rivals, but the 20” wheels make them stable and fun to ride, and they’re a great option for those starting out with a folding bike who don’t want to pay a fortune.

The fully adjustable seat and handlebars, along with a choice of wide wheels makes for comfortable riding. They also have a well-padded saddle and ergonomic soft comfort grips.

The folded size of the single-speed FabricBike is 81 x 36 x 63 cm, with the 7-speed being slightly larger at 83 x 40 x 63 cm. Not the most compact, but you would expect this for the price, and there are far more expensive folding bikes out there with similar dimensions.

The high prices of so many folding bikes on the market now unfortunately limits those on a budget. FabricBike offers an alternative, a very decent bike that is not only affordable but is a pleasure to ride.

FabricBike Bikes Pricing

The single-speed FabricBike folding bike costs £300 (€350), while the 7-speed FabricBike folding bike costs £370 (€430).

Does FabricBike Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

FabricBike do not have folding electric bikes in their range.

FabricBike Pros + Cons

Very affordable priceFolded size is not very compact
LightweightOnly one model available
Comfortable to rideLess features than mid / high-level folding bikes

Best FabricBike Bikes

Single Speed

Why We Like FabricBike

✅ Affordable price at £370 or less

✅ 7-speed option available

✅ Fully adjustable with 20″ wheels for a comfortable ride

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Spain
  • 7-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ✅ North America (customs fees apply)
    • ✅ Europe

Pricing: Low

8. B’TWIN Folding Bikes

B’TWIN is the Decathlon bike brand, well-known for producing quality and affordable bikes and who have been doing so for over two decades. The B’TWIN Village in Lille, France, is a huge hub of activity where B’TWIN bikes are designed, tested and assembled. Many of the components are also produced in-house.

Their folding bike range varies from country to country, but are characterised by a classic, elegant design with appealing colours and 20” wheels. Some models have steel frames and some have aluminium.

The weights of the bikes range from 11.9 kg (the Tilt 900) to over 14 kg, so they’re certainly not the lightest brand available, nor do they have the smallest fold, at around 78 x 66 x 44 cm.

They are however, easy and comfortable to ride, with adjustable handlebars, foam padded seats and ergonomic grips. They also have a good range of gears, giving a lot of versatility when riding.

B’TWIN folding bikes are a great option for those on a budget who want all the benefits of a decent quality folding bike. They are both practical and stylish – a resounding success story in the world of affordable foldies.

B’TWIN Bikes Pricing

Entry-level B’TWIN folding bikes cost around £180 ($220), with the higher-end models costing around £400 ($490). The average price for a B’TWIN folding bike is around £350 ($430), and the electric model costs around £800 ($980).

Does BT’WIN Sell Folding Electric Bikes?

BT’WIN sells one folding electric bike – the 6-speed BT’WIN 20” Electric 500E, available in grey or black with a 187Wh built-in battery and a range of up to 22 miles. It also has mudguards and lights included, and a quick locking system to keep the bike folded.

B’TWIN Pros + Cons

Very affordable priceQuite heavy
Good range of gears for versatile ridingThe folded size is not as compact as many other folding bikes
Stable and comfortable to rideThe electric model has a fairly short range

Best B’TWIN Bikes


Why We Like B’TWIN

✅ All models are affordably priced

✅ 20″ wheels and high range of gears allow for a versatile ride

✅ Mudguards and lights are included

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in France
  • 30-Day return policy
  • Ships to:
    • ✅ UK
    • ✅ North America
    • ✅ Europe

Pricing: Low

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