Author: Carol Vine

Dashel Urban Re-Cycle Helmet – Review

If you’re looking for a helmet that complements your urban riding adventures, then the Dashel Re-Cycle helmet could be the one for you. Dashel are known for their range of helmets that not only have a unique style, but are...

What Can You Do with an Unwanted Bike?

Even the most beloved bikes can become unwanted. Your bike may be beyond repair. Or simply not suitable for you, or your riding style, any longer. There are many other reasons why you might want to get rid of your...

Why Do Dutch Cyclists Not Wear Helmets?

A few years ago I visited Amsterdam to see a close friend of mine, who is Dutch. She’s not sport-obsessed, but she cycles everywhere, as do most Amsterdam residents. She also arranged for me and my friends to have bikes...

Road Bike vs Gravel Bike: Which is Best for Commuting?

At first glance, gravel bikes and road bikes look pretty similar. But on closer inspection, these bikes have important differences that will affect the kind of ride you have. If you’re thinking about a new bike for your commute, you’ll...

Cyclescheme vs Cycle2Work: Differences Explained

My Trek hybrid bike is still one of the great loves of my life. It’s a beautiful, sleek, robust machine that I rode to work (and everywhere else) for years. I still ride it, and I wouldn’t own it at...

Are Fixed Gear Bikes Illegal? [Fixie Laws Explained]

The tragic incident in 2016, where a 44-year-old woman was killed by a cyclist riding a fixed gear bike, raised questions around the legality of ‘fixies’ (as they’re commonly known). Over the past two decades, fixies have boomed in popularity....

How to Bike to Work Without Sweating [5 Tips]

Sweating is healthy. We all need to sweat, it’s our body’s way of cooling down. But if we’re cycling to work, the last thing we want is to arrive as a dripping mess, leaving puddles on the floor. Not every...

Do Cyclists Pay ‘Road Tax’? [Truth Revealed]

“Those bloomin’ cyclists, in their silly outfits. They should be paying road tax if they want to use our roads!” It’s a caricature for sure, but it certainly rings familiar. And frustrated motorists have a point, don’t they? After all,...


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