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3 Best Bicycle Handlebar Mirrors (Plus 3 Alternative Mirrors for Cycling)

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Tired of looking over your shoulder for approaching traffic for behind while cycling? There’s an easy solution to this problem – get yourself a mirror for bike handlebar use.

Even better is that, seemingly to the surprise of some cyclists, these mirrors won’t weigh you down, either. Some may be a heavy load to add, but plenty more can be much smaller and just as reliable – and look great, too.

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Let’s run through some advantages of fitting a bike eye mirror, before recommending three of the best bicycle mirrors for handlebars away from a bog-standard Halfords bike mirror, and another three that could go elsewhere:

Benefits of Bike Mirrors

  • Improves road safety – not just your own road safety but that of other pedestrians and drivers around you.
  • Covers any blind spots – will greatly enhance your field of vision and enable you to keep as much of an eye on what’s behind you as what’s ahead of you.
  • Prevents you from swerving – if you no longer have to turn around to see what’s behind you, you’ll be less of a hazard to traffic yourself just by focusing more closely on steering and continuing to cycle in a straight line.
  • Inexpensive – you won’t have to fork out a small fortune for a good bike mirror – and you can’t put a price on safety, after all.

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Top 3: Bicycle Mirrors for Handlebars

Most Durable
CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror, Lense size 45mm, Black
Best Pair
TAGVO Bike Mirrors, 2pcs Bicycle Cycling Rear View Mirrors Adjustable Rotatable Handlebar Mounted Plastic Convex Mirror for Mountain Road Bike
Most Adjustable
BUWEN Bike Mirror Bicycle Rear View Mirror 360°Adjustable Handlebar Convex Mirror Wide Angle Rear View Mirrors Universal for Bike Electric Bike Motorcycle Mirror (black)
CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror
TAGVO Bike Mirror Set
BUWEN 360° Adjustable Bike Handlebar Mirror
Most Durable
CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror, Lense size 45mm, Black
CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror
Best Pair
TAGVO Bike Mirrors, 2pcs Bicycle Cycling Rear View Mirrors Adjustable Rotatable Handlebar Mounted Plastic Convex Mirror for Mountain Road Bike
TAGVO Bike Mirror Set
Most Adjustable
BUWEN Bike Mirror Bicycle Rear View Mirror 360°Adjustable Handlebar Convex Mirror Wide Angle Rear View Mirrors Universal for Bike Electric Bike Motorcycle Mirror (black)
BUWEN 360° Adjustable Bike Handlebar Mirror

Best Mirrors for Bike Handlebars

1. CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror (£12.99)

Sleek, ultra-light, and easy to attach

  • Simple to fasten to drop and flat bars
  • Aluminium and glass construction improves durability
  • Distortion-free viewing

A mirror that ticks pretty much every box, the BM-45 easily attaches to virtually any bike’s handlebar with ease – and looks great, too.

Its aluminium-and-glass design only makes it more durable and alleviates any distortion, keeping your field of vision not only wider, but clearer, too.

And as well as boasting a sleek, black design, it’s extremely lightweight at roughly 45g – so you’ll hardly be weighed down with this on your bike, either.

CatEye BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror
  • Easily attaches to drop and flat bars
  • Slim and ultra-lightweight design in black
  • Constructed of aluminum and glass for durability and virtually distortion-free viewing

2. TAGVO Bike Mirror Set (£9.99)

A superb multi-function convex mirror

  • Wide field of view
  • Adjustable to any viewing angle
  • 360-degree full rotation

And a similarly lightweight model are these TAGVO bike mirrors, which weigh just 29g each and available in a pack of either two or four.

These plastic convex mirrors not only greatly improve your field of vision, but are adjustable to any angle with 360-degree full rotation, too.

Plus, there’s an adjustable buckle strap included, suited for handlebars of diameter between 15 and 35mm. It’s easy to install, too – no tools are needed, just mount it on with a rubber strap in minutes and you’re good to go.

TAGVO Bike Mirror Set
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE:Each one only weight 29g; plastic mirror, silicone rubber backing plate and handle, very durable.
  • PLASTIC CONVEX MIRROR: Mountain bike mirror feature the convex mirror with its wide field of view and is adjustable to any viewing angle.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Base with 360 degrees full rotation and could adjust to any direction to help you watch every direction of your back. Mirror with 180 Degree Plane Rotation to adjust mirror place.

3. BUWEN 360° Adjustable Bike Handlebar Mirror (Price not available)

An ideal cyclist mirror for all sorts of bike

  • Compatible and easy installation with many bike types
  • 360-degree rotatable and adjustable
  • Especially long shelf life

Available in black, red or white, this BUWEN handlebar mirror is shockproof and anti-fall, as well as weather-resistant – so you know it’s built to last.

Again, it’s 360-degree rotatable and adjustable, and is easy to install just by loosening the screw, attaching the cycling mirror to the handlebar and tightening the screw again.

What’s more, it’s not just meant to be a road bike mirror – it’s compatible with a wide array of bikes, and with handlebars of all sorts of diameter (but ideally between 22 and 32mm).

BUWEN 360° Adjustable Bike Handlebar Mirror
  • High Quality:This bike mirror features Acrylic Convex Mirror with a wide field of view for any viewing angle. Shockproof and anti-fall; weather resistant; long service life and easy to clean.
  • 360 ° rotatable and adjustable: This rear-view mirror has a flexible handrail that can be adjusted by 360 °. The mirror can also be rotated through 360 ° and can be adjusted at any angle as...
  • Easy installation: Quick installation and removal using the adjusting screw. Simply loosen the screw, attach the mirror to the handlebar and tighten the screw

Alternative Rear View Bike Mirrors

It’s not just handlebars where a bike rear view mirror belongs. We’ve picked out three more quirky alternatives which should prove just as effective at showing you what’s behind and around you.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd even with regards to bike mirrors, and don’t just want the best bar end mirrors, any of these three might just be your first port of call:

Bike Helmet Mirrors

4. TAGVO Bicycle Helmet Rear View Mirror (£9.03)

An easily-adjustable, easily-installed helmet mirror

  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Suits all sorts of helmet
  • Stable fix to prevent shaking while you ride

If you’d rather strap a mirror to your helmet, have a look at this cycling helmet mirror from TAGVO – it’s made from premium aluminium, so despite maintaining a lightweight feel, it’s built to last.

With its high-definition flat bike helmet mirror, you could hardly see clearly behind you, and it fixes tightly on to your helmet without shaking, while still being easy to adjust the mirror’s positioning.

It’s also 360-degree rotational, easy to install (just add the sticky side of Velcro to the inside of helmet, then the mirror to the Velcro), and suitable for all kinds of helmet for all ages.

TAGVO Bicycle Helmet Rear View Mirror
  • ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE:Universal rotation adjustment, 360 degree adjust the angle of the mirror, can be adjust to the suitable angle in order to meet different needs.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY:Made of high quality ABS material, durable and lightweight to use.
  • LONG ARM:Eco-friendly ABS Plastic long arm ensures clearer rear view without distortions.

Cycling Wrist Mirror

5. Wilxaw Adjustable Bike Wrist Mirror (Price not available)

A breathable, adjustable, comfortable wrist mirror

  • Made with high quality silicone and PU leather
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Ideal for riding any type of bike with

You can even have rear-view bike mirrors on your wrist if you like – and if that’s enticed you, look no further than this Wilxaw design.

It’s exceptionally comfortable thanks to its silicone, PU leather and breathable mesh design, which will keep sweating to a minimum, too.

The angle range within 90 degrees can also be adjusted easily, it’s ideal for all types of bike, and there’s even a small bag included for storing small belongings like coins, keys or phones.

Wilxaw Adjustable Bike Wrist Mirror
  • ♦【Keep Safe】: This bicycle mirror is an indispensable accessory that you need. It can be adjusted to the desired angle. The bike handlebar mirrors rear view can increase your horizons so that...
  • ♦【Comfortable Material】: Bicycle mirrors, high quality, impact resistant, no cracks. Bicycle wrist safety rearview mirror is made with high quality polyester and PU leather. Breathable mesh and...
  • ♦【Adjustable Angle】: Bike handlebar mirror is mounting on the wrist with an elastic fastening belt allows the biker to fully adjust the visible angle (the angle range Within 90° can be adjusted...

Rear-View Sunglasses for Cycling

6. Mengshen Rear-View Mirror Sunglasses (Price not available)

Look like any old pair of sunglasses – but far from it

  • Lenses’ special coating show you what’s behind you
  • Protects against ultraviolet rays
  • Fashionable as well as functional

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of James Bond memorabilia. These used to be known as ‘spy sunglasses’, but it turns out they’re great as cycling mirror glasses, too.

Whether in ‘black edge’ or ‘golden edge’ colours, these cycling mirror sunglasses may look like everyday sunglasses, but their lenses have a special coating which helps you keep an eye (or two) on traffic behind you.

These cycling rear-view mirror sunglasses provide many of the benefits that most sunglasses offer – not least a fashionable look and protection against UV rays. There’s also a stylish glasses case thrown in for good measure; plus,

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