Dashel Urban Re-Cycle Helmet – Review

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If you’re looking for a helmet that complements your urban riding adventures, then the Dashel Re-Cycle helmet could be the one for you.

Dashel are known for their range of helmets that not only have a unique style, but are recyclable and manufactured sustainably.

Being the environmentally-conscious type, this was a huge draw for me. I was keen to try out their eco-friendly Urban Cycle Helmet to see if it lived up to my high expectations.

Dashel Urban Re-Cycle Helmet
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Dashel Urban Re-Cycle Helmet is a sleek and sustainable cycling helmet made from recycled materials. It features a minimalist design, ventilation holes, and an adjustable fit system. It also comes with a convenient carry bag for storage.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimalist style
  • Comfortable
  • Robust


  • Not yet safety certified for the USA

First Impressions

The design of the Re-Cycle helmet may be Marmite for some, but I personally love the look of it. I generally avoid mirrors when wearing a standard bike helmet. Not so with Dashel. The design is singular and stylish with a somewhat retro feel.

There are seven colours available. Unfortunately the one I wanted wasn’t in my size so I opted for black, with the intention of putting some select stickers on in the future. Maybe.

Key Features

  • Certified CE EN1078 safety rating
  • 5 air vents
  • Fidlock Magnetic Clasp
  • Integrated dial fit system
  • Vegan leather carrying loop – can also be used for attaching lights
  • Weight: Small 360g, Medium 380g, Large 430g
  • Interior coolmax pads to wick away sweat – machine washable
  • Re-usable drawstring backpack included

A Sustainable Helmet

One of the best things about the Urban Cycle helmet is that it’s largely eco-friendly. It’s made from recyclable ABS and EPS foam and Dashel will even recycle it for you in return for money off a new purchase.

And in the spirit of sustainability, it arrived in recycled cardboard packaging along with a smart, re-usable and very useful carry bag.

This is a gigantic tick for Dashel. My beef with traditional cycle helmets is that they are notoriously difficult to recycle. It seems incongruous in this day and age to be using cycling kit that is harmful to the environment alongside such an eco-friendly activity.

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Dashel Urban Cycle Helmet

Firstly and importantly, I found it really comfortable. There’s no scratching or itching and the padding is removable (with Velcro), so could be replaced with something thicker if desired. Though I didn’t feel the need – it’s as comfortable as any I’ve experienced in a bike helmet.

It’s also a great fit. Technically (from the size guide) I should have had a small size but as I’m almost in between sizes I instinctively went for the medium, which was the right choice. To tailor the fit there’s a strong adjuster dial at the back which is very easy to tighten and loosen.

The magnetic clasp for the chin strap is something of a revelation. I thought it might come apart when I didn’t want it to, but not at all. It’s a firm clasp and it’s quick and easy to use.

The carrying loop at the back is a nice touch and made of vegan leather, which I was very grateful for. It can also be used to attach a light.


The Urban Cycle helmet has five ventilation holes along the top. This is obviously less ventilation than in a standard helmet and for me this was the real test in terms of how it would compare.

Where I live, there are unavoidable and horrific hills in almost every direction – perfect for finding out how hot and sweaty my head would feel after a decent workout.

25 minutes later, up a steep hill, my head was hot (and sweaty) but not combusting. The difference didn’t seem significant to me in terms of heating up and cooling down.

However, this was at 18°C. How the five ventilation holes will fare at 30°C, I couldn’t yet say. What is fair to say is that this is a good helmet for our ‘temperate’ climate. It certainly protects you from the rain more effectively than a normal helmet.


At 380g (medium size), it’s pretty lightweight, though not the lightest helmet on the market. My old helmet was 150g lighter so the Dashel did feel a little different to begin with.

But I got used to it quickly and didn’t find it “heavy” on my head. Unless you’re specifically looking for something super-lightweight, the weight shouldn’t be an issue.

How Safe Is It?

The Urban Cycle helmet is certified EN1078 for safety. It’s tested on all sides and in extreme hot and cold temperatures. There are more rigorous safety standards out there, but it does comply with the European Standard.

Overall Verdict

The Dashel Urban Cycle helmet is a comfortable, robust piece of urban-style headwear that is great looking with impressive attention to detail.

The only issue I found is that the strap is a little awkward and stiff to adjust when on. That said, I wouldn’t want it to be any thinner and in time this should get easier as it’s worn in.

At £79, the price reflects the quality. Absolutely nothing about this helmet feels cheap or flimsy. Personally, I’m hooked. I’d say it’s well worth the money.

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