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Best Apple Airtag Bike Mounts [Top 3]

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An age-old battle rages on our city streets between those who ride bikes and those who rob bikes.  It’s actually more complex than that when we consider there are drivers alongside us behaving like cyclists don’t exist!  

Bicycle thefts fell from over 100,000 in 2017-18 to 77,300 in 2020-21. While answering the question ‘how common is bike theft’ this also highlights something more important. In whichever direction the statistics are trending, no-one wants to step out of a coffee shop, coffee in hand, to an empty space where your bike used to be.

Cometh Apple to the rescue (yet again). 2021 saw the release of the Apple AirTag, a device manufactured to be used with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network to locate misplaced items. Of course as a devoted bicycle user, your first question is, ‘can Apple Airtags be used to track a bicycle?’.

Now we have the tech and a reason to use it, let’s clarify the optimal approaches to placement and functionality for the top 3 Apple Airtag bike mounts currently available on the market, for the discerning cyclist.

Best Airtag Bike Mounts

  1. Offers better protection

    Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder

    Designed to track your bike down in the event of theft from a long range.

  2. Easy assembly

    Ninja Mount bikeTag Saddle

    Most inconspicuous attachment and fits all common bicycle saddle.

  3. Safe way to attach

    SUPMEGA AirTag Bicycle Mount

    Compatible with any bike with standard 64mm water bottle holder holes


How to Attach Airtag to a Bike

Once you’ve purchased your Airtag you’ll need to attach it to your bike. Depending on your bike and your personal preference, there are a variety of positions where you can place it.

Though you could theoretically apply a lot of superglue to secure the tag to your bike, once the 12 month lifetime of the Airtag battery wears out, you’ll be prying off the glue and your bike’s finish to repeat the process.

The majority of the mounts are fixed by hex/allen keys, with the Airtag placed within two pieces of material and then screwed to your bike frame.

Where to Put an Airtag on a Bike

Placing an Airtag on your bike is not a preventative measure to avoid theft. The placement of the Airtag should be where the device is least conspicuous.  We’re thinking of areas of the bike that aren’t immediately visible or accessible. Beneath the seat post, under bottle cage races, within headsets, even underneath mudguards if they have enough clearance.  

There are a number of Airtag mounts that are disguised as easily detachable reflectors. Although these are camouflaged, their ease of access makes them less desirable.

The 3 best positions to place an Apple Airtag mount to a bike are:

  1. Underneath the saddle (between the rails)
  2. Underneath the bottle cage (with the cage on top to obstruct access and viewing) 
  3. Within the headset (more accessible than the above two but less extraneous).

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Best Apple Airtag Bike Holder [Top 3]

1. Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder

  • UK Flag £15
  • US Flag $45
  • EU Flag €19

Prices are approximate

  • Weighs 33.6g with AirTag fitted
  • Compatible with most standard bottle cages
  • Available in twelve colours

Compatible with Apple AirTags

Fits securely under your bottle cage

Supplied with 2x T25 security 25mm bolts and 1x security key

A familiar brand name is always comforting. Muc-Off, whilst better known for their cleaning products, have manufactured a tag holder from machined aircraft grade 6061 aluminium for the body, with T25 security bolts. The close range detection is lessened. However, it serves its function to impede would-be thieves, and remains detectable on the ‘Find my’ network. It’s available in 12 colours.


  • Very easy installation
  • Perfect compatibility with any type of frame



  • Tracking device not included with mount

2. Ninja Mount bikeTag Saddle

  • UK Flag £19
  • EU Flag €15

Prices are approximate

  • Easy assembly with the special tools supplied

Universally mountable on bicycle saddle

Theft protection through safety screws

Inconspicuous attachment

With this option we’re particularly fond of the nondescript matt casing, the flush mounting beneath the saddle, and the theft protection from the supplied through-screws. I’d also suggest the anyTag, available at Ninja Mount, which encourages more creative placement (the previously mentioned mudguard for example). However more data on this mount’s water resistance would need to be collected.


  • Easy assembly with the special tools supplied



  • Airtag not included.

3. SUPMEGA AirTag Bicycle Mount

  • UK Flag £14
  • US Flag $14

Prices are approximate

  • Dimensions: 7.7L x 3.8W x 1.3H cm


A safe way to attach AirTag neatly and subtly under the bottle holder.

Bicycle mount is solid, durable and weatherproof

Waterproof AirTag Case

A more obscurely branded and titled Amazon find, this Supmega mount has a water resistant rubber ring seal implemented in its construction. This would benefit those cycling in wet weather, or riding frequently through muddy terrain, whilst still retaining the discretion of the above Ninja Mount.


  • Easy to fit
  • Waterproof
  • The material is of good quality


  • Not cheap

The Apple Airtag is far from the perfect tool to recover a lost bike. Where possible attention should be placed on avoiding the theft of your bike initially.

As technology continues to improve, and the culture of cycling becomes more widespread the above 3 Apple AirTag bike mounts will be a reliable tool, ensuring that in the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen you’ll still have a chance of recovering your trusty steed.

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