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Best AirTag Bike Mounts: Top Tag Holders in 2024

Best AirTag Mounts illustrated with AirBell Apple AirTag Bike Mount

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Looking for the best Apple AirTag bike mounts? We’ve got you covered.

The Apple AirTag was launched in 2021, and while it was initially intended as a way to find small everyday objects like your keys or wallet, it’s inadvertently become one of the best GPS bike trackers around.

The biggest challenge with using an AirTag on your bike is finding somewhere safe, secure, and discreet to put it. Fortunately, many brands have come up with some ingenious solutions for this.

In this article, we’ll help you identify the best AirTag bike mounts around before giving you some more tips on where to hide an AirTag on your bike.

Best Apple AirTag Bike Mount (Top 5)

  1. AirBell Apple AirTag Bike Mount



    Hide your AirTag inside this inconspicuous bell.

  2. Matrix Air Cage Apple AirTag Bike Mount

    Bottle It Up

    Matrix Air Cage

    Subtly hide your AirTag between the bottle cage and bike frame.

  3. Woo Apple AirTag Bike Mount


    WOO Holder

    A stylish and durable option for hiding your AirTag.

  4. Stealth Apple AirTag Bike Mount

    Very 007

    Stealth AirTag Bike Mount

    Put your AirTag inside this reflector.

  5. Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0 in black Apple AirTag Bike Mount

    No Chance

    Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0

    Thieves don’t stand a chance against this rigid mount.

Prevent Theft and Catch Thieves

Bicycle theft is depressingly common, with 77,148 bikes reported stolen in England and Wales during 2022/23.

Unfortunately, the real numbers will much higher, as 71% of bike theft victims don’t bother reporting the crime to police due to the feeling they have little hope of getting their bike back.

However, by attaching a GPS tracker or an Apple AirTag to your bike, you’ll have a real hope of being able to locate in the event it is stolen and – top tip – you can even reduce the risk of your bike being stolen in the first place if you add a sticker or a note saying that your bike has a built-in GPS tracker.

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How to Choose an AirTag Bike Holder?

Will it fit on your bicycle? Not all AirTags are a perfect fit. Make sure the one you select is not moving around or unable to properly attach to your bicycle.

Is it easy for thieves to remove? Some mounts come with tamper-resistant Torx screws making it impossible for thieves to open or remove them.

Is it too obvious and not hidden? Is the mount discreet enough so that a thief won’t easily spot your hidden tracker?

Will the mount affect the AirTag’s signal? AirTags use Bluetooth signals (not satellites) to anonymously connect to nearby Apple devices in order to identify its exact location.

Best AirTag Bike Mounts

A look at online reviews, news articles, and user feedback highlighted these AirTag bike mounts as being at the top of their class.

1. AirBell

Photos of the AirBell AirTag Bike Mount
  • UK Flag £17
  • US Flag $22
  • EU Flag €20

Prices are approximate

  • Compatible with the Apple AirTag (not included).
  • Registered design.
  • Tool included for easy assembly.

It’s all in the name. Protect your bike with this inconspicuous bell into which you can insert your AirTag. The mechanism of the AirBell is simple and cannot be seen from the outside.


  • It’s a clever design and has some serious 007 gadget vibes.
  • It’s dual-purpose: A bell and an AirTag mount.
  • It’s a unique design.


  • Worldwide shipping restrictions. (Contact AirBell before placing international orders)
  • Extra shipping costs if not located in Germany.

2. Matrix Air Cage

Photos of The Matrix AirTag Mount
  • UK Flag £24
  • US Flag $30
  • EU Flag €28

Prices are approximate

  • Weight: 44g.
  • Dimensions: 150mm, 82.5mm, 90.6mm.
  • Includes TR25 security bolts and tool.
  • Ultra-wideband tested.

Designed with a built-in, discreet holder for an Apple AirTag. Featuring a minimalist, dual-side-loading design, cleanly hiding the AirTag between the bottle cage and bike frame.


  • Extremely light.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.


  • Only available in one color.

3. WOO Holder

Photos of the WOO Holder AirTag Bike Mount
  • UK Flag £13
  • US Flag $16
  • EU Flag €15

Prices are approximate

  • Easy mounting.
  • Fits all bike frames with bottle holes.
  • Lightweight (0.4 oz).
  • Weather resistant.
  • Security screws included.

Software Engineer Christian Kulas’ bike got stolen in 2020, leading to him looking for a solution so his bike would never disappear again. The WOO is mounted between the water bottle cage and frame on the lower downtube.


  • High-quality product.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Discreet and blend in effortlessly.


Limited to three colours.

4. Stealth AirTag Bike Mount

Stouchi Stealth AirTag Mount
  • UK Flag £13
  • US Flag $17
  • EU Flag €16

Prices are approximate

  • A Stouchi product.
  • Available in black.
  • Waterproof and made from rubber.

This holder is not only a Rear reflector but also a AirTag mount. Give your missing bike a second chance with this covert device. Suitable for seat post with a diameter of 25.4mm-31.8mm.


  • Waterproof.
  • Sturdy and firm.
  • Dual-purpose reflector and AirTag mount.


  • The reflector tilt angle is not adjustable.
  • The density of the rubber may affect the Bluetooth signal.

5. Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0

Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0
  • UK Flag £35
  • US Flag $45
  • EU Flag €41

Prices are approximate

  • Fits standard bottle cage.
  • Machine Aluminium.
  • T25 Security Bolts and key.

Your AirTag tracker will be housed in a machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium body, that’s supplied with 2 sets of T25 security Torx bolts and a security key for an extra level of protection against theft.


  • Fits most existing standard bottle cage mounts (64mm spacing).
  • AirTag housed in a machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum body.
  • Variety of colours available.


  • Easy to identify as an AirTag holder. (Although that may deter thieves even more)
  • Material weakens Bluetooth signal.

How Do I Mount an AirTag to My Bike?

Just like phone and laptop covers, the market was quick to react to Apple’s shiny new toy and there is already a magnitude of AirTag mounts available on the market. The function of these mounts are to attach your tag to your bicycle in a discreet way which will make it difficult for thieves to find.

Best Place to Put an AirTag Holder on Your Bike

Now that you’ve bought the AirTag and the best mount you can attach it to your bike. The placement of the AirTag should be where the device is least conspicuous.  That will be the areas of the bike that aren’t immediately visible or accessible.

Best Places to Hide an AirTag on Your Bicycle:

  1. Attached to the handlebar. (AirBell is perfect for this)
  2. Inside the water bottle cage. (Matrix Air Cage works really well for this)
  3. Underneath the bottle cage. (Use the WOO Holder for this)
  4. Inside or behind the reflector. (Sochi’s Stealth mount is perfect for this)
  5. Underneath the saddle (between the rails).
  6. Underneath the mudguard.
  7. Within the headset.
Where to attach your Apple AirTag Bike Mount to your bicycle.

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