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Compare the Best Bike Insurance Online: Protect Your Bicycle

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Though it’s not a legal requirement for cyclists to be insured, it could be better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you’re regularly out cycling (e.g. a commuter), bike insurance only protects you further, in the event, however likely or unlikely, of an accident, or your bicycle is stolen.

Before you do anything, though, your bike may already be insured under a home contents policy without you even knowing, so best to check that out first. This can be risky, though; if your bike is stolen, for instance, and is worth less than the excess (the amount of any claim you must pay), you won’t get anything from a claim.

Even if you do have contents insurance, studies show that one in three household policies don’t cover bikes away from home. Consider what type of bicycle insurance you would most benefit from. Do they cover thefts? To what extent do they cover personal injuries? Are you covered abroad as well as in your home country? Do they cover bike accessories or clothing, too?

Let’s compare bike insurance between these three leading companies, with five reasons as to why they’ll have your back:

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  • From just £2 a month, they offer extremely cheap bike insurance, with three simple policies containing plenty of extra benefits.
  • ‘Assist’ – for those only requiring rider insurance (covers personal accidents, public liability, emergency private medical and dental treatment, emergency physiotherapy and gives free legal advice).
  • ‘Essential’ – providing all of the protection benefits, plus insuring your bicycle (covers theft, accidental damage, personal accident, public liability, emergency private medical and dental treatment, emergency physiotherapy and gives free legal advice).
  • ‘Elite’ – providing virtually every type of cover you could hope for from your insurance provider (covers theft, accidental damage, global travel cover, active/sports cover, transition cover, replacement cycle hire, taxi fare reimbursement, personal accident, public liability, emergency private medical and dental treatment, emergency physiotherapy and gives free legal advice).
  • Wiggle also offers expert customer service, 0 per cent monthly payments, no extra charge for city postcodes, up to 60 per cent multi-bike discount, replacement bike hire, taxi fare reimbursement, among many other useful benefits.


  • Equipment cover – offers protection for your bike and accessories against theft and accidental damage for up to £30,000.
  • Public Liability cover – offers protection if you accidently injure someone or damage third-party property while cycling for up to £5 million.
  • Personal Accident cover – offers protection if you have a cycling accident that causes permanent disability or death. It also covers physiotherapy, broken bones, hospitalisation and emergency dental expenses which were due to your cycling accident.
  • With Cycleplan, you can also insure multiple bikes and accessories on one policy, while offering UK customer service a lowest price guarantee.
  • There is no extra charge on cycle insurance if you live in a city (excluding London and Manchester postcodes), and no premium penalty following a claim.


  • A dedicated insurer to both cyclists and triathletes, which has grown to become the best bike insurance in the UK based on their prices and level of service provided.
  • Bike & Home policy – covers theft, personal accident and liability and crash damage. It also provides multi-bike insurance – you can insure as many bicycles and as much kit and accessories as you like and the price and cover won’t change. This is also worldwide insurance with airline cover, too, and also offers race fee cancellation if you’re competing in time trials, triathlons and more.
  • Travel policy – covers activities like triathlon and downhill mountain biking, personal accident and liability, and emergency dental treatment and medical expenses.
  • Currently insures more than £50 million worth of bikes to-date.
  • Also offers healthcare insurance if you get injured or can’t compete in certain events, designed to give you quick, easy access to treatment, with greater flexibility about where and when you receive it.

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