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Best Bike Cup Holders [Top 7 for 2024]

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Whatever your beverage of choice, be it a delicious steaming hot coffee, a refreshing juice or something fizzy, a drink can be a lovely addition to your journey to work, or any other cycling trip.

We seem to do a lot of activities as we cycle to work nowadays that we never used to, many of which involve using a smartphone. And as it’s become perfectly acceptable to multi-task as you cycle, why not have a drink on the go, too?

That said, the last thing you want is your cappuccino spilling all over your legs, or having to navigate traffic and junctions with one hand. This is why, if you are taking a drink on your bike, you’ll need somewhere to put it.

If I’d known a few years ago that there was such a thing as a bicycle handlebar cup holder, it would have revolutionized my commute. Of course, cycling as an activity can deliver you to work feeling fresh and revived. But cycling and coffee? What’s not to love?

So below, we’ll take a look at a range of the best bike cup holders available to suit your needs.

  1. Versatile, Waterproof Cup Holder

    Handlestash Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder

    Securely holds any drink on handlebars with shock-absorbing suspension, easy installation, and vibrant color options.

  2. Durable, Multi-Purpose Bike Holder

    Cruzies Bike Cup Holder

    Securely carries various items, with foam insert, sleek design, multiple color options, and sturdy metal bracket attachment.

  3. Splash-Free Coffee Holder

    JOERide Secure Bicycle Coffee Holder

    Securely holds tapered coffee cups, easy installation, splash-free design with food-grade silicone strap, available in multiple colors.

  4. Personalized Leather Holder

    DrinkSlings Personalised Leather Bicycle Cup Holder

    High-quality leather cup holder with customizable personalization options, unique stamps, and versatile mounting options.

  5. Versatile Velcro Cup Holder

    Kemimoto Bike Cup Holder

    Adjustable, stable cup holder made from durable fabric, featuring Velcro loops, sponge cushioning, and convenient mesh pockets.

  6. Sleek Aluminum Cup Holder

    Alomejor Aluminium Bike Cup Holder

    Minimalist design, suitable for tapered cups, durable aluminum construction, adjustable clamp, affordable price, lightweight, and stylish color options.

How Do You Hold a Cup on a Bike?

However you hold a cup on a bike, it’s a very good idea to leave yourself with two hands free for the business of cycling. One option is to transfer coffee, or any other drink into a thermos flask and put it in your water bottle cage.

However, drinking from a thermos as you cycle is problematic in that you have to navigate the lid, which apart from requiring two hands, will take your focus off the road.

Another idea might be to invest in a decent travel mug with a very good lid. This could be stored in a basket or a frame bag. But again, there’s the issue of how to get to it easily (if in a bag), and whether stopping at traffic lights gives you enough time to take off the lid and take a sip. It could be a frustrating journey.

Ultimately, the best option to transport your brew is to use a bike cup holder. These are designed to carry your drink safely and securely, leaving your hands free for your brakes, your gears, your bike bell, or anything else.

Types of Bike Cup Holders

Bike cup holders do vary in style. Some are simple rings to slip the cup into, while others are full holders that can accommodate just about any drink. Some are similar to water cages, either metal or plastic. More sophisticated holders might be insulated or shock-absorbing.

  • Full cup holders – these can hold cups, cans or bottles and are also good for tapered takeaway coffee cups which can sit awkwardly in a rigid cage or bracket
  • Ring cup holders – a simple ring, which can vary in thickness and suitable for tapered cups.
  • Cage cup holders – these are much like a water bottle cage, but attach to the bike handlebars and have a bottom to secure the drink
  • Insulated cup holders – full cup holders with insulation to keep your drink warm
  • Shock-absorbing cup holders – designed to reduce bumps and lessen the chance of spillage

Cup Holder for Bicycle: Key Features

Whatever type of bicycle cup holder you choose, there are some key features that you should look out for. Essentially, these are to do with how the holder functions and whether it is practical, secure and accessible.

  • Must attach to the handlebars securely
  • Must hold the drink stably in place and upright
  • Should allow for the drink to be removed easily
  • Should allow for an accessible mounting position
  • Should accommodate cups of different sizes, through design or adjustment
  • If made with fabric, this should be waterproof

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Best Bicycle Cup Holders [Top 7]

Best Bike Handlebar Cup Holder:

1. Handlestash Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Holder

  • UK Flag £32
  • US Flag $45
  • EU Flag €38

Prices are approximate

Shock-absorbing suspension to prevent spills

Adjustable opening to secure drinks

Stretch design allows for deeper bottles and containers

Tested on the harshest trails, the Handlestash cup holder has a unique, shock-absorbing suspension design. Made out of fabric and sewn with lightweight elastic, it also has an adjustable opening to hold your drink securely, no matter what size or shape.

The Handlestash attaches easily and firmly to your handlebars with a strong, quick-release mount without the need for tools, with a grippy rubber strip to prevent any slipping as you ride. There’s also a mounting bolt included for those who’d like it to be a more permanent fixture on the bike.

The stretchy design means it can even carry longer bottles that need more space. If you have a short cup you can insert the foam pad at the bottom. It can carry small and large cans, cartons, coffee cups of all sizes, and even your sandwich wrap if you want it to.

And let’s not skim over the aesthetics. There is a range of very funky (and even two-tone) colours to choose from, which simply adds to the appeal.

It took two years for Adam (the creator) to develop the Handlestash, and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s a truly versatile and fully waterproof cup holder that will keep your drink safe and spill-free, even on the toughest roads.


  • Shock-absorbing design keeps drinks intact
  • Strong, tool-free mount with quick release
  • Holds any shape of drink up to 8.25 cm in diameter


  • More expensive than some other cup holders

2. Cruzies Bike Cup Holder

  • UK Flag £11
  • US Flag $15
  • EU Flag €13

Prices are approximate

Made from durable stainless steel

Includes drain hole

Eleven different colours to choose from

This durable, stainless steel bike cup holder, made by the same manufacturers as the HydroFlask, can carry cups, bottles, cans, phones, keys and so much more.

Available in seven colours, including sea foam, baby blue and hot pink, this sleek holder doesn’t just look good, it also has a foam insert to keep your drinks warm or cold. The dimensions of the holder are 17.8 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm and it weighs 260 grams.

This isn’t the cheapest cup holder on the market, but nor is it the most expensive either, and it does have a very robust design. It attaches to the handlebars with a strong metal bracket which secures it in an upright position. Your drink sits above the handlebars so it’s very easy to reach.

There are also different versions to choose from too, including the Cruzie Stealth that mounts from the side of the cup instead of the bottom. And there are extra-large cup holders available – ideal for commuters who need a more substantial coffee fix as they journey to work.


  • Mounts securely with a strong metal bracket
  • Foam insert keeps drinks warm or cold
  • Different sized cup holders available


  • Can be noisy without the foam insert in
  • Only suitable for horizontal handlebars

3. JOERide Secure Bicycle Coffee Holder

  • UK Flag £15
  • US Flag $21
  • EU Flag €18

Prices are approximate

Fits small, medium and large takeaway cup sizes

Silicone strap to secure the drink

Four strap colours available

This handy holder is designed for tapered takeaway coffee cups (or tea, if that’s your preference) and can hold small, medium or large sizes.

With over 1000s now sold to delighted customers, JOERide claims to be the first of its kind, “splash free” coffee holder. It mounts easily with a mini allen key that is provided, so you don’t need any tools of your own, and will fit handlebars between 22 mm and 30 mm in diameter.

The coffee cup sits securely in the cage, and the “splash free” part comes in the form of a strap made from food grade silicone that attaches over the cup to secure the lid firmly in place. These straps can be bought separately, are dishwasher safe and available in four colours.

The strap allows plenty of room to access your coffee, and has three sizing holes to ensure a snug fit for different cups. It’s a simple but very clever design. And there are few cup holders out there that guarantee a completely spill-free ride.

With the JOERide coffee holder you’ll be sipping your coffee effortlessly on your way to work, or anywhere else. And when you’re not drinking? It’ll stay safely in the cup as you cycle.


  • Accommodates different cup sizes
  • Strong mount with rubber shims for a slip-free grip
  • Splash-free design


  • Ships from the US so postage costs are high

4. DrinkSlings Personalised Leather Bicycle Cup Holder

  • UK Flag £37
  • US Flag $52
  • EU Flag €44

Prices are approximate

Leather design available in three colours

Can be personalised with text and stamps

Attaches to handlebars, baskets or belts

For those wanting a more bespoke bicycle cup holder, DrinkSlings offers a distinctive, quality leather holder that can be personalised with your name or a short slogan, along with a stamp of your choice.

There is a range of stamps to choose from, including a flower, skull and crossbone, stars, a smiley face and even a hemp leaf. Your DrinkSlings cup holder can literally be one of a kind and would also make an ideal present.

Of course, you don’t have to have it personalised if you prefer a plain, and the holder itself looks amazing with a beautiful leather design and strong studs. It’s available in black, brown or distressed/grey.

The DrinkSlings cup holder mounts easily to handlebars and baskets. And if you want to take your drink off the bike and remain hands-free? It will also attach to your belt.

As bike cup holders go, this is certainly one of the most unique. Admittedly, it’s not going to suit vegans, but the strong leather and classic ranch-style design will appeal to many. This is a versatile holder that is built to last.


  • High quality bespoke design
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Made of durable strong leather


  • Expensive shipping costs
  • Not suitable for vegans/vegetarians

5. Kemimoto Bike Cup Holder

  • UK Flag £6
  • US Flag $8
  • EU Flag €6

Prices are approximate

Soft, waterproof fabric design

Velcro loops for easy attachment and removal

Mesh pockets for storing small items

The Kemimoto is a hugely versatile cup holder that is fully adjustable and able to support almost any beverage container.

Weighing 59g and with dimensions of 19.9 x 19.2 x 7.5 cm, the holder itself is made from high quality Oxford fabric that is durable and washable.

The ingenuity of the design is in the four Velcro loops that hook around the bike handlebars and stem, positioned diagonally. This gives it a lot of stability, and the soft sponge inside will absorb many of those bumps in the road.

The top of the holder has an adjustable drawstring to secure containers of different shapes and sizes. You can carry cans, bottles, coffee cups and drinks cartons with ease.

There are also handy mesh pockets on the side of the holder where you can store your phone, keys or any other small items. This is a nice touch that scores top marks for practicality.

The Velcro loops mean the Kemimoto cup holder is easy to attach and remove. Overall, the quality of the design and materials justify the slightly higher price tag. This is a secure, stable and versatile cup holder that is perfect for commuting or otherwise.


  • Four loops for stable and versatile positioning
  • Can carry a range of cups, cans and bottles
  • Adjustable drawstring to secure containers


  • More expensive than some other bike cup holders

Best Budget Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

6. Alomejor Aluminium Bike Cup Holder

  • UK Flag £10
  • US Flag $14
  • EU Flag €12

Prices are approximate

Sleek, minimalist style

Made out of high quality aluminium

Four colours available

The Alomejor bike cup holder is appealing in its simplicity. It has a clean, minimalist design making it an unobtrusive feature on a bike when not in use.

Best for tapered cups, its inner measurement is 7.6 cm, but the simple ring design allows for a lot of versatility in terms of cup size. This is a suitable holder for takeaway cups, but not suitable for cans or straight bottles.

Made out of high quality aluminium, it’s a firm, durable and solid cup holder that mounts to the bike handlebars with a bolted clamp that has a rubber lining to ensure a firm, non-scratch grip. It can be easily adjusted for an upright or a slightly angled position.

Unlike some of its rivals, this is not designed to absorb shocks on bumpier roads, but the price is very appealing. Alomejor offers a quality cup holder that is affordable. Great for those on a budget who are looking for something strong, stylish and sleek.

Available in red, black, silver and blue, the Alomejor bike cup holder weighs a mere 76 g and is perfect for cyclists who enjoy a drink on the go and prefer a simple style.


  • Very affordable price
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Minimalist design


  • Not suitable for cans and straight cups
  • Not shock-absorbing
  • Non-rotatable

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