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Best Bike Phone Mounts: Top 7 Phone Holders in 2023

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We live in an age where over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Having a handy-sized, sophisticated computer allows us to do virtually anything on the move.

On our bikes, smartphones enable us to navigate, check our speed, listen to music, make notes, light the way and so much more. We can even make a call!

There are clear advantages to having your phone at your fingertips while riding. You can, of course, get brilliant cycling computers for all your needs, but a smartphone will do the same job without you having to invest in a separate piece of equipment.

But if you are using a smartphone while cycling, for safety reasons it needs to be accessible. And with this in mind, a good bike phone mount could be your best option.

It’s also important to use headphones that enable you to still hear your surroundings while cycling.

Best Bike Phone Mount

  1. Quad Lock Bike Kit

    a smartphone mounting system for bikes, designed to securely hold your phone while you ride.

  2. Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Holder

    A phone mount for bikes that uses magnets to securely attach your phone.

  3. Fidlock Vacuum Phone Holder with Case

    A magnetic phone mount for bikes that comes with a protective case.

  4. SP Connect Roadbike Bundle

    A mounting system for phones on road bikes, featuring a lightweight and aerodynamic design.

  5. Zefal Bike Kit

    A mounting system for phones on road bikes, featuring a lightweight and aerodynamic design.

  6. Topeak Omni Ridecase DX

    A bike phone mount with a versatile design, compatible with multiple phone models and easy to install.

  7. Velocity Clip Smartphone Bike Mount

    A universal phone mount for bikes, compatible with most smartphones and featuring a durable design.

Where to Put Your Phone While Cycling

There are many ways you can carry a phone while cycling. You can put a phone in a pocket, a backpack, pannier, or strap it around your waist or arm. But in terms of ease of access and visibility, if you’re using the phone while moving, a phone mount is by far the most practical.

Where you put your phone will depend on how often you want to use it and whether you’re stationary or moving when you do use it.

Many cycling garments have easily-accessible pockets where you can store your phone. Armbands or waistbands with phone holders can also be used. However, accessing your phone this way does mean taking your vision away from the road.

A bike phone mount offers clear visibility that aligns with your cycling field of vision. Your phone stays put and can be used safely while on the move. It’s a practical solution for those who want to use the phone frequently, without interrupting the ride.

Types of Bike Phone Mounts

Primarily, there are three different types of bike phone mounts: Bike phone mount brackets, bike phone mounts with a case and bike phone frame bags. Each have advantages and disadvantages and whichever you choose will depend on your requirements.

Bike phone mount brackets attach to your bike and secure your phone with grips. These do not need a specific case for the phone. The advantage is that they are often universal and can accommodate many different types and sizes of phone.

Bike phone mounts + cases hold the smartphone in a case that is specific to the make and size of the phone. The case is attached to a mount, usually on the bike handlebars or stem. These are more protective and can also be weather-resistant, and many manufacturers offer a range of cases to fit different phone models.

Bike phone frame bags are small bags that attach to the top tube with a transparent cover which the phone sits beneath. They offer the advantage of extra storage space for small items and are often weather resistant, but they can take up a quite a lot of space at the front of the bike.

Handlebar Phone Mount vs Bike Frame Phone Mount

A handlebar phone mount offers a central position that is good for visibility and ease of use. This is ideal if you’re using your phone frequently. With a frame mount you have to reach further and look downwards when using the phone. This is better if you’re stopping to use the phone.

Bicycle Phone Cases vs Bike Phone Mounts

Bike phone cases often offer better protection and security, ideal for tough off-road riding, cobbles, or any uneven terrain. But the case is specific to the phone so must be replaced if you get a different model. Bike phone mounts offer more versatility, usually accommodating a variety of phones.

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Bicycle Phone Holders (Top 7)

1. Quad Lock Bike Kit

  • UK Flag £40
  • US Flag $49
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google & Universal fit

Three mounting options available

Portrait and landscape phone orientation

Lightweight, minimalist design

The Quad Lock Bike Kit offers a range of options to suit your individual needs. You can choose between three mounts and a range of cases to fit most smartphones.

If you want to avoid buying a phone-specific case, the Universal Adaptor is designed to attach any smartphone, with or without a case, to the Quad Lock bike mounts. This is done with a strong adhesive, and it is strong, so it’s important to position the phone or case correctly before committing to it.

All of the Quad Lock mounts are lightweight and extremely robust. The Handlebar/Stem Mount, with compact dimensions of 25mm x 35mm, fits securely to the bike stem or handlebar with a choice of small or large mounting O-rings or Nylon zip ties. The phone attaches and detaches with an easy-to-use twist and lock system.

The Out Front Mount and Out Front Mount PRO (for racing bikes) are designed for aerodynamics, featuring a rigid aluminium mounting arm. Each mount offers portrait or landscape orientation.

If you opt for a Quad Lock case, they are sleek enough to be used on and off the bike, and there’s an optional weather-resistant cover, the Poncho, to protect your phone from the elements.

The Quad Lock mount system is versatile, strong and reliable. It’s perfect for any kind of biking, and once your phone is in place, it won’t budge.


  • You can choose a system to suit your needs
  • Lightweight, strong and secure
  • Easy to attach to the bike


  • More expensive than some other bike phone mounts
  • Adhesive doesn’t come off, so if used directly on the phone it is permanent


2. Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Phone Holder

  • UK Flag £30
  • US Flag $39
  • EU Flag €35

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: All smartphones up to 17.2 cm

Powerful magnetic system to secure the phone

360° rotatable

Universal mounting without tools

Securing your phone in place with magnets, you may fear that it could be jolted loose on rough terrain. Rest assured that this is not the case. The Shapeheart phone mount uses a magnetic system that withstands up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone.

The magnets are safe for the smartphone, being located between the two iron plates that cut the magnetic field.

The kit includes a mount and a sleeve to hold your phone. The mount is compatible with handlebars and stems up to 50mm in diameter, and at 32mm x 14.8mm, it’s small and unobtrusive. Using the included rubber bands or silicone straps, it can be attached and detached in a mere two seconds.

The sleeves come in three sizes that are compatible with all brands of phones without the need to remove the cover. These allow touchscreen use, with or without touchscreen gloves, and are weatherproof, with an opening for a USB port or headphones.

Once in the sleeve, the phone is held securely to the mount and can be rotated 360°, offering complete versatility.

And with a powerful magnetic system designed to withstand up to 8 kg, you can ride on cobbles, tracks, speedbumps or any other kind of terrain, confident that your phone will stay in place.


  • Offers versatile phone positioning
  • Touchscreen sleeve protects phone from the elements
  • The mount is small, unobtrusive and easy to attach


  • You need a bit of strength to remove the phone
  • The sleeve is not as attractive as some others offered
  • Sleeve sizing guide does not allow for larger phone cases

3. Fidlock Vacuum Phone Holder with Case

  • UK Flag £30
  • US Flag $35
  • EU Flag €32

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: iPhone, Samsung

Powerful locking system using magnetic force and suction

Quick, one-hand release system

360° rotatable

The Fidlock Vacuum phone mounting system uses an ingenious combination of suction and magnetic force to securely attach your smartphone to the bike. The phone is centred by the magnets and is locked in place by the vacuum pressure created by the 60mm wide suction cup that prevents any shaking.

This combination allows for an intuitive attach and release system that can be done easily with one hand. In spite of the tenacious power of the grip, the phone comes off smoothly by pressing a lever on the side of the base that breaks the suction seal.

The kit includes a vacuum-magnetic smartphone case, and a choice of two mounts to fit either the handlebar or the stem top. These can be bought as a set, or individually.

The handlebar mount attaches with a clamp or cable ties to fit handlebars up to 46mm in diameter. The stem mount consists of an ahead cap that screws onto the head tube, onto which the base mount is fastened using a clamp or screw. This can be easily removed if you’re not using your phone.

Once attached, the smartphone is 360° rotatable, and prevented from rotating during riding by a ratchet. It’s ideal for any kind of riding, from commuting to tough terrains.

Fidlock offer an impressive range of cases to accommodate virtually any smartphone, though at the time of writing not all are available from Amazon.


  • Choice of handlebar or stem mounting
  • Extremely secure phone mounting connection
  • Easy to attach and release the phone


  • Cases are not fully waterproof
  • Clamp size doesn’t allow for central handlebar positioning on all bikes

4. SP Connect Roadbike Bundle

  • UK Flag £55
  • US Flag $64
  • EU Flag €60

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google & Universal fit

Secure fastening with a simple clockwise turn

Weather Cover to protect from rain, dust and dirt

Allows for optimal phone positioning

The SP Connect Roadbike Bundle consists of a hard, durable smartphone case and a choice of three different mounts (Standard, Pro and Aero), that can be mounted on the bike handlebars or stem with a plastic clamp, protected from slipping by a rubber pad.

With a 90° clockwise turn, the phone is mounted securely in seconds and stays in place. The handlebar mount is suitable for handlebars up to 31.8 mm in diameter, with interchangeable mounting options.

You can choose a case to fit iPhone or Samsung smartphone models, or a Universal case for smartphones in two sizes – 70 x 153 mm or 80 x 165 mm. There is also a Weather Cover (though this is not included in the Universal Bundles) that not only provides protection from the elements, but also adds shock resistance to your phone.

The mounts are lightweight, sleek and aerodynamic. The Pro mount has an out-front position that aligns perfectly with your field of vision. The Aero mount is one of the lightest on the market, weighing only 5 grams, with an asymmetrical shape allowing for optimal positioning of your phone.

This is not the cheapest bike phone mounting kit out there, but SP Connect offer exceptional quality and different options to suit your needs. Your phone will be secure and protected, whatever the weather.


  • Three mounting options available
  • Phone positioned in the centre of your vision
  • Choice of cases to fit most smartphones


  • More expensive than some other bike phone mounts
  • Weather Cover not included in Universal Bundles

5. Zefal Bike Kit

  • UK Flag £20
  • US Flag $28
  • EU Flag €25

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: All smartphones up to 12.5 x 16.5 cm

Versatile fit to accommodate any smartphone

Adjustable angle for landscape or portrait mode

Hard, shock-absorbing silicone case

The Zefal Universal Bike Phone Holder offers great value for money. It’s a robust, affordable smartphone holder, compatible with the Z Bike Mount, which is supplied with the case. It’s also compatible with all of the other mounts that Zefal offer, such as the Armband or Car Mount.

The beauty of this phone holder is its versatility. It’s adjustable and can accommodate any smartphone between 65 and 100 mm wide and between 125 and 165 mm high. The phone sits securely in the case which has hard clips to provide extra support and shock absorption.

The Z Bike Mount itself is a small piece of kit, easily installed on the bike by crossing the elastic O-rings. These come in different sizes to ensure the tightest fit.

The phone holder, weighing 88 g, is then attached to the mount and adjusted to the size of your phone. You can orient the smartphone to a landscape or portrait position.

The whole system is easy to use and durable, keeping the phone stable and secure in all conditions. It’s an excellent choice for those wanting something simple and versatile.


  • Affordable price
  • Universal fit, for any smartphones up to 16.5 cm
  • Tool-free mount for easy installation



  • No protection against bad weather
  • Not available in the US

6. Topeak Omni Ridecase DX

Topeak Omni Ridecase DX 2
  • UK Flag £40
  • US Flag $46
  • EU Flag €42

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: Any smartphone with a screen up to 16.5 cm

Stretch elastic-silicone grips for different-sized phones

Three different mounting options

Adjustable angle and viewing orientation

The Topeak Omni Ridecase DX works with almost any smartphone with a 4.5” to 6.5” screen. The smartphone is held tightly in the case with elastic silicone grips, and the case slots easily into the mount.

Available mounts can be positioned on the handlebar, stem or stem cap, offering versatility of access and field of vision. The angle is adjustable along with the orientation for portrait or landscape viewing.

The smart-looking case is made out of ultra-elastic silicone and is lightweight at 26 g. The size is 13.1 x 6.9 x 1.7 cm, which does limit the range somewhat, as many phones nowadays are larger than this.

But Topeak offer an affordable and lightweight package with a sleek design that will do an excellent job of securing your phone, with great visibility. It’s effective and very easy to use. Unfortunately, it does leave your phone exposed to the elements, but it will accommodate your phone and a case, so you can add your own protection if desired.

This is another great option for those wanting quality without paying a fortune.


  • Accommodates different phones within size range
  • Easy to use
  • High quality grip for secure mounting


  • No protection against bad weather
  • Not suitable for those with larger phones

Best Bike Phone Mount for Filming

7. Velocity Clip Smartphone Bike Mount

  • US Flag $50

Prices are approximate

Phone compatibility: All smartphones

Rubber grips to ensure smartphone security

Compatible with all smartphones

Versatile positioning with 180° angle adjustment

Velocity Clip Smartphone Mount is a fantastic option for filming as you cycle. It will accommodate any smartphone and the handlebar mount can be fitted onto virtually anything with two wheels.

Your smartphone clips easily and snugly into the adjustable holder and is held in place by secure rubber grips that leave the entire screen free. Your smartphone is now an action camera, allowing you to film point-of-view footage, or yourself if you reverse the camera. It’s perfect for shooting as you ride on any terrain.

The mount is fully adjustable, with an easy-to-use lever giving you a full 180° of motion for different filming angles. It also has a gear clip for easy clip-in and release. The Velocity Clip is highly versatile and can also be mounted on a tripod or helmet.

Ok, if you’re filming as you careen down a boulder-strewn mountainside, you might experience some camera shake. But overall, this is an extremely versatile piece of kit that is easy to use and adjust, giving you the freedom to film, hands free, wherever your journey takes you.

Velocity is based in the US but they do ship abroad, with around 30% of their sales being international.


  • Works with all smartphones, including cases
  • Designed to leave the entire screen free
  • Versatile mounting system


  • Can shake on extremely rough terrain
  • Can only be ordered from the US

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