Best Bike Bells + Bicycle Horns [Top 8 in 2021]

Imagine you’re on your commute to work and suddenly, there’s someone in front of you who you need to overtake on your bike. But you don’t want to have to resort to shouting at them, so what can you do?

Thankfully, with a bike bell, this will make this job far easier, enabling nearby pedestrians, cyclists or motorists to hear you clearly without straining your voice or demonstrating a lack of cycling etiquette.

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Best Bicycle Bells: Summary

Classic Vintage
Crane Muzu Bell
Small + Discreet
CatEye OH-2400 Bicycle Bell
Loud + Cool
Knog Oi! Bike Bell
Hornit - Bicycle Horn
Crane Bell Unisex's Suzu with Steel Band Mount Aluminium Bicycle Bell-Polished Silver, 5.5 cm
CatEye Unisex_Adult Oh-2400 Micro Brass Bell Bicycle, Black, standard size
Knog Unisex's OI Luxe Cycling Bell, Black, Small
Hornit dB140 | World's Loudest Bike Cycle Horn dB140
Classic Vintage
Crane Muzu Bell
Crane Bell Unisex's Suzu with Steel Band Mount Aluminium Bicycle Bell-Polished Silver, 5.5 cm
Small + Discreet
CatEye OH-2400 Bicycle Bell
CatEye Unisex_Adult Oh-2400 Micro Brass Bell Bicycle, Black, standard size
Loud + Cool
Knog Oi! Bike Bell
Knog Unisex's OI Luxe Cycling Bell, Black, Small
Hornit - Bicycle Horn
Hornit dB140 | World's Loudest Bike Cycle Horn dB140

Types of Bike Bells

Below, I’ll cover the best bicycle bells around (as well as the best and loudest bicycle horns, of course). But there’s lot of different types of bike bells available, so I’ve broken them down into various categories:

  • Vintage Bicycle Bells
  • Loud Bike Bells
  • Cool Bike Bells
  • Funny Bike Bells
  • Novelty Bike Bells
  • Small Bike Bells
  • Electric Bike Bells
  • Loud Bike Horns

But what is the best bike bell around? Here’s our list of the best, most affordable and efficient bells or horns (should you want something a bit more cheerful) for your bicycle:

Vintage Bicycle Bells:

Crane Bell (£9.42)

A classic chic design from Japanese company Crane Bell here, this model is just as cheap and just as dependable as that from Trigger Bell above.

This aluminium bell comes in either silver or, for an extra two pounds, polished silver, while it measures at only 55mm wide, will fit perfectly on to your handlebars and makes a lovely, loud ‘ding’ when used by the cyclist.

By buying one of these bike bells from Crane Bell, you’ll again be getting superb value for money, with passers-by left in no doubt as to your whereabouts when you feel the need to use it.

Crane Bell
  • Made of Aluminium
  • Bell diameter: 55mm
  • Clamp: Steel band mount

Loud Bike Bells:

Owl Vision Cycling Bell Hoot (Price not available)

If you want to make sure you’re heard, the Owl Vision Hoot is one of the loudest bike bells arrowed thanks to its strong, metal sound that emanates from bell that resembles a symbol on a drum kit.

It’s pretty big, but manages to still maintain a cool, minimalist style and is easily fitted to any handlebars with a 22-40mm dimension.

Owl Vision Cycling Bell Hoot
  • HIGH VOLUME SOUND - so you'll get safe through the traffic. With its strong, metal sound body the Hoot Cymbal creates a full sound for its size.
  • Minimalistic look & feel - discreet and efficient. With small dimensions and a sleek design it can be integrated onto any handlebar.
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - suitable for all steering and central bars with a diameter of 22 and 40 mm.

Cool Bike Bells:

Knog Oi! Bike Bell (£33.98)

One of the coolest “donut” bike bells around is the brilliantly-named Knog Oi! Bike bell.

It’s simple but great. It easily clips on and off your handlebars, it has a distinctive and clear ring (one of the loudest bicycle bells around), and it looks cool too with its wraparound design.

Knog is one of the best bicycle bell brands around the Oi is well worth considering.

Knog Oi! Bike Bell
  • CNC Machined.
  • Distinctive tone
  • Low profile.


Available in a number of different colours, this bold, simple style from URBAN ZWEIRAD is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing design on the list.

You can buy this bell in either black, red, pink, white, turquoise, or a polka dot design in either black, red or yellow, but it’s not just all style and no substance, either.

Making a loud ‘ding dong’ noise, the bell is loud enough to get the attention of those nearby without deafening them, while its individual parts are fitted firmly to prevent any rattling when cycling over cobblestones or gravel, for instance,

Again, this bell is suitable for fitting on all bikes, especially for those with handlebars of a diameter between 20mm and 25mm.

Urban Zweirad
  • DING DONG: The bell is loud and clear with a pleasant pitch. The warning tone is similar to a ‘ding dong’.
  • NO RATTLING: The individual parts are firmly fitted so that there are no rattling or jingling noises when cycling over cobblestones, gravel roads or other streets.
  • HANDLEBAR DIAMETER: Suitable for bicycle handlebars with a diameter of 20-25 mm.

Small Bike Bells

CatEye OH-2400 Bicycle Bell (£8.25)

This cheap, simple model from Cateye is perfect for all bikes, as it should comfortably fit the handlebars of your bicycle no matter what shape or size it is. It is also a brass bell, allowing for a sharper, warmer and ultimately clearer tone than the standard aluminium designs.

And that’s not all. Unlike other bike bells, it can be pinged when braking, turning and changing gear, making it one of the safest and most reliable you could invest in.

For around £10, you’ll struggle to find a cheap bike bell that does as fantastic a job for such a low price.

CatEye OH-2400 Bicycle Bell
  • OH-2400 Micro Brass Bell
  • Tiny bell with room-filling sound
  • Instrument brass bell

Funny Novelty Bicycle Bells

Duck Bike Bell + Light (£5.82)

A novelty or funny bike bell can make a great gift for a cyclist – a just a treat for yourself if you’re a bit quirky!

This duck bike “bell” from Volwco will squeak (not quite a quack) when you squeeze its tale, while you can also make the duck glow if you press it to switch the light on. It also has a flashing mode. It’s not enough to light up your path, but it will make you a bit more visible in several ways!

Volwco Duck Bike Bell, Rubber Yellow Duck Bicycle Accessories with LED Light, Cute Propeller Handlebar Bicycle Horns for Kids Toddler Children Adults Sport Outdoor
  • Duck neck and another fun hat on the head of the duck. If you need to equip your bike with a special and unique bicycle bell, here it is.
  • Unique design - Duck bike bell design with 12 lumens yellow lights, 45 decibel sounds, press or pinch the tail of the duck bell and it will scream.
  • Widely used - Stretchy silicone bands, can be stretched and rotated as you like without restricting to the size of the handlebar. Good versatility. Electric bicycles can be used for motorcycles.

Electric Bike Bells

Electric Bike Bell/Horn (Price not available)

This battery-powered bike bell/horn has three sound settings, all of which capture the attention of those around you.

It also takes just a couple of seconds to take this bell on and off the bike with it a hook looping around the back, meaning it is a good option for anyone worried about pesky thieves.

ROCKBROS Cycling Electric Bells Horn Mini E-Bell Rainproof MTB Bicycle Ultra-light 75 DB Handlebar Bell
  • 3 TYPES OF SOUNDS: The sound is very loud and clear. There are three models of sounds. After pressing for 3 seconds on the switch, you can change another sound.
  • IPX4 WATER-RESISTANT AND SHOCK-RESISTANT: The electric bell is waterproof and you can also use it when it rains. ATTENTION: Do not immerse in water.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: The bell is mounted by a hook on the back. And the band is elastic and gentle to adjust different diameters and also not damage the handlebars.

Loud Electric Bike Horns:

Hornit DB140 Bicycle Horn (£19.99)

The ‘world’s loudest bike horn’, this design from Hornit sets off a 140dB sound when used – that’s the equivalent of a jet engine – and is four times louder than its nearest rival for this accolade.

It’s still just as easy to install, though; you do so just as you would with a traditional bike light, while its rubber trigger can stretch around all types of bicycle handlebars, and its two AAA batteries should last within six to 12 months of normal use.

And if you find the standard noise of the bicycle horn a little too loud for your liking, you can always set it to its quieter park mode for a sound of a lower pitch, so there’s greater variation in the tone with this model, too.

Hornit DB140 Bicycle Horn
2,000 Reviews
Hornit DB140 Bicycle Horn
  • Loudest cycle horn in the world. 140dB at source. The dB140 puts you in control of your safety because it gives you a way to make people know you’re there even when they aren’t looking.
  • Two sounds: “piercing mode” is a high-pitched 140db duo tone, primarily for road use, designed to be heard by car, van and truck drivers as well as pedestrians with headphones. “horn mode” is...
  • The dB140 makes riding in town safer and less stressful by alerting people to your presence: no need to shout, no need to swerve, no more emergency braking.

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