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Are Schindelhauer Bikes Worth the Money?

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The Short Answer

Schindelhauer bikes are known for their exceptional quality, sleek design, and attention to detail. With a range of models and innovative features, they offer a premium cycling experience. While they may come with a higher price tag, the craftsmanship and aesthetics make them worth the investment for those who value style and durability in their bikes.

Most avid cyclists will freely admit to loving their bike. Those with more than one bike will probably have a favourite – whether it’s your trusted companion to get you to work and back, or the one that takes you up and down mountains.

Your bike takes you on adventures. These can be off the beaten track or urban, but wherever you go, you create history together every time you ride. It’s often a very personal thing. We make our bikes our own, and love them for what they do for us.

There are many loveable bike brands out there, the iconic Brompton being a good example. But every now and then, a brand of bike appears that everyone seems to fall in love with. Schindelhauer is one of these.

How Long Has Schindelhauer Bikes Been Around?

Schindelhauer Bikes was founded in 2009 by Jörg Schindelhauer, along with three friends from university. They shared a wish to create bikes that were technologically advanced but minimalist, low maintenance, and lovely to look at.

Evolving from those early days, they now have sixteen employees, and 19 bike models to choose from.

Where Are Schindelhauer Bikes Made?

Schindelhauer bikes are made in Germany, specifically in Berlin. The company started out in Magdeburg before the move to Berlin, where they now design and develop the frames and many of the components themselves.

Image Credit: Schindelhauer.com

Is Schindelhauer a Good Bike Brand?

Schindelhauer is an excellent bike brand. They combine durability with exceptional design, which won them the 2022 German Design Award. With high-quality components and strong, aluminium frames, these are robust, low-maintenance bikes that are beautiful to look at.

With a range of models (each with a somewhat endearing name), they offer something to suit everyone’s taste, from commuting to racing. There’s also an electric bike available.

Schindelhauer bikes have special and unique components, a notable one being the Gates Carbon Drive toothed belt drive. This offers a virtually maintenance-free alternative to an ordinary chain, lasting twice as long and requiring no grease or oil.

It also ensures a quiet ride. A crocodile belt tensioning system enables you to adjust the belt tension with ease.

There are geared, single speed or fixed gear options depending on the model. The Viktor and Siegfried models have a flip-flop hub, so you can flip between fixed gear, or single speed. The Classic range offers up to 18 speeds.

Image Credit: Schindelhauer.com

Schindelhauer see their bikes as “durable, timeless classics”, and the product certainly reflects this. If you do buy one, you’ll turn heads and elicit envy on your commute. Just be sure to get a very good lock.

How Much Are Schindelhauer Bikes?

Schindelhauer bikes range from €1,695 (for the single-speed Race model) to €5,595 (for the Hannah Enviolo electric model). The electric bike range is the most expensive, followed by the Classic range, with the Ludwig XIV priced at €3,895.

The Pure and Metropolitan range are priced between €1,750 and €1,895, and the Comfort bikes cost €2,750.

Why is Schindelhauer So Expensive?

Schindelhauer bikes feel bespoke in the quality of their frame and components, many of which have been designed and developed by Schindelhauer because they wanted to create something they felt was perfect. The result is that there are no cut corners, or shabby parts.

Are Schindelhauer Bikes Worth the Money?

In short, yes. They are certainly worth the money, if you’re looking for a durable, elegant bike for an urban lifestyle. The quality of Schindelhauer bikes is widely-recognised, and though they may seem expensive, some of the models actually cost no more than many popular bike brands.

Of course, it’s possible to get much cheaper bikes, such as the affordable and reliable range that Decathlon offers. There are also many leading and innovative cycle brands, such as Cannondale, offering a diverse range of top quality bikes.

But some might say Schindelhauer offers more than just a bike, instead offering a lifestyle addition. These bikes are incredibly stylish, and the quality is first class.

Image Credit: Schindelhauer.com

The aluminium frame and fork are polished to perfection, and the seamless joints around the fork and the stem make the bikes look like they’ve been crafted from one piece of metal. It’s these details that contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

They’re not just robust bikes. The expense reflects the sum of all the parts – from the Brooks leather saddle and bar tape, to the elegant slip-proof pedals – each part is designed with care and attention to create a beautifully harmonious whole.

Where to Buy Schindelhauer Bikes

Schindelhauer bikes can be bought in the UK from Velorution cycle shops (online and in physical shops in London), and through selected dealers across Europe and Canada. Alternatively they can be purchased directly from Schindelhauer, who will ship the bike at a cost.

There are also a number of online dealers to buy from.

Best Schindelhauer Bikes [Top 3]

Schindelhauer Arthur – Single-Speed E-Bike

Billed as an “incognito e-bike”, this model offers assisted pedalling without compromising on sleek style. The battery is integrated into the down tube with the cables running inside the frame. The result is an electric bike that doesn’t look like an electric bike.

In keeping with the trademark Schindelhauer elegance, there’s much to love here. With a lightweight frame and a range of features including a lighting system integrated into the rear seat post and handlebar, this is a perfect bike for commuting and city use.

Arthur’s 250-watt motor can take you to speeds of up to 25 km per hour. This can be controlled by an integrated button in the top tube, or via a smartphone app – which also displays speed, weather data and GPS-navigation.

Schindelhauer have succeeded in creating an e-bike that retains the chic geometry and beauty of their non-electric range, and although it’s not exactly cheap, it’s actually no more expensive than many models of e-bikes offered by other brands.

Schindelhauer Friedrich VIII / XI

Friedrich is one of the Comfort range and proves beyond a doubt that style and comfort can go together effortlessly.

A comfortable riding position is achieved through a long wheelbase, low bottom bracket and small saddle to handlebar drop, but this is still a very sleek cycle that will turn more than a few heads.

Available with 8 or 11 speeds, the Friedrich is suitable for all riders and (somehow) the practical additions of the rear pannier rack and mudguards don’t in destroy the aesthetic.

Essentially, it’s a city beauty, with an integrated bright Supernova lighting system for superb visibility at night.

As with all Schindelhauer bikes, nothing is spared in the detail, with the signature Brooks saddle and gorgeous, ergonomic grips.

There is also an integrated bell in the brake lever which, with the maintenance-free and quiet belt drive system, you will need because people simply won’t hear you coming.

Schindelhauer Siegfried

The single-speed Siegfried is a minimal, contemporary bike that is as pure as they come.

With clean lines, an ageless design, and all of the Schindelhauer signature beauty along with state-of-the-art technology, this is truly an urban rider’s dream. There’s also an option to have matching mudguards and a front pannier rack, which is great for commuters.

With a short wheelbase and sport geometry, this bike will give you an agile and responsive ride, making short work of city streets and corners. This is one of the models (along with the Viktor) that has a flip-flop hub, allowing you to switch between fixed gear and freewheel with ease.

For a bike that looks this good, with such accomplished engineering, it’s “not” that expensive – being one of the Pure range it’s cheaper than the Metropolitan, Comfort or Classics.

This is another example of how elegance can be fused with durability. The Siegfried is a tough bike, designed (as all Schindelhauer bikes are) to last. Which is good, because once you’ve got your hands on this, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever let it go.

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