Priority Bicycles Review: Are Priority Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing four models of Priority bikes

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The Short Answer

Priority Bicycles are highly regarded for their low-maintenance belt drive bikes. With positive reviews, quality products, and excellent customer service, they are considered a good brand for those seeking reliable and durable bikes.

Award-winning, low-maintenance belt drive bicycles. Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Priority.

Based out of New York City, Priority Bicycles are specialists in bikes, both electric and non-electric, with belt drive rather than a traditional metal chain.

Very well, but are they any good? Spend five minutes understanding Priority and decide whether your next bike should be belt driven.

Are Priority Bicycles Good?

Amongst those in the know, belt drive bikes are known to be clean, strong and reliable. They work very well on different types of bikes and various riding scenarios too. From a commuter bike ridden to work daily, a gravel bike ridden around the world, or a beach cruiser reserved for odd rides in the summer sun, a belt drive can make any ride better.

Priority splashed into the bike world in 2014 with a Kickstarter project which raised over $500,000 in just 300 days. Roll forward nigh on ten years and Priority is going from strength to strength.

The brand’s focus lies in producing bike with quality bikes, direct to consumers with little or no overheads. Although you can’t see a Priority in the flesh at your local bike shop you can buy one at a much-reduced price when compared to an equivalent model from another brand.

Amongst a litany of homogenous bike brands, Prority stands out – in a good way. By using belt drive on their bikes their brand clearly stands out in the market. The longevity and performance of belt drive will appeal to those who prioritise durability and product life when searching for a product.

From the 600, an all-season commuter bike to the Turi, an upright bike for riding in comfort, Priority has plenty of bike bases covered. The E-Coast, electric beach cruiser is the closest Priority have got to making an electric fat bike, it’s an electric bike that bears a certain resemblance to a motorbike. Indeed it would certainly give the Engwe EP-2 electric bike, a run for its money in the design stakes.

Did you know Priority even produces a range of kids’ bikes with belt drive?

priority bicycles fact sheet

Is Priority Bicycles a Good Brand?

Beginning as a brand selling directly to customers online has certainly paid off for Priority. Shoppers in the US buying an electric bike or bike will be delighted by Priority’s excellent online presence. Their website is well-polished and extremely easy to navigate with all the key information laid out in a digestible format. Each bike is accompanied by videos explaining the ins and outs of the bike, the design and how to assemble the bike.

Reading this in London, Birmingham, Manchester or other parts of the UK? Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy a Priority Bicycle, they don’t ship across the pond. You’ll have to make do with our list of the best electric bike stores in the UK.

Where Are Priority Bikes Made?

Priority Bicycles have, since their inception, been rooted in New York City. Whilst their main office is situated in the Big Apple, their manufacturing base is in a Chinese factory. No surprise there, over 90% of US bike imports originate from China. That said, the company also maintains a US assembly hub in Pennslyvania.

Whilst it’s not exactly clear how much of the assembly happens in Priority’s US base, it’s comforting to know that the brand maintains some form of manufacturing presence in the country.

Obviously, one of the main features of a Priority bike is the belt drive gearing system. The various parts that go into making a Gates Belt Drive system (crank, sprocket and belt) are made in a number of countries around the world including the US, Scotland, Poland and Turkey.

priority bicycles product round up

Priority Bikes Review

Amongst bike industry bods and the more generalist press, Priority Bicycles have been lauded for any number of reasons. The company’s Trustpilot is a further demonstration of its popularity amongst all kinds of cyclists across the US. With an astounding 4.9 star rating from other 4000 reviews, you should feel in good hands when buying a Priority bike. Comments from current Priority riders focus on the quality of the product, fast shipping times and excellent, thorough customer service,

Popular Priority Bikes

  1. priority-joker

    For riding on the track

    Priority Joker

    Sporting a monstrous 70-tooth front crankset, this bike is aimed at enthusiast track riders. The clean lines of the frame and tasteful paint job appeals.

  2. priority ace

    Simplicity and speed

    Priority Ace

    Rocking a single gear, this flat bar bike is an ideal commuter bike for riders living in flat places. Two designs and five frame sizes are available.

  3. priority brilliant l train

    Great name, brilliant bike

    Priority Brilliant L Train

    Made from steel this bike can be fast when time is of the essence and comfortable when nothing is on your agenda. Different braking options are available.

  4. priority apollo gravel

    Alloy frame, carbon fork

    Priority Apollo Gravel

    A true all-rounder. This bike will happily commute to work during on pavement during the week and then explore off-road at the weekend.

  5. priority 600

    Rocks a pinion gearbox

    Priority 600

    Equipped with mudguards, kickstand and a gearbox system that’s the equivalent of having 30 gears, this is top-end bike you’ll love forever.

  6. priority continuum onyx

    Ready out of the box

    Priority Continuum Onyx

    Not too many standard bikes feature everything needed to commute year round in all weathers, this bike is different.

  7. priority coast

    Beach crusier belt drive

    Priority Coast

    With puncture resistant tyres and various gearing options, this bikes isn’t a gimmick. The frame is light and rust-resistant, perfect for the salty sea air of coastal living.

Best Priority Electric Bikes

  1. priority e-coast

    Standard and step-through

    Priority E-Coast

    Not content with making the only belt-drive electric beach cruiser on the market, Priority made it in two frame variants each available in four colours.

  2. priority current e-bike

    Premium mid-drive motor

    Priority Current E-Bike

    Packing a 500W motor and a 20-50 mile riding range this e-bike those pedalling to work. Of course it features the gates belt that Priority are known for.

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