Best Waterproof Cycling Clothing for Commuters

Waterproof Cycling Clothes

Staying dry on rainy days is key to making sure you keep enjoying your bike commutes. Whether you do so with waterproof overtrousers, jackets or overshoes – plus waterproof backpacks – is up to you.

Find waterproof cycling clothes for rainy days by reading our reviews and style guides below.

Best Cycling Waterproofs for Commuters: Jackets, Trousers and More

If you’re tired of getting soaked to the skin on your commute, then thankfully, we at Discerning Cyclist have plenty of solutions for you in the form of cycling waterproofs. Indeed, bicycle rain gear, commuter or not, is a handy investment, even if you’re just a keen cyclist who wants to keep as dry as possible on your rides with some reliable waterproof cycling clothes.

Whether it’s a cycling rain suit, jackets, ponchos, shorts, overtrousers, socks, backpacks, bike covers or wraterproof sprays you’re looking for, this guide has the lot in terms of waterproof cycling gear (you can also check out our ultimate survival guide to cycling in the cold and wet at this link). Here, we’ll cover a number of key points about bike waterproofs, and then look all of these types of cycling rain gear and more.

Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets

We’ll at the obvious place; the waterproof cycling jacket. There are so many things to consider when buying a cycling rain jacket – is it a bike rain jacket that will let your body breathe? Is it a reflective bicycle rain jacket? Is it a reasonably-priced waterproof bike jacket? Is it a waterproof jacket with hood attached? Is it a waterproof bicycle jacket with pockets to store your valuables?

If you want answers to any of these questions, then don’t worry; our guide of the top five for both and women will help you find the best cycling rain jacket to suit your needs. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a state-of-the-art Gore waterproof cycling jacket, either; there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that can do just as good a job.

Cheap Packable Cycling Rain Jackets

Wearing some sort of rain-repellent on your commute is vital, especially in the winter; that much is a given. But even better is if it’s a packable cycling rain jacket, lightweight enough to prevent you from sweating too much, and portable enough to be folded up neatly into your bag afterwards. You don’t have to blow your budget for one of these either; a cheap waterproof cycling jacket shouldn’t be too hard to find.

To help you on your quest for a packable waterproof cycling jacket, we’ve picked out four of the best for you here; all of which would provide you with a cheap cycling rain jacket that you can store away comfortably once you’re arrived at work or back home.

Cycling Rain Capes and Ponchos

Given that breathable rain jackets are not fully waterproof, and fully waterproof jackets aren’t breathable, you may find a happy medium in a cycling rain cape. These can not only work great, but look great, as well; and yes, they may not sound like the coolest thing to wear, but they are certainly one of the driest.

We’ve got two recommendations for you in this area; firstly, Otto London’s Urban Poncho, available in a huge range of colours for varying prices, and a bike rain poncho which is entirely waterproof but not too heavy, and won’t flap about in the wind too much as you cycle (read our full review here).

There’s also the Cleverhood Waterproof Cape, a bike rain cape which has a lovely vintage feel to it, which will always keep you fully covered as you brave the elements on your way to and from work (read our full review here).

Hi-Vis + Reflective Waterproof Jackets for Cycling

With a hi-vis waterproof jacket, cycling could hardly be safer. Not only will be well-protected from a downpour, you’ll remain highly visible to fellow pedestrians, which will particularly come in handy if you leave for work before sunrise or cycle home after dark.

If a reflective waterproof jacket is indeed what you’re looking after, then we’d like to recommend to you the B’TWIN 500 Hi Vis Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket (read our full review here). Available for a bargain at just £29.99, it shines bright green, fits perfectly, is guaranteed to always keep you dry, and if that wasn’t enough, can even be packed tightly into a neat little bag afterwards.

Best Ladies’ Waterproof Cycling Jackets

If you’re looking for a women’s cycling rain jacket, you can read all about our five biggest recommendations in this category here, with a mixture of cheap, stylish and durable designs all included.

Top of our list, though, is the olive As Bold As Drench Coat. It costs a fair bit more than your average ladies’ waterproof cycling jacket, but then again, this is far from average. It’s waterproof, breathable and stylish, and comes with a packable hood, a dropped back, reflective panelling, and zippered waterproof pockets. If your budget can stretch to it, you’ve got to give it a try.

Best Men’s Waterproof Cycling Jackets

If you’re a man but otherwise in the same boat, then we’ve also given our five preferred picks for a men’s cycling rain jacket here, too.

In our opinion, though, the best men’s waterproof cycling jacket you can buy is the Resolute Bay LS2; again, it doesn’t come cheap, costing a hefty £150, but you’ll definitely get what you’ve paid for here. Great for both urban and road cyclists, this coat offers great visibility and breathability, as well as being highly water-resistant and lightweight.

What is the Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket?

There’s nothing better than a lightweight cycling rain jacket that is both waterproof and breathable, too. If this what you’re in the market for, then either try the above Resolute Bay LS2 or, alternatively, the Rapha Hooded Rain Jacket, which will cost you £230.

If you’re only going to settle for the best lightweight waterproof cycling jacket, then go for either of these two. The Rapha Hooded Rain Jacket offers a good amount of stretch, has vent holes under the arms, and is made of a good, breathable Nylon fabric. For style and functionality as well as comfort, either of these would make a great choice.

Best Waterproof Cycling Trousers

Looking for some waterproof cycling pants to keep your legs nice and dry on your commute? Why not try these 24Bottles Salva Gamba Waterproof Cycling Trousers? (click here to read our full review)

Again, Gore waterproof cycling trousers are all well and good, but these waterproof bike trousers just go that little extra mile. Here, you get single legged over-trousers which you attach over your normal trousers, which you can fasten as tightly as you like thanks to their clips and Velcro strap.

These waterproof breathable cycling trousers are easy to pull on and off, lightweight, and are great at protecting you from the rain.

Waterproof Cycling Shorts

Another list we’ve compiled was comprised of some of the best cycling shorts you can find, and you can check the full article out here if you like.

Included in this list was a pair of Castore Bertil Sweat-Wicking waterproof shorts – which are perfect for wearing if the summer weather takes a sudden turn for the worse during your cycle, for example. Thanks to their warp knit fabric, they can’t absorb any water, and the intense mesh fabric that they’re made of expands in hotter temperatures, too, so as to increase breathability and lower the amount of sweat you produce.

Waterproof Cycling Overtrousers

Especially as you make your commute through those damp, drizzly winter mornings, a pair of waterproof overtrousers, even just as an emergency, should be a must.

With that in mind, here at Discerning Cyclist, we’ve listed our four highest recommendations for waterproof cycling overtrousers, all for less than £50. These include Berghaus’ Deluge overtrousers, the best for easy access from Mountain Warehouse, a cheap and cheerful option in the Regatta Pack It (all three of these are suitable for both men and women), and the best two-in-one pair in the Result R95X Heavyweight Waterproof Jacket + Trouser Set. You can read about all of them in greater depth here.

Women’s Waterproof Cycling Trousers

If you’re looking for some women’s waterproof cycling pants, the first pair to consider is this Gore Element Gore-Tex Ladies Waterproof Pant, which cost £139.99, are lightweight, meaning you can keep them in your bag with little fuss if you’d prefer to just carry them as a precaution initially, and are, of course, windproof and waterproof.

Also worth thinking about are these Oldo Women’s Cushion Tights, a pair of waterproof cycling tights which offer a slimmer fit than possibly baggier overtrousers, and are great for rainy commutes. These waterproof cycling leggings are actually not entirely waterproof, but have a DWR coating, so they’ll be waterproof at least until after a few washes, or until after extensive use.

Men’s Waterproof Cycling Pants

As for men in this regard, the best waterproof cycling pants you could probably hope to find are the Gore Bike Wear Element Gore-Tex Active Pants.

Available in either black or black with a neon yellow stripe, they offer you excellent freedom of movement due to their pre-shaped knees, a highly comfortable fit with adjustable elastic waistband to maximise your comfort, as well as high visibility reflective inserts. Aside from anything else, though, they’re just extremely wind and waterproof, which matters more than anything else here.

Best Waterproof Cycling Backpacks

Looking for the best waterproof cycling backpack to keep your valuables as safe from the rain as you are? In this Sandqvist Stig Black Backpack, you may well have found it.

Costing a fair chunk at £116.99, you’d be entitled to expect the best, and that’s certainly what you’ll get here. Made with organic cotton canvas, this waterproof cycling bag boasts a 13″ laptop compartment and can carry up to 14 litres, too.

With plenty of inner pockets and adjustable shoulder straps to boot, this waterproof bike bag will feel like your own in no time, and you can trust it to keep your possessions dry.

Waterproof Rucksack Cover

If you’re looking for the best waterproof rucksack cover instead, then try this AGPTEK 2-Pack Nylon Waterproof Bag Rain Cover, an excellent backpack rain cover not just for cycling, but also for hiking, camping and many other outdoor activities, too.

This waterproof bag cover is not only 100 per cent waterproof, but is also a scratch-resistant, easy-to-use, compact, portable rucksack rain cover. If you’re looking for a cheaper option than a waterproof bag in itself, then what more could you really ask for than this?

Best Waterproof Cycling Socks

It’s not just your upper body and your legs you’ll want to keep toasty and dry if cycling through adverse weather conditions; it’s your feet, too.

For just £22.99, these OTTER waterproof socks will see to this issue with ease. Available in a variety of different colours and sizes, and suitable for both men and women, these tight-fitting yet lightweight mid-ankle socks are extremely comfortable to wear, provide great protection against the elements and are exceptionally breathable, too.

Best Waterproof Bike Covers

A waterproof bicycle cover is an ideal investment for any commuter, given it will not only protect your bicycle from rain and rust (which will wear it down until it is no longer usable), can also guard well against dust, too.

Here at Discerning Cyclist, we listed five heavy duty bicycle covers for you to mull over, including a cheap bike rain cover by Aival, a bike rack cover on your car from Bags and Covers Direct, and a lockable outdoor bike cover by Goose. You can read about all of our top picks here.

Best Waterproof Bike Seat Covers

If you’re looking for the best waterproof bike seat cover, this model from DryBum is surely worth a shout-out. It’s a bicycle seat cover that will fit saddles of any size, is theft-proof, made of heavy duty waterproof PVC that will keep your saddle dry, and tough elastic that will not wear away with use.

Similarly, this waterproof gel bike seat cover by KT-Sports claims to have designed ‘the most comfortable cycle seat cover ever’. It’s built to last, and using a simple drawstring mechanism, is extremely easy to put on and take off your saddle.

How to Make Your Clothes Waterproof – Best DWR Sprays

Did you also know that you can make your ‘normal’ clothes become waterproof – at least for a certain amount of time – using durable water repellent sprays? These can come in handy especially for commuters who are sick and tired of turning up to work and arriving back home drenched from the rain; that’s never a good look.

We’ve reviewed three of the best waterproofing sprays at Discerning Cyclist for you, including the Muc-Off Fabric Protect, the Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On, and the Kampa Super Hydrophobic Waterproofing Spray. You can check them all out here.

Waterproof Cycling Clothes Reviews

We’re also reviewing some of the latest urban commuter waterproof cycling clothes at Discerning Cyclist, to see if they’re all worth investing in.

Below are three of the best items of waterproof clothing a commuter could buy, as reviewed and highly recommended by us:

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