Impenetrable: The Best Cycling Waterproofs for Stylish Commuters

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Cycling in the rain can be awful. Truly awful… if you’re not prepared.

But if you’ve got the right gear, wet rides are no problem at all. Indeed, our survey of 1,259 cyclists found that 98.1% would “probably” or definitely” consider commuting by bicycle even if it’s raining.

At Discerning Cyclist, though, we’re not just content with staying dry on wet rides. We still want to continue to ride in style.

In order to demonstrate that this is completely possible, this is my current go-to outfit for wet bike commuters.

This outfit keeps my feet, legs and torso completely dry, even in the heaviest of downpours. Below is a full breakdown of this stylish waterproof cycling gear.

Stylish Cycling Waterpoofs for Commuting [TOP PICKS]

Helly Hansen Ride Jacket

A lightweight hardshell cycling jacket. That’s what you really want when the heavens open. Wear a couple of warmer layers beneath and allow the Helly Hansen Ride Jacket to repel any rain that comes your way.

This is simply a stylish rain jacket – regardless of whether you’re on a bike or not. But with reflective detailing, adjustable cuffs, a slightly dropped rear and lots of deep secure pockets (some buttoned, some zippered), this is a wonderful waterproof jacket for bike commuters.

A very similar women’s version is also available, which we reviewed here.

DUER All-Weather Denim

I rave about these jeans all the time. Essentially, they are waterproof cycling jeans. But they’re also beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.

The look and feel of the exterior of these jeans is denim, but DUER have added a waterproof inner membrane to prevent your legs getting soaked. As well as that, the jeans offer plenty of stretch, reflective details and a very sturdy gussetted crotch to protect from wear and tear.

Rapha Reflective Travel Backpack

If you know Rapha, you know that they’ve got an eye for style and the Travel Backpack.

But while you may recognise this bag’s beauty at first glance, what you may not spot is that this bag is also completely waterproof, offers plenty secure storage (including a laptop section) as well as the main body being reflective (i.e. everything in grey is reflective). Shine a light on this bag and you won’t miss it.

Chrome Storm 415 Traction Boot

Chrome’s 415 boot have ruled the stylish waterproof cycling footwear category and the latest version of this shoe is absolutely phenomenal.

This shoe is completely and utterly waterproof (I’ve even dipped my foot in a swimming pool to prove this), looks fantastic, has a sturdy sole for effective cycling and is also very comfortable to walk around in.

PROVIZ Reflect360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves

Forgetting to put a pair of gloves on ahead of winter ride can be a painful mistake. But making sure they’re waterproof is vital too.

The PROVIZ Reflect 360 gloves are the ideal cycling gloves. As well as being waterproof, they’re also reflective and are touchscreen friendly.


A wearable bike lock that makes it extremely easy to look up your bike quickly and securely thanks to its “click to lock” mechanism. After all, you don’t want to be fiddling around in the rain for any longer than you need to.

Weighing in at just 1.9kg, the LITELOK Core has achieved Sold Secure’s Bicycle Diamond rating (the highest available).

Honbike Uni4 Electric Belt-Driven Bike

Okay, a bike isn’t exactly a “waterproof cycling accessory”. But some bikes can handle wet weather better than others and the Honbike is the perfect example of this.

Not only does this e-bike come with sturdy splashguards and built-in LED lights as standard, but it also uses a belt-drive rather than a chain. This means the “chain” can’t get rusty and maintenance is virtually zero.

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