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Safest Bike Helmets for Commuting [Top 7 in 2023]

As more of us opt for the bike as our mode of transport to get to work, many of us have had to consider upgrading our previous once loved helmets for more modern and safer ones.

Luckily, the market is now full of innovative helmet designs and safety features in order to keep our heads protected during an impact to the head.

Are Some Bike Helmets Safer Than Others?

In general, yes some helmets are safer than others due to the added technology that many of them now feature, for example many helmets have special rotational impact protection to better protect the brain from injury during a side on bump.

Moreover, other safety features that are not structural can also include having lights or reflectors built into the outside of the helmet. This is to help riders be seem by other bike path or road users.

However, all helmets have to pass extensive testing from a third party which focuses on physical impacts to the helmet. This testing determines if a helmet is safe for riders to wear and if it’ll protect them adequately in a crash.

Do Bike Helmets Have Safety Ratings?

  • All cycling helmets have to pass third party testing
  • Each country / area has specific safety certifications for helmets
  • In the US their certification is CPSC
  • In Europe their certification is EN 1078
  • In Australia their certification is AS/NZS 2063
  • Safety ratings are most reliable from third party testing facilities
  • Virginia Tech who independently test helmets have their own rating system
  • Virginia Tech work on a 5 star rating basis

Cycling Helmet Safety Ratings

Safety ratings for cycling helmets are determined by the findings from the tests which then find if said helmet passes the minimum safety measures required to be sold in certain areas.

For example, different countries and continents have different regulations. Below you can see the different level ratings awarded from the independent Virginia Tech helmet testing company in the US.

Virginia Tech Helmet Testing Ratings

Best Available ★★★★★
Very Good ★★★★☆
Good ★★★☆☆
Adequate ★★☆☆☆
Not Recommended☆☆☆☆☆

MIPS vs WaveCel vs SPIN

discuss some of the leading helmet safety technology, compare the three leaders (table would be great

MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system and has been added to most major helmet brands. The MIPS built in technology was developed in Sweden by a brain surgeon and accounts for rotation motion caused by sideways impacts by sliding relative to the brain to reduce brain injury.

On the other hand WaveCel has exclusivly teamed up with Bontrager (Trek’s componentry brand) and is built in to the helmet. WaveCel works by absorbing and distributing the impact energy through its network of cells. It absorbs impact forces like the crumple zone of a car.

Then, SPIN from POC consist of specifically placed small pads inside of the helmet that allow for rotational impact protection during a bang to the head during a crash. Similar to MIPS, the SPIN pads also allow the the helmet to move relative to the head to reduce brain injury.

Used ByProtection TypeForm
MIPSRange of brandsSlides relative to brainNet inside of helmet
WaveCelBontrager exclusively Absorbs impactLines inside of helmet
SPINPOC exclusivelySlides relative to brainSpecially positioned pads

Safest Cycling Helmets for Commuters [Top 7]

  1. Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet [REVIEW]
  2. Lumos Matrix Smart MIPS Helmet [REVIEW]
  3. Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet [REVIEW]
  4. Giro Fixture MIPS Cycling Helmet [REVIEW]
  5. ABUS Youn-I MIPS Kids Helmet [REVIEW]
  6. Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet [REVIEW]
  7. POC Omni Air Spin Bike Helmet [REVIEW]

Now looking specifically into helmets that are safest for commuters, we have our favourite pick of the 6 safest helmets.

These helmets are from a range of different styles and brands but most have added technology to ensure safety and protection in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Safest Cycling Helmet

1. Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet

Safety Rating: ★★★★★ (Virginia Tech rating)

Certified: CPSC, NTA 8776 (and approved for S-EPAC)


✅ WaveCel advanced helmet technology

✅ BOA® Fit System lets you easily secure and adjust helmet fit with just one hand

✅ The rear Blendr mount system easily integrates Bontrager light accessories

✅ The Crash Replacement Guarantee provides a free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership

This stylish commuter style helmet from Bontrager offers optimal safety thanks to its WaveCel technology, ensuring that in the unfortunate event of a crash the special system will absorb shocks to the head so your brain doesn’t.

Furthermore, the rear Blendr mount fitted to the helmet usefully integrates Bontrager light accessories adding to visibility and thus safety.

This super safe helmet also offers an easy to use BOA fit system to easily secure and adjust the helmet to provide a comfortable and proper fit.

Additionally, this helmet is also available in three stylish colours: Black, Battleship Blue and Radioactive Yellow/Black. As well as sizes Small (51-57cm), Medium (54-60cm) and Large (58-63).

Colour Options:

A stylish helmet designed to keep bike commuters safe. Can also easily attach Bontrager light accessories to the helmet to increase visibility.

Smart MIPS Helmet

2. Lumos Matrix Smart MIPS Helmets

Certified: CPSC, ASTM F1492, EN1078, AS2063


✅ Includes MIPS technology

✅ Ability feature your own personal style by customising symbols, patterns, and messages on the Matrix display

✅ Prevention: be seen on the roads with 1000 lumens of front and rear lighting visible at eye-level from 360 degrees

✅ Protection: impact resistant EPS foam liner and ABS shell (Certified: CPSC, ASTM F1492, EN1078, AS2063)

Next, this fun high tech bluetooth smart helmet offers both great physical and visual protection thanks to its design which features 1000 lumens of front and rear lighting.

Interestingly, through the bluetooth system, you can feature your own personal display of symbols, patterns and even messages on the Matrix display.

Moreover, this helmet can also be purchased in either a standard model or alternatively complete with MIPS at a greater price for optimal protection and safety.

Size wise, this helmet is available in one size which is M-L (22” to 24” / 56 to 61cm). The colour options for the Lumos are either Charcoal Black or Jet White.

Colour Options:

The safest "smart" bike helmet around. Boasts a massive customisable light on the back of the helmet, which you can control from your phone to decide on what type of funky lights you want to display.

Is MIPS Worth the Extra Money?
MIPS is worth the extra money as it helps to specifically protect your head from rotational movments during a crash and therefore prevents brain injuries: you can’t put a price on your brain health!

3. Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

Safety Rating: ★★★★★ (Virginia Tech rating)

Certified: CPSC


✅ WaveCel advanced helmet technology

✅ The BOA® Fit System lets you easily secure and adjust your fit with one hand

✅ FlatStrap semi-fixed strap dividers lay flush and move fore and aft for a perfect fit

✅ The Blendr magnetic mount system easily integrates a GoPro camera and Bontrager lights

The Bontrager Circuit road helmet also incorporates the impressive WaveCel technology in order to create a safer helmet by absorbing a blow upon impact.

Conveniently, this helmet also benefits from having the capabilities to mount either a go pro or Bontrager lights for improved safety and visibility.

In addition to that, this helmet also benefits form having soft, comfortable and moisture-wicking pads which can be easily taken out and washed.

The Circuit comes in either Black, White, or if you fancy a brighter look, it’s also available in Radioactive Yellow, Viper Red and Mulsanne. Sizes also range from: Small (51-57cm), Medium (54-60cm), Large (58-63cm) and X-Large (60-66cm).

Colour Options:

An ultra-versatile helmet that is light, cool and sleek with the added protection of WaveCel advanced helmet technology. Also features GoPro mount and magnetic light mounts.

Safest Budget Bike Helmet

4. Giro Fixture MIPS Cycling Helmet

Safety Rating: ★★★★☆ (Virginia Tech rating)

Certified: CPSC, EN1078


✅ Quick dry padding

✅ Slimline webbing

✅ Reflective accents

✅ Removable visor

Now onto a more urban / mountain bike style helmet: the Giro Fixture is a great all round helmet that also comes equipped with MIPS to help keep your head protect during a crash.

Moreover, this helmet also benefits from having reflective accents on the outside shell which helps to improve your visibility for other road users.

Aesthetically, if you do feel this helmet looks a tad on the chunkier side there is the option to remove the visor to create a more rounded look.

This helmet comes in two fashionable darker colours which are either Matte Black or Matte Grey. Additionally, this helmet comes in just one which measures in at 54-61cm in diameter.

Colour Options:

A great value mountain bike-style helmet with reflective details. Featured Quick-Dry padding and a removable visor.

Safest Children’s Bike Helmet

5. ABUS Youn-i MIPS Helmet


✅ Large integrated rear LED light in a high position with 180° visibility

✅ MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a revolutionary technology that offers advanced protection in the event of an oblique impact

✅ Visor-like front edge ensuring enhanced protection for the face

✅ In-Mold for a durable connection of the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)

Next, our only child’s helmet from our pick comes from Abus and is the Youn-i model which very cleverly includes MIPS for added crash protection.

Very usefully, this helmet if fitted with a large integrated rear LED light which offers 180° visibility in order to protect your child while they are riding their bike.

Additionally, this helmet is also very light at only 0.25 kilograms, making is a comfortable lightweight helmet for your child: perfect for their ride to school.

Last but not least, this helmet comes in two sizes, either Small or Medium as well as three fun colours which are: Sparkling Green (with blue straps), Velvet Black and Polar White.

Colour Options:

An extremely safe bicycle helmet for children thanks to the MIPS protection. Features a large integrated rear LED lgight with 180° visibility.

Safe + Stylish Commuter Bike Helmet

6. Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet

Safety Rating: (Virginia Tech rating not available)

Certified: CE and CPSC


✅ MIPS technology for added protection

✅ Multi-use 30 lumen magnetic rear light

✅ One hand magnetic fastener and nylon straps

✅ Navy blue shell with hand painted tortoise shell visor

The very trendy Chapter helmet from Thousand is a great commuter helmet for those who are style conscious as well as wanting optimal safety.

This trendy pick has been built with MIPS technology to ensure any knocks to the head don’t result in any level of brain damage.

Moreover, there’s also a 30 lumen rear light which cleverly attaches to the back of the helmet magnetically to aid visibility from behind for other road users. This light also has a run time of either 1 hour on solid or two hours on flash.

Lastly, this helmet comes in S, M and L as well as three very classy colours: Club Navy, Racer Black and Supermoon White. All of which would not look out of place paired alongside work attire.

Colour Options:

Stylish, practical and even lockable! This MIPS commuter helmer comes with a magnetic light and has a "punch out hole" so you can thread a lock through it so there's no need to carry it all day.

7. POC Omne Air SPIN Cycling Helmet

Safety Rating: ★★★★☆ (Virginia Tech rating)

Certified: CPSC


✅ All-purpose bike helmet offers all-round protection for everyday use

✅ Includes SPIN technology for added protection

✅ 360° adjustment system for comfort and fit

✅ High-performance EPS liner with optimised density to provide the ideal crash protection

Poc’s multi-use Omne Air SPIN helmet is a great option for those of you wanting a helmet that can do it all and still looks fantastic.

Featuring Pocs SPIN pad technology to lessen the impact crashes have on the head by helping the helmet slide relative to the brain, you can be sure to be safe and protected while wearing this helmet.

Furthermore, this helmet is also a great option if you wanted a comfortable and ventilated thanks to it’s frontal zone ventilation. Allowing you to turn up to work without

Overall in true POC style this fun and quirky helmet is available in ten dynamic and fun colours, so there will be a colour to suit everyones tastes and preferences. It also comes in sizes: S (50-56cm), M (54-59cm) and L (56-61cm).

Colour Options:

Perfectly tows the line between visibility and style. Offers plenty of ventilation and highly customisable in terms of sizing and fit.

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