Best Low Profile Bike Helmets: Top 7 for Cycling in 2024

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Many people who enjoy riding bikes know and understand the reason why wearing a helmet is important. For some countries such as Australia, it’s a legal obligation. However, many of us hate how helmets can make us look, due to the often bulky nature of them.

To cut a long story short, no one wants to look like a mushroom whilst riding along. Which is understandable – style is an important part of peoples lives, especially when rocking up to the office post-commute.

However, this can thankfully be overcome with low key helmets that have a more compact, appealing aesthetic.

Low Profile Cycling Helmets

  1. Good Ventilation

    POC Omne Air Cycling Helmet

    Great option for commuters wanting a low profile helmet that is very safe

  2. Comfortable and proper fit

    Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet

    Offers optimal safety, which absorbs shocks to the head so your brain doesn’t, but also has a more understated and stylish design.

  3. Perfect for everyday commuting

    POC Myelin

    Engineered to be deconstructed to make recycling the materials at the end of its life easier.

  4. 3D printed

    HEXR Helmet

    Creates the perfect 3D printed helmet for you

  5. Features MIPS Technology

    Specialized Align II

    A great low profile helmet safety and price wise, it’s also a nice and straightforward design.

  6. Uses WaveCel technology

    Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

    A safer low profile helmet by absorbing a blow upon impact.

  7. Uses MIPS Technology

    Specialized Mode

    The safety system protects your head in rotational impacts.

What is a Low Profile Bike Helmet?

A low profile helmet is one that is more compact and streamlined in appearance. Think more of classic style ‘road’ cycling helmets, and modern commuter style helmets.

The styling of these helmets is often pretty simplistic, no ugly peaks or bulkiness. Just the protective inner, along with a more attractive outer shell.

You may be wondering if these low profile style of helmets aren’t safe because there’s less of them compared to their larger counterparts. However, all helmets have to pass safety regulations, so they’re all more than suitable to do their job and protect your head.

Source: Pexels.com

Low Profile Bicycle Helmets (PROS + CONS)

Like all products, there are pros and cons to using and owning a low profile helmet over a more substantially designed one.

First off, an obvious positive is that these helmets tend to be a more aesthetically pleasing. They won’t clash as much with your work attire or leisurewear.

However, a downside is that these better looking helmets are often more expensive, as more work has gone into designing a helmet that is both safe and appealing to look at.

Because more effort has gone into the design and there is less material used, these helmets are generally lighter. This is great because it’s less weight on your head and makes them easier to carry around.

However, they may not be suitable for other styles of riding away from commuting, leisure riding or road cycling. This is because other styles of riding, like mountain biking, require slightly more protection at the back. This is another setback of this style – they don’t often feature this added protection.

With that being said, it’s really important to note that these low profile helmets still have to pass safety regulations in order to be on the market. Therefore, although they have less materials used in construction, and are aesthetically better looking, you’re still protected.

Aesthetically pleasing Sometimes more expensive
Lighter than bulkier onesOften only suitable for commuting and road cycling
Still have to pass safety regulations Slightly less protection around the back of the head

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Best Low Profile Cycling Helmets (Top 7)

1. POC Omne Air Cycling Helmet

  • UK Flag £150
  • US Flag $150
  • EU Flag €160

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 305g 
  • Safety Certificate: CPSC

All-purpose bike helmet offers all-round protection for everyday use.

In-built high impact MIPS Brain Protection System which enhances your helmet’s rotational impact protection

First up is the Pot Omne Air helmet with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology. It’s a great option for commuters wanting a low profile helmet that is very safe, as well as fantastic looking.

It features MIPS technology, which helps to to protect your head from directional impact in the unfortunate event of a crash by allowing for sliding motion. This helps to support the brain from injury – a great additional safety feature to any helmet.

This low profile helmet also benefits from being well ventilated thanks to its frontal zone ventilation. Thus it helps you to keep cool on hotter commutes, and allows you to turn up to work without being drenched in your own sweat.

In true POC style this fun and quirky low profile helmet is available in ten fun colours, so there will be a colour to suit all tastes and preferences. It also comes in three different sizes.

2. Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet

  • UK Flag £150
  • US Flag $120
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 428g
  • Safety Certificate:  CPSC

Great fit and feel and the advanced protection of WaveCel technology.

Perfect for commutes, e-bike rides and everyday adventures

This commuter specific low profile helmet from Bontrager not only offers optimal safety thanks to its WaveCel technology, which absorbs shocks to the head so your brain doesn’t, but also has a more understated and stylish design.

In addition to the the low profile design, this helmet benefits from a rear Blendr mount which is fitted to the helmet, and usefully integrates Bontrager light accessories – a great addition for commuters.

This low profile helmet also offers the very easy to use BOA fit system, to secure and adjust the helmet with ease . It’s easy to achieve a comfortable and proper fit without the fuss or stress of trying to work out a complex fastening system.

This helmet is available in three stylish colours: Black, Battleship Blue and Radioactive Yellow/Black. It comes in sizes Small (51-57cm), Medium (54-60cm) and Large (58-63).

3. POC Myelin

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $100
  • EU Flag €100

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 340g
  • Safety Certificate: CPSC

Uses distinct materials to create a helmet where it’s possible to minimise all kinds of impact.

Ventilated zones in the helmet give comfort and prevent overheating

Another strong contender from the ever trendy company POC, is the Myelin helmet. This is both an understated and simplistic style of low profile helmet, perfect for the everyday commuter.

Coming in at a very reasonable £100 it’s a great low profile option for anyone looking for style and sophistication, but not wanting to break the bank. Whats not to love about that?!

This helmet has been cleverly designed using as many recycled materials as possible. Not only that, it’s been engineered to be deconstructed to make recycling the materials at the end of its life easier. Therefore it’s a great option for the eco-conscious.

This particular model comes in six different colours as well as three different sizes, so there’s a vibe and fit for every head. Another great aspect of this helmet!

4. HEXR Helmet

  • UK Flag £300

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 310g
  • Safety Certificate: CE

Each HEXR helmet has a unique weight because it is custom-made.

Although the HEXR helmet is a lot more expensive in comparison to the other low profile helmets within the list, given its technology, the fact its 3D printed, and its sophisticated look, it would be difficult to justify leaving this one out of the list.

The great thing about this helmet is that it’s genuinely unique: each helmet is made to measure. They scan your head and from this create the perfect 3D printed helmet for you, that fits correctly without the need for added fastening systems.

It’s also a very low profile helmet, an important factor to consider when choosing a helmet for commuting. The honeycomb design boasts a 26% lower risk of sustaining a brain injury in comparison to foam helmets upon impact.

This low profile helmet is also another great one for the eco-conscious. The material used to create it is Polyamide-11 bioplastic, which essentially is made from 100% castor bean oil. Theres also the option to select different colour outer shells, and even to add personalised engraving.

5. Specialized Align II

  • UK Flag £30
  • US Flag $55
  • EU Flag €60

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 369g
  • Safety Certificate: CPSC

Clean aesthetic, comfortable fit, and a budget-friendly price

The standout feature of the Align II is the inclusion of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)

As being the most affordable and reasonably priced in our selection, the Specialized Align II (which now also features MIPS technology) has been a popular low profile option for commuters and leisure riders a like for some time.

For a helmet that only costs £45.00, I think it’s an absolute bargain for commuters given the fact that this model features MIPS technology.

Not only is this a great low profile helmet safety and price wise, it’s also a nice and straightforward design. Nothing over the top or in your face, nor does it look cheap. The design is nice, and clean cut, which is of course important to consider when commuting to work.

This low profile helmet from Specialized comes in a variety of 12 different colours. Therefore it’s fair to say you’ll easily be able to select an option that best suits your style and personality. The Align II also comes in three different sizes.

6. Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

  • UK Flag £150
  • US Flag $120
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 356g
  • Safety Certificate: CPSC

Light, cool and sleek with the added protection of WaveCel advanced helmet technology

The Bontrager Circuit road helmet also incorporates the impressive WaveCel technology in order to create a safer low profile helmet by absorbing a blow upon impact.

Conveniently, this low profile helmet benefits from having the capabilities to mount either a go pro or Bontrager lights for improved safety and visibility. Both are great features for those who commute as it offers added protection.

This helmet is great for commuters as it benefits form having soft, comfortable and moisture-wicking pads, which can be easily taken out and washed. This helps to keep your commutes into work nice and cool.

The Circuit low profile helmet comes in Black or White, or if you fancy a brighter look, it’s also available in Radioactive Yellow, Viper Red and Mulsanne. Sizes also range from: Small (51-57cm), Medium (54-60cm), Large (58-63cm) and X-Large (60-66cm).

7. Specialized Mode

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $90
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

  • Weight (Medium Size): 390g
  • Safety Certificate:  CPSC

Designed specifically with commuting in mind includes MIPS

Last but certainly not least in our best low profile helmets for commuters list, we have the Specialized Mode. This has been designed specifically with commuting in mind. And, like a couple of other options, this one also includes MIPS.

As we’ve mentioned, MIPS technology is a really great added feature to look out for when purchasing a new helmet, as the safety system protects your head in rotational impacts. Which in turn, helps to prevent brain injuries from occurring. Therefore it’s pretty self explanatory as to why this feature helps to make this helmet such a great option.

It’s probably the most unique looking of all the helmets, it has and elegant and minimalistic look that’s somewhat space age too. That being said, it would be a great pairing on the commute with a dress or suit, and unlike other designs it doesn’t look at all like the bulkier, traditional helmets.

Available in four neutral tone colours, this helmet would without a doubt be easy to pair with any outfit. It also comes in three different sizes, so there shouldn’t be any issue in finding one that fits. Overall, it’s a fun and different low profile helmet.

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