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9 of the Biggest Fast Food Brands REIMAGINED as Bicycles

Bicycle versus bicycle

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I know the feeling. You woke up this morning, and the first thing that entered your mind was: “If McDonald’s made a bike, what would it look like?“.

Then one thing led to another and suddendly you’re knee-deep in fast-food bike concepts.

“But what if Burger King made a bike… or Pizza Hut?”

“Dunkin’ Donuts bicycle, anybody!?”


Okay, just me.

But, whatever. In true millenial fashion, I’ve been creating crazy bicycles today and there’s not a damn thing you can do about.

Although, short disclaimer: these images are in no way associated or sponsored by the brands mentioned, nor are they an endorsement of said brands. It’s just a bit of fun.

Enjoy… and if you really like them, please feel free to share them on social media by clicking the icons below!

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1. McPedal Cruiser

A bicycle inspired by McDonald's

The bicycle’s red and yellow color scheme nods to McDonald’s iconic branding, while its playful design elements, like the golden arches and French fry spokes, align with the brand’s whimsical approach. Its cruiser style and hamburger-themed seat suggest a focus on casual, everyday family appeal.

2. Whopper Wheels

A bicycle inspired by the brand Burger King

The bicycle adopts Burger King’s signature color scheme with red, yellow, and blue hues, which are also prominent in their logo. The branding is clear on the frame, resonating with the fast-food chain’s visual identity. The urban setting in the background complements the bike’s design, suggesting a connection to city life where Burger King restaurants are commonly found.

3. Wendy’s Wagon

The bicycle’s red and white colors are a direct nod to Wendy’s branding, with the logo clearly visible, mirroring the design elements found in their restaurants. Set against a serene park, it suggests a leisurely pace, much like the experience of enjoying a meal at Wendy’s.

4. Taco Trekker

Bicycle inspired by Taco Bell

The bicycle’s vibrant purple, blue, and orange hues match Taco Bell’s logo, with the branding emblazoned on the frame. The mountain bike setup suggests an active lifestyle, aligning with Taco Bell’s dynamic and modern brand image. The outdoor setting underscores a sense of adventure, akin to Taco Bell’s diverse menu offerings.

5. The Slicer

Pizza Hut inspired bicycle

The bicycle mirrors the recognizable red and black colors associated with Pizza Hut, and the logo placement on the frame mimics the signage outside their locations. The cobblestone street and European-style buildings in the background evoke the Italian roots that Pizza Hut’s menu is inspired by.

6. The Wingman

The bicycle is decked out in KFC’s red and white colors, with the brand’s logo making a bold statement on the frame. The road bike design matches a suburban backdrop, suggesting practicality and presence in everyday neighborhoods, akin to KFC’s widespread fast-food locations.

7. Donut Dasher

Dunkin bike

The bicycle’s pink and orange color scheme is instantly recognizable as Dunkin’s, with the logo featured multiple times. It’s a casual bike, suggesting the everyday accessibility of Dunkin’s products. The urban setting with cafes and city life is where one might find Dunkin’ shops and their typical clientele.

8. Subway Spinner

Subway bike

This bicycle features the brand’s color scheme of green and yellow, reflecting their fresh and healthy image. The bicycle is a fitness-oriented hybrid bike, ideal for active and health-conscious individuals. The sleek and modern frame subtly incorporates Subway branding. The seat and handlebars are designed for comfort and endurance, with green and yellow accents. The durable wheels are suited for both city streets and trails. The background showcases a scenic bike path in a lush green park, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle.

9. Domino Dynamo

Domino's bicycle

This bicycle embodies Domino’s red and blue color scheme, reflecting its brand identity. This versatile city bike is perfect for quick pizza deliveries, featuring a modern and efficient frame with subtle Domino’s branding. The seat and handlebars are designed for comfort and ease of navigation, with red and blue accents. The robust wheels are capable of securely carrying pizza boxes. The background depicts a lively urban street, conveying the dynamic nature of pizza delivery.

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