Cheap Gifts for Cyclists: 20 Cycling Gifts under $20

cheap gifts for cyclists

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Welcome to our guide on affordable cycling gifts for discerning cyclists. Whether you’re searching for cheap gifts for cyclists or budget-friendly cycling gifts, we’ve curated a list of 20 items, all priced under $20.

In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of cycling-related gifts, including cycling gifts under $10 and slightly more expensive options under $20, perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or just to surprise the cyclists in your life.

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Cycling Gifts under $10

  1. vintage bicycle bike wine beer bottle opener

    Bicycle Bottle Opener

    What is it? A bottle opener in the shape of a bicycle. Made from stainless steel.

    Why get it? Just look at it! A fun-yet-practical gift that comes in a very cute gift box. This bicycle bottle opener is small and convenient enough to be transported around in case of a bottle-opening emergency.

  2. lavley novelty cycling socks

    Lavley Novelty Cycling Socks

    What is it? These are funny novelty socks designed for those who like cycling.

    Why get it? If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for someone who enjoys outdoor activities this is it!

  3. the midlife cyclist book

    The Midlife Cyclist Book

    What is it?
    “The Midlife Cyclist” is a book authored by Phil Cavell. It’s a guide tailored for cyclists over 40.

    Why get it?
    A great gift for cyclists in their midlife looking to improve their cycling abilities, prevent injuries, and optimize their performance, this audiobook provides valuable insight.

  1. bike balls rear bicycle light

    Bike Balls

    What is it? A big pair of glowing red balls that dangle beneath the bike seat.

    Why get it? Ridiculously funny. Oh, and safe – it’s important to be seen after all and no-one will miss these.

  2. one man and his bike book

    One Man and His Bike Book

    What is it? “One Man and His Bike” is a paperback book written by Mike Carter. It recounts the author’s life-changing journey around the entire coastline of Britain.

    Why get it? An inspiring and humorous read, “One Man and His Bike” is a must-have.

  3. Waterproofing Spray

    What is it? Grangers Performance Repel Plus is a spray-on solution designed to make your outdoor gear and clothing more waterproof.

    Why get it? Useful for those who enjoy outdoor activities or have outdoor clothing that needs to stay dry.

Cycling Gifts under $20

  1. accmor 3-in-1 bike cup holder

    Accmor 3-in-1 Bike Cup Holder

    What is it? These are funny novelty socks designed for those who like cycling.

    Why get it? If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for someone who enjoys outdoor activities this is it!

  2. defeet aireator townee socks

    DeFeet Aireator Townee Socks

    What is it? These socks are known for their comfort and performance features.

    Why get it? Great for someone who is into sports or outdoor activities.

  3. tachili waterproof rain boot shoe covers

    Tachitali Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Covers

    What is it? Protective shoe covers made of PVC waterproof material. They are designed to keep your shoes dry and protected from dust and water.

    Why get it? Whether commuting, traveling, or engaging in outdoor activities, these shoe covers are a practical solution to keep footwear clean and dry.

  1. leather bike handle

    Leather Bike Handle

    What is it? A handy strap made of leather that you can attach to your bicycle’s frame. It serves as a handle to help you carry your bike more easily and comfortably.

    Why get it? This leather frame handle is a smart choice for transporting bikes up stairs or onto public transport.

  2. hi-viz backpack rain cover

    Frelaxy Hi-Vis Backpack Rain Cover

    What is it? A waterproof protective cover designed for backpacks of various sizes.

    Why get it? A must-have for those who enjoy outdoor activities. It offers 100% waterproof protection, keeping backpacks and belongings dry in heavy rain.

  3. colorful cycling socks set

    Colorful Cycling Socks Set

    What is it? These are colorful and fun novelty crew socks that come in various vibrant patterns and themes.

    Why get it? A unique and playful gift that will add a touch of fun and color to any cyclist’s sock collection.

  1. bike mirror

    Bike Mirror

    What is it? It’s a bike mirror that you can attach to your bicycle’s handlebar.

    Why get it? This bike mirror can significantly improve safety while riding. It’s a stylish and practical addition to any bike.

  2. cycologist t-shirt

    Cycologist T-Shirt

    What is it? A t-shirt with a clever play on words, combining “cyclist” and “psychologist” to create the term “cycologist.”

    Why get it? Perfect for a cyclist with a sense of humor, this t-shirt is a fun and playful way to showcase a passion for cycling.

  3. lamicell bike phone holder

    Lamicell Bike Phone Holder

    What is it? It’s a bike phone holder designed to securely attach your smartphone to your bike’s handlebar.

    Why get it? Easily and safely mount a phone on a bike’s handlebars, allowing the cyclist to access GPS, music, or other apps while riding.

  1. mini bike pump

    Mini Bike Pump

    What is it? It’s a small and lightweight bicycle pump that you can easily carry with you while cycling.

    Why get it? This mini pump is an essential companion on the road or trail. It can quickly inflate bike tires, fits different valve types, and even comes with a puncture repair kit.

  2. knog oi bike bell

    Knog Oi! Bike Bell

    What is it? A unique bicycle bell made from stainless steel that offers a stylish and innovative way to alert others while cycling.

    Why get it? It’s a departure from traditional bells that can clutter your handlebars and make a clear and pleasant sound.

  3. ascher bike light set

    USB Charging Bike Lights

    What is it? A combination of powerful front and back bicycle lights designed to enhance visibility and safety while cycling.

    Why get it? These USB rechargeable bike lights improve visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

  1. zacro gel bike seat cover

    Bike Seat Cushion

    What is it? A comfy, gel-padded cover for your bicycle seat.

    Why get it? It’s like adding a soft, padded layer to a bike seat, reducing discomfort and pressure.

  2. buff multi-functional headwear

    Buff Multi-Functional Headwear

    What is it? A versatile piece of headwear that can be worn in multiple ways.

    Why get it? A handy accessory to have. It can be worn in various ways to provide protection and comfort.

Cheap Gifts for Cyclists

When it comes to finding affordable presents for the cycling enthusiasts in your life, you don’t have to break the bank. We’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection of cycling gifts that are not only budget-friendly but also thoughtful and useful. Whether it’s for a birthday, a special occasion, or just to show your appreciation, this section is your gateway to discovering great bargains that are evergreen and relevant all year round.

Cycling isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, and our list of cycling gifts under $10 reflects this. From practical items like a Bicycle Bottle Opener, which adds a touch of fun to post-ride relaxation, to attention-grabbing accessories like Bike Balls that enhance safety during nighttime rides, there’s something for every cyclist.

But we haven’t forgotten the essentials either. The Accmor 3-in-1 Bike Cup Holder is a perfect example, ensuring cyclists can enjoy their beverages on the go without a hassle. It’s a simple yet thoughtful addition to any bike.

We delve into these and other budget-friendly options, showing you that you can choose a meaningful gift without overspending. So, whether you’re celebrating a milestone, surprising someone on their special day, or just want to put a smile on a cyclist’s face, these budget-friendly cycling gifts under $10 will always fit the bill.

Cheap Cycling Gifts

If you’re willing to extend your budget just a bit further, our selection of cycling presents under $20 offers even more value without straining your wallet. These gifts are designed to cater to a variety of preferences and ensure that your thoughtful gesture stands out.

In this category, you’ll find a range of options that provide added utility and style. For instance, consider the practicality of a Waterproofing Spray, which helps protect your cyclist’s gear from the elements, keeping it in top-notch condition. It’s a thoughtful gift that any cyclist can appreciate.

Or perhaps you’d like to enhance their riding experience with the DeFeet Aireator Townee Socks, combining style and comfort for cyclists who appreciate both. These socks are not only functional but also fashionable, making them a great addition to any cycling wardrobe.

And for those rainy days, the Tachitali Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Covers ensure that your cyclist’s feet stay dry, allowing them to enjoy their ride regardless of the weather. It’s an excellent accessory that complements their gear.

But we don’t stop there; we also offer items like the Leather Bike Handle, which adds a touch of sophistication and improved grip to their bike, and the Frelaxy Hi-Vis Backpack Rain Cover, designed to keep their belongings dry during unexpected showers.

Safety is a priority, too, with options like the Knog Oi! Bike Bell and USB Charging Bike Lights, which ensure they’re visible on the road, especially during low-light conditions.

And for those who seek comfort during long rides, the Bike Seat Cushion provides an extra layer of support. Additionally, the Buff Multi-Functional Headwear offers versatile protection against various weather conditions.

We’ve highlighted a range of affordable cycling presents under $20 that provide excellent value for your money. Whether it’s for birthdays, special occasions, or just to show your appreciation, these gifts cater to a variety of preferences and ensure that your cyclist receives a meaningful and memorable present. So, explore these options and find the perfect gift that balances quality and affordability.

Cheap Bicycle Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s often the thoughtful extras that elevate the experience. In this section, we’ll delve into accessories and add-ons that can enhance the value and functionality of your cycling presents. These items not only complement your primary gift but also cater to various aspects of a cyclist’s journey.

To enhance their safety on the road, consider the practicality of a Bike Mirror. This simple accessory can significantly improve their awareness of their surroundings, making their rides safer.

In today’s connected world, staying in touch while cycling can be important. A secure Lamicell Bike Phone Holder ensures that your cyclist can access maps, answer calls, or track their progress without the hassle of juggling their device.

For those unexpected roadside issues, a Mini Bike Pump is a must-have. It’s a compact and efficient tool for on-the-go tire inflation, ensuring they can handle minor repairs and continue their journey.

And for those cyclists who like to wear their passion proudly, consider the Cycologist T-Shirt. It’s a humorous way to showcase their love for cycling and is perfect for casual wear or as a conversation starter among fellow enthusiasts.

Incorporating these thoughtful extras into your cycling gift can enhance the overall experience and show that you’ve put extra effort into selecting a meaningful present. Whether it’s improving safety, comfort, or style, these accessories seamlessly complement the primary gift and add extra value to your thoughtful gesture.

We’ll conclude our guide by highlighting the versatility of these presents, making them suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, and special events, or just to brighten a cyclist’s day. So, stay with us as we wrap up this journey through affordable cycling gifts that cater to all budgets and preferences.

Budget Bike Gifts

As we wrap up our guide, we’ve explored a wide range of affordable cycling presents suitable for all budgets and preferences. From gifts priced under $10 to those under $20, our selection ensures you can find the perfect present for the cyclist in your life, no matter the occasion.

These cycling gifts are versatile and evergreen, making them ideal for various celebrations throughout the year. Whether you’re searching for birthday presents, looking to surprise someone on a special occasion, or just want to put a smile on a cyclist’s face, these options are sure to delight.

We’ve covered everything from practical essentials like the Waterproofing Spray and USB Charging Bike Lights to stylish additions like the Leather Bike Handle and Buff Multi-Functional Headwear. Safety and comfort are paramount, with items like the Bike Alarm and Bike Seat Cushion ensuring that your cyclist can enjoy their rides with peace of mind.

But it’s not all seriousness; we’ve also included items like Bike Balls and the Cycologist T-Shirt to add a touch of humor and personality to your gift-giving. After all, cycling is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion that deserves to be celebrated in all its forms.

In conclusion, finding cheap gifts for cyclists under $20 is easier than you might think. These presents are designed to make your cyclist’s day special, whether it’s their birthday, a special event, or just a spontaneous gesture of kindness. So, explore our selections, choose the ones that resonate with you, and make your cyclist’s day memorable with these evergreen and versatile cycling gifts. Happy gift-giving!


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