6 Cycling Health Benefits (Backed by Scientific Research)

The health benefits of cycling according to science man on bike

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As more people around the world embrace cycling as a lifestyle, it’s essential to recognize its profound impact on health.

From prolonging life expectancy to boosting mental resilience, cycling is far more than just an eco-friendly mode of transport or an enjoyable hobby.

Let’s delve into the myriad health benefits of cycling that touch not only the physical but also the mental realm.

Cycling Health Benefits

An in-depth report by the ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) has highlighted the key cycling health benefits found in Europe. In the sections below, we’ll look at the key health benefits of cycling, with real-world data to back up each point.

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1. Longer Lives, Richer Years

Cycling helps prevent 18,110 premature deaths each year in the European Union. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reflection of how cycling adds years to our lives. Studies estimate the economic value of these additional years at a remarkable €52 billion per year.

Example: Research has shown that regular cycling can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, among other chronic illnesses, thus significantly increasing life expectancy.

Heart disease

2: Cycling and Mental Health

We all know that physical activity is beneficial for mental well-being, but did you know cycling reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 29% and cognitive decline by 26%? 

Example: In the U.S., a study by the Alzheimer’s Association showed that regular physical exercise like cycling can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


3. Uplifting Spirits

Cycling also has a positive impact on mental health by reducing the odds of developing depression by 17%. Regular exercise releases endorphins, often described as natural mood lifters.

Example: A study published in “The Lancet Psychiatry” found that people who exercise have 1.4 fewer days of poor mental health per month compared to those who do not exercise.

Mental Health

4. Impact on Children’s Academic Performance

Children who cycle or walk to school experience an 8% boost in concentration levels four hours after arriving in the classroom. Physical exercise in the morning sets a productive tone for the day.

Example: Schools in Denmark that encouraged cycling and physical activity reported improvements in children’s academic performance, particularly in subjects like Math and Science.


5. Boosting Workplace Productivity

Employees who cycle to work take an average of 1.3 fewer sick days per year, which equates to almost €5 billion in annual savings for employers across the EU.

Example: Companies like Google and Apple offer bike-friendly campuses, reflecting the growing awareness that healthy employees contribute to a more productive work environment.

Cycle to work

6. General Health Boost

Cycling is a low-impact exercise, making it accessible for people of all age groups. From boosting cardiovascular health to enhancing muscular strength, the physical benefits are innumerable.

Example: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. Cycling is an enjoyable way to achieve this target.

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Cycling exercise

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Conclusion: Why Cycling is So Good for You

The health benefits of cycling are indeed far-reaching, impacting both the physical and mental dimensions of well-being. From extending life expectancy and boosting workplace productivity to improving mental health and academic performance, cycling proves to be not just a mode of transportation but a pathway to a healthier, happier life.

Cycling health benefit

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