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ADO E-Bikes Review: Are A Dece Oasis Bikes Any Good?

ado bikes review

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A Dece Oasis, frequently shortened to ADO, is an electric bicycle brand selling directly from their website to consumers all over the globe.

With a particular affinity for folding electric bikes and electric fat bikes, here’s all we know about A Dece Oasis.

Who Are A Dece Oasis (ADO)?

A Dece Oasis manufactures a variety of electric bikes which are primarily suited for use in towns and cities. ADO’s strapline for some of their products: “Cross Your City” reflects this.

Their name originates from Yueyaquan, a crescent-shaped lake near the Chinese city of Dunhuang and located not far from the ancient Silk Road trading route. The lake provided traders and travellers with a burst of energy and the founder of ADO e-bikes wished for his products to do the same.

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What Does A Dece Oasis Specialise In?

A Dece Oasis specialises in electric bikes for city and urban use. Some ADO e-bikes are folding electric bikes, some are folding electric fat bikes, and some are hybrid electric bikes.

If you’re asking yourself what type of electric bike do I need, ADO could enter your thinking if you’re after a low-price, folding electric bike for city living.

Folding electric bikes are an ideal solution for city living. Folded, they take up less space than a regular bike so they’re great when space is at a premium. Unfolded, they provide the same fun-filled ride of a regular electric bike, which makes them great for commuting to work or generally getting about.

Are ADO Bikes Good?

ADO e-bikes hit many of the requirements for electric bikes. They have decent components, an easy-to-understand electric system and for their folding bikes, a quick but secure folding mechanism.

ADO’s most recent electric bike, the ADO Air 20, was the subject of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Its unique selling point is the use of a belt drive to provide power to the rear wheel, rather than a traditional metal chain. A belt drive is cleaner, quieter and lasts longer than a chain.

If you’re after an electric bike with a really long riding range, extra power for climbing hills or a mid-drive motor for a natural ride feel, you will be out of luck with an ADO.

ADO electric bikes use small-to-medium capacity batteries and hub-drive motors. Whilst these do limit performance, it does keep the overall cost of the bike affordable for the masses, rather than the few.

ADO keeps its range tight by not making a dedicated electric fat bike, electric mountain bike or electric road bike.

That said, ADO has recently returned to Indiegogo to ask for support for its newest concept, the Air 28, a traditional urban electric bike with a belt drive and seatpost integrated battery.

Is A Dece Oasis a Good Brand?

A Dece Oasis is a fairly reputable electric bike brand – albeit in a sea of similar brands and manufacturers.

If you are shopping for an electric bike online, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of available options. ADO does its best to distinguish itself from other brands by focusing on its niche: small-wheeled folding electric bikes.

Where Are ADO Bikes Made?

Despite not being explicitly stated by ADO, we don’t think we will be on shaky ground by stating that A Dece Oasis electric bikes are built in Asia – most likely in China.

It’s difficult to weed out the exact identity of ADO e-bikes CEO, Mr Sen, but with most electric bikes manufactured in Asia these days, we’d imagine ADO originate from there too.

Depending on where in the world you are shopping for an ADO e-bike, the company has various warehouses helping make the fulfilment of orders quick and fuss-free. ADO maintains a helpful shipping and delivery information page on its website.

Does A Dece Oasis Make E-Bikes?

A Dece Oasis only makes electric bikes. They follow the current market trend in the bicycle industry by manufacturing electric bikes that are suitable for city and urban use.

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ADO Bikes Review

Despite their somewhat confusing name and their slightly disjointed and utilitarian approach to the branding of their bicycles, ADO has received some good feedback from customers and e-bike experts. Most customer reviews of ADO e-bikes mention how well they perform, especially for their low-selling price.

ADO’s website is easily navigated, on small and large devices alike. For example, on each product page, there are neat illustrations of what is in the box, close-up photography plus really detailed bike dimensions, including for the bike nerds out there, frame geometry sizes.

This inclusion might seem small, but it really marks out ADO from other electric bike manufacturers in this class. The ‘standover height’ for example, is a really important measurement as it can determine how easy (or difficult) it is to step on and off a bike. Without seeing a bike in person before buying it, a common occurrence when shopping for a bike online, figures like this really matter.

Best ADO E-Bikes

As we’ve already discovered, ADO electric bikes offer a small range of products, primarily designed for city use. Here’s a look at their bikes in more detail.

  1. ado air 20 folding e-bike

    Available in 3 colours

    ADO Air 20

    This folding e-bike comes in at under 20kg and runs a simple, single-speed gearing setup with a belt drive.

  2. ado a20f folding fat e-bikes

    With throttle

    ADO A20F+

    Thanks to its wide tyres and front suspension fork, this e-bike can stomach rough city roads without causing discomfort. Plus, it still folds for storage.

  3. ado a20 plus folding e-bike

    Great for commuting

    ADO A20+

    A more traditional folding e-bike, this ADO model has 7-speed gearing for the ride to utilise alongside the pedal assist or throttle modes.

  4. Ideal for RVs or motorhomes

    ADO Beast 20F

    Rolling on extra wide tyres and available in three colours, the 20F from ADO deliver fun and frolics on pretty much any surface.

  5. ado a16 plus folding e-bike

    Smaller wheels, tighter fold

    ADO A16+

    By reducing the size of the wheels, ADO have made a super compact electric bike that folds small for transport or storage.

  6. ado dece 300c commuter e-bike

    Larger wheels

    ADO DECE 300C

    This is a hybrid electric bike for those looking for a more versatile machine. It’s bang up to date with a frame integrated battery.

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