Super73 Review: Are Super73 Bikes Actually Worth It?

super73 bikes review

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The Short Answer

Super73 bikes, with their unique, motorbike-styled designs and sturdy builds, are well-regarded and enjoyable to ride. However, their significant weight and non-adjustable setup might be inconvenient for some users. Some customers have reported motor or battery issues, though the company’s customer service is generally responsive. Despite occasional firmware update concerns, most users appear satisfied.

Super73 is among the most regarded and well-liked electric bike brands available today, thanks to their alliterative name and eye-popping looks.

Frequent collaborations with other companies, brands and individuals have only furthered the reach of the Super73 brand.

But are Super73 electric bikes style over substance? And what should you look out for when buying a Super 73 e-bike? This article covers all the key need-to-knows.

Are Super73 E-Bikes or Electric Motorcycles?

Whilst Super73 has dabbled with electric motorbikes, the CX1 concept being the most noteworthy, all Super73’s on sale today are electric bikes. Every Super73 electric bike meets the legal requirements to be classed as an electric bike in the country that it is sold in – whether that is the US, UK or EU.

The history of Super73 goes back to 2016 when the brand’s two co-founders sort funding on Kickstarter to build a new type of electric bike. The “Super73” was pitched as a moto-styled electric bike. The brand’s name, the distinct shape of the e-bike and its design ensured it was a runaway success.

The success of Super73 can be assessed by the number of other brands that have come to market with similarly moto-styled electric bikes. Arguably Super73’s use of fat tyres spawned another recent trend in electric bikes, electric fat bikes.

super73 e-bikes feature box-style frames, wide tyres, motorbike-style seating and riser handlebars

Are Super73 E-Bikes Good?

All Super73 electric bikes feature the same basic recipe. Box-style frame, wide tyres, large motorbike-style seating and riser handlebars. The output of the recipe is an electric bike that’s exceptionally fun to ride; there’s no doubt that riding a Super73 will also get you noticed too!

To keep the overall cost of their bikes down, whilst also maintaining their unique looks, Super73 equip all their electric bikes with rear-wheel hub motors. Rear wheel hub motors are more than fine for the riding circumstances that Super73 are designed for.

Over the years Super73 has expanded its core offering of electric bikes to include some with suspension, some with extra powerful motors and some with extra riding range.

Super73 splits its electric bikes into three ‘Series’. Z Series e-bikes are the most basic on offer. R Series bikes all feature front suspension and are best suited to riding off-road. S Series Super73 electric bikes are pitched as “a collection of Super73’s most iconic and recognizable ebikes.”

Anything with ‘Adventure’ in its title will mean that the e-bike will have derailleur gears alongside the pedal assist and throttle.


If you like the cut of Super 73’s jib, then you’ll probably find an exact model to suit the kind of bike ride you do most often. Whether that’s speeding to work along the tarmac with the throttle engaged – the ZX would be a good choice for that – or scouring the country in search of fun and freedom – an R series bike would be the right choice here.

Most Super73’s have Bluetooth connectivity which enables them to link to the accompanying app. The app offers the chance to customise the settings of the bike, navigate and track bike rides.

That brings us to the display/control unit for Super73 electric bikes. Although it might be small for some, we think its design keeps the rider focussed on the task at hand – simply enjoying the fun of riding a Super73.

Is Super73 a Good Brand?

The brand’s fusion of motorbike styling with an electric bike has clearly won the brand many plaudits. And with 7 years in business, you should be comfortable dealing with Super73.

Like any large purchase, however, it’s a good idea to consider all the ins and outs of the product you’re buying.

With every Super73 there are a few downsides, most notably their overall weight. Unlike some e-bikes, Super73’s aren’t the kind of bike that you’re going to ride without assistance, they’re just too heavy – most weigh 63lbs (28kg) or more.

This weight problem extends to the ride’s end when you need to find a place to store it. If you have a ground-floor apartment or a spacious garage, clearly that’s no problem, but if you live up a flight of stairs or access to your space is tricky, owning the Super73 might become a drag.

The design of Super73’s are obviously visually appealing but their setup does limit their adjustability. With no possibility of raising, or lowering the saddle height, taller riders may find themselves hunched up a tad. This may be a moot point for some, especially when you consider Super73 electric bikes are designed as throttle first, and pedal assist second.

Recent firmware updates have also been criticised by Super73 owners for limiting the performance of their electric bike.

Where Are Super73 Bikes Made?

Although Super73 are not explicit on the origin of their products, an educated guess would be that Super73 are made in either China or Taiwan.

This fact isn’t unusual for an electric bike. Indeed, China, Taiwan and other places in South-East Asia are known for producing many of the world’s electric bikes.

What is clear is that Super73 maintains a base in the US – Orange County, California to be exact.

Today, Super73 are sold directly to your door via their website, but also via a number of dealers. This link with physical stores is comforting. If you’re lucky enough to live close by, any issues with an e-bike can be assessed and resolved.

Super73’s s-adventure versus the s2.

Super73 Bikes Review

Shopping around for an electric bike in the US? Or in the UK or Europe? Super73 may flash up in your searches or wriggle their way into your social media feed. So what do existing Super73 owners make of their purchase?

The majority seem to be delighted with their electric bike, although some customers on Trustpilot have experienced niggling motor or battery issues, resulting in multiple contacts with Super73’s customer service team.

super73 e-bikes

Popular Super73 Electric Bikes

  1. super 73 s2 e-bike

    Typical of the Brand


    Classic Super73 styling and utility in a (fairly) affordable package. 700W motor and a 45-70 mile riding range.

  2. super73 zg e-bike

    Good Value


    A wallet-friendly electric bike. The bench-style seating is kind and the wide tyres add further comfort. Not available in US

  3. super73 zx

    With Redesigned Seat


    Squarely aimed at rides on tarmac, this e-bike would be an ideal commuter bike as well as one to zip around on at the weekends.

  4. super73 rx mojave

    Front-and-Rear Suspension

    Super73-RX Mojave

    Featuring dual suspension and heavily knobbled tyres, this is the most off-road model Super73 offers.

  5. super73 z miami e-bike

    500W Motor

    Super73-Z Miami

    Another urban cruiser from Super73. Sold in a different variety of colours than the other Z Series bikes.

  6. super73 s adventure e-bike

    8-Speed Gearing

    Super73-S Adventure Series

    Unlike most Super73 e-bikes, this model also includes traditional derailleur gearing alongside the pedal assist and throttle.

  7. super73 r adventure series e-bike

    Flagship ‘Adventure’ Model

    Super73-R Adventure Series

    Full suspension and knobbly tyre mean this e-bike is capable on different types of surface.

  8. super73 z adventure series e-bike

    Best of Both Worlds

    Super73-Z Adventure Series

    Featuring front suspension and knobby tyres, this is a comfortable commuter that doesn’t mind getting dirty either.

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