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11 Celebrities Who Cycle in Style

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11 Celebrities Who Cycle in Style

Not all ‘celebrities’ cycle for publicity…

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, (L) and

… some, like a lot of the population, actually enjoy getting about town on two wheels. In a change of pace for the Discerning Cyclist, we thought we’d run through 11 of the most stylish famous cyclists.

Lowbrow or what, eh?


Jennifer Aniston

Before her big break on Friends, Jennifer Aniston, at the age of 19, was actually a New York bike messenger, which she has since labelled her “toughest job”. She hasn’t lost her love for cycling though, and still regularly cycles.


David Byrne

Lead singer of the Talking Heads, David Byrne is not only a keen cyclist, but is also a renowned activist for increasing the uptake of cycling, having used a bicycle as his primary means of transport during his life. He even auctioned off his Montague folding bike in 2009 to raise money for the London Cycling Campaign. He has also published a book called Bicycle Diaries and helped design bike racks around New York.


Miley Cyrus

When she’s not busy twerking, the Disney Rock star singer can often be seen popping around LA on a variety of cool bikes, including an electric bike.

Naomi Watts Cycling

Naomi Watts

The King Kong star can regularly be seen ferrying her kids about town via two wheels in scenes more reminiscent of the Netherlands than Kent.

Top Gear Cycling

The Top Gear Team (inc. Jeremy Clarkson)

That’s right. Top Gear might not be quite as anti-cycling as you might have expected.

Indeed, all of the Top Gear presenters are partial to a touch of cycling – even if Jeremy Clarkson might not have given that impression when, referring to cyclists, he said, “Trespassers in the motorcars domain, they do not pay road tax and therefore have no right to be on the road, some of them even believe they are going fast enough to not be an obstruction. Run them down to prove them wrong.”

However, he has been seen cycling with his wife on occasion and has also had some almost kind words on cycling too: “There’s only one way they [cycling activists] can be defeated. And that’s for normal people to start riding bicycles. We need to swell their ranks with moderates, people who ride a bike because they’ve had a drink and because taxis are too expensive. Ordinary people who ride in jeans and T-shirts and with no stupid helmet.””

Richard Hammond on the other hand is even more of a fan of cycling, while James May has also expressed his fondness of the bicycle: “Cyclists jump red lights and ride across the pavement, but so what? Cyclists are pedestrians really, since they are leg-powered. They’ve just added a few levers and cogs to improve their own efficiency.”

May continue by stating: “Bicycles should never be regulated, they should never be subject to road tax, they should not require third-party insurance and competence to ride a bicycle should not be tested. It tests itself, because if you can’t do it, you have a crash. Bicycles are the first rung on the personal-transport ladder and should be free at the point of use. I’ll champion the bicycle until I’m worn through to the canvas.”


Bradley Wiggins

Of course, even professional cyclists like to change it up when they’re not competing. The 2012 Tour de France champion, famed for his sideburns, also teamed up with Fred Perry to come up with a stylish cycling clothing range.


Brad + Angelina Pitt

Parents who are happy to use the bicycle as a serious mode of transport, even with kids in tow. The actors are often seen on two wheels, looking – as you’d expect – very cool.

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