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Can I Bring My Bike on Uber? (BICYCLE RULES EXPLAINED)

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The Short Answer

Uber’s policy on bringing bikes is at the driver’s discretion. Full-size bikes may not fit in all cars, while folding bikes are more likely to be allowed. Uber XL is a practical option, and some drivers may have bike racks, although there is no way to request one.

Take a look at the Netherlands and you’ll find a country where you go everywhere on two wheels. Well, almost everywhere. In the majority of countries (including the UK and the USA) a cyclist is governed by almost exactly the same Highway Code as a motorist. This means that, after one Friday night pint (or several), the last thing you should be doing is wobbling down your local cycle path.

Thankfully, there are a range of taxi apps available, and the market leader, Uber, will often happily accommodate your bike. In this article, we look at the options that are available to you if you find yourself indisposed.

Can I Take My Bike on Uber?

It depends. As of the time of writing, Uber had no clear cut policy on bikes, meaning that carrying your bike is at the driver’s discretion. The general consensus is that if you call ahead, are upfront and honest, and perhaps most importantly, your bike is relatively clean, you should encounter no problems.

If your driver won’t let you take your bike, remember that most train companies will let you bring your bike on-board, providing its not peak hours.

Are Full-Size Bikes Allowed in Uber?

Maybe. Full-size bikes are a hassle to get into some models of car, so there’s always a possibility that your bike won’t fit. An Uber driver doesn’t want tyre marks or scratches on their lovely clean interior. Again, we advise that you contact your Uber driver and let them know. They may well be a fellow cyclist themselves and happy to take you home.

Are Folding Bikes Allowed in Uber?

Most likely. Bromptons and other folding bikes are ubiquitous in business districts – and so, it’s likely that your Uber driver will have driven many an office worker with a folding bike tucked under their arm. They can even be stowed easily in most boots.

Again though, honesty is the best policy. Mention it to your driver, so that you’ll both have total peace of mind.

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Can You Take a Bike in an Uber XL?

Probably. Uber XL’s tend to be SUV’s or vans, meaning that your driver should feel more comfortable with you loading your bike into the back. They’re a blessing for anyone who finds themselves heading home from a cycling holiday laden with bags.

However, they’re also just ideal if you’ve got a full-size set of wheels to transport back from a night out.  Of all the Uber options available to cyclists, we feel this is the most practical.

Uber with Bike Rack

Ubers with bike racks are not as common as we’d like. Some drivers – especially those driving Uber XL – have their cars kitted out with racks, but they’re under no obligation to do so. What’s more, there’s no indication of this in the app whether your driver has one or not.

How to Request an Uber with a Bike Rack

Unfortunately, there’s no way of requesting an UBER with a bike rack. Up until 2019, in some American cities, cyclists had the option of choosing Uber Pedal. This meant you could be reassured that you could hitch your bike to the rear of your ride, and take (and yourself) safely home.

Uber have discontinued this feature unfortunately, but we’d be interested to see whether, with increased demand, it reappears in the future.

All in all, if you’re lucky enough to have an accommodating driver, an Uber is welcome choice for transporting your bike, when you’re unable to ride it home. Just make sure to check before your ride arrives.

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